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WALDEN’S CONVENTION DAILY ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2012 Introducing the Solutions Distributor With the global economy continuing

to struggle, end customers in various in- dustry segments such as healthcare, edu- cation, and government are increasingly turning to their jansan distributors for far more than just cleaning supplies and equipment. They are now looking to them for solutions.

This means distributors have become more than just a one-stop shop for clean- ing chemicals, vacuum cleaners, and the like. They have become a source for end customers to find, among other things, new ways to cut costs, streamline the or- dering process, reduce or eliminate multi- ple orders or invoices, and still have stock readily available when needed. Along with making the ordering process simpler and more cost effective, end cus- tomers also want their distributors to help them identify alternative product solu- tions. This help entails more than just rec- ommending products that are more cost effective. It also involves:

Helping managers find Green and sus-

tainable equivalents to products currently in use; this is especially important for those facilities embarking on Green clean- ing strategies or seeking LEED (Leader- ship in Energy and Environmental Design) certification

Introducing clients to new products or

new types of products that may tackle spe- cific cleaning challenges

Recommending ways to reduce the

overall number of cleaning products used in a facility; invariably this results in cost savings for the client Consultative Selling with Analytical

Tools To assist them in working with their customers, some distributors are using new technologies such as the eLev8 sys- tem, similar to a handheld computer, in- troduced by AFFLINK. The capabilities of the system runs the gamut from simply providing product information and data sheets to actually comparing products and helping the client make more informed se- lections.

This has also opened up a new dynamic

in distributor/client relationships. For in- stance, the eLev8 system creates a pro- cess, which can be termed “consultative selling,” that allows distributors to work with their clients and gather information about all the products used in a facility, and then input the information into the computer-type system. Working with the tool, each purchased item is identified as to type (chemical, paper product, hand soap, etc.); given an identification number; and labeled with its cost per unit, amount purchased, and other essential details. This allows distributors to quickly and easily have the information they need in order to work with the client, offering reliable procurement advice.

Infographic Tells Story of U.S. Hand Hygiene Practices Georgia-Pacific Professional Reminds People to Wash & Dry

Many people may be surprised that 80 percent of all infectious diseases are trans- mitted by touch.[1] Implications of sick- nesses like the common cold that spread through contact have led to a U.S. eco- nomic effect of $25 billion in lost produc- tivity. [2] One of the easiest ways to help prevent the spread of illness is through proper hand hygiene, yet less than one third of U.S. adults report always washing their hands after coughing and sneezing, according to a Harris Interactive study.[3] To help encourage more frequent hand

washing and drying, Georgia-Pacific Pro- fessional presents a shareable infographic available at The info- graphic tells a cohesive story about hand hygiene deficiencies and solutions in the U.S. and serves as a public reminder to wash.

“Illness prevention through hand hy- giene is a crucial subject that needs to be discussed because its impact on public health and business operations is astound- ing,” states Alex Volpe, vice president and general manager, towel category – Geor- gia-Pacific Professional. “It is important for consumers, workers and businesses to practice proper hand hygiene and to en- courage others to incorporate it into their daily routines. We ask users to share this

infographic as a tool to help spread well- ness, as we know education can be directly tied to improved hand hygiene practices.” Along with statistics, the infographic outlines proper hand hygiene techniques as well as the importance of drying with a paper towel in preventing illness transmis- sion. View the complete infographic via and share it on social media to join the effort to spread wellness. This infographic also supports the 10th

anniversary of enMotion® touchless dis- pensers, recognizing the impact touchless dispensing has provided in helping create more hygienic, clean and attractive public hand washing areas. Since 2002, enMo- tion® touchless towel dispensers have helped dry about 272 billion hands. That’s about the same as the entire U.S. popula- tion washing their hands 937 times. During the ISSA/Interclean conference

Georgia-Pacific Professional will host par- ties at booth 1725 to celebrate the anniver- sary. Follow @GPProfessional on Twitter for updates on touchless hygiene solutions and look for #ISSApartytime for party de- tails. For more information on the enMotion brand anniversary or products, please visit n

This technology offers several other benefits, including the following: Developing a needs analysis and solu- tion selection. With all purchasing data input into the system, the customer’s prod- uct needs are clarified, sometimes better than ever before, and the technology can recommend alternative products where

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Providing Validation Dale

Carnegie, the famous

31 public

possible or necessary. For instance, the system might recommend swapping a con- ventional cleaning product for one that is environmentally preferable.

Streamlining the procurement process. The technology can recommend ways to make the purchasing and ordering pro- cesses more efficient, identifying poten- tial inefficiencies and areas of waste in the supply chain. Especially for the larger customer, this can prove to be a significant cost savings. Finding labor savings. Labor costs can represent 70 percent or more of an orga- nization’s

facility maintenance budget,

especially when it involves cleaning. Here again, the technology can be used to take a “snapshot” of current labor deployment and identify opportunities for efficiency where possible.

speaking and corporate trainer, is believed to have been the first person to articulate a fundamental truth about selling when he said: “When dealing with people, let us re- member, we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion” (emphasis added). In other words, Carnegie realized that most people make purchases emotionally and attempt to rationalize them with logic, facts, and figures afterward. We have seen this to be true when it comes to buying shoes or, as many distributors can attest, an automatic scrubber. However, with the critical economic conditions many companies are still fac- ing, making anything less than logical product selections is no longer an option. And information is needed even more in some situations because so many end cus- tomers have had to reduce staffs. Now, in- stead of several people involved in product purchasing decisions, only a handful–in some cases just one person–is responsible. Because of this, many end customers are increasingly turning to their distributors to help them validate their product selec- tions. Alleviating this heavy burden is one more way analytical tools such as the eLev8 process can be of assistance for to- day’s jansan distributor, allowing them to analyze vast quantities of information to provide significant and useful insight to their clients. Decisions can be validated based on complex and comprehensive data that are readily available should the client need additional support. Michael Wilson is marketing director

for AFFLINK. He can be reached through his company website n

The Business of Measuring Up A customizable, browser-

Seal 360 Consulting, Inc. introduces xSell360™!

based, sales and training App that puts focused product marketing in the hands of the distributor. As the name indicates, the purpose of this tool is to help you accelerate sales by put- ting select product, service and procedure details at your team’s fingertips. xSell360 provides a simple

user interface. Simply select the room you want to sell into… then zoom into


category to get ideal prod- uct recommendations. From a distribution management standpoint, you have a way to standardize ALL manu- facturers, products and services for your team. For training, this tool is ideal for new reps who may be over- whelmed by different applications, drop box accounts and websites from dozens of manufacturers. xSell360 also allows you to FOCUS your team’s attention on the products you stock, eliminating back- orders and keeping your accounts happy. Each product can link back to your web- site or if you prefer, link to the manufac- turer’s website.

The tool creates recom- mendation lists by room type for simple

product chart creation, quotes or training tools. In fact, the tool is so flexible… it could be extended directly to end-users

Introducing xSell360

with their own log-ins and co-branding. No time for another project? Seal 360 handles the implementation for you. With a few days of consulting time, your custom application can be up and running. Live demos will be occurring at ISSA through- out the week, and webinars can be sched- uled if you do not have the chance to see it in Chicago. n

Seal 360 Consulting, Inc. email ww.seal-360 .com

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