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12 Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Why size matters: SCA is now the biggest Away from Home Professional Hygiene company in the world

Earlier this year SCA acquired the Eu- ropean consumer and Away from Home tissue business of Georgia Pacific.


made SCA the largest Away from Home Professional Hygiene company in the world. You may ask, “I only purchase products in North America, why do I care that SCA has a strong global business?”. In this industry, there are some good rea- sons why size matters.

There is no doubt that with size comes resources. For our customers in North America this

means big-

ger investment in innovation – new dispensers, new designs products

and Don Lewis new that im-

prove hygiene, im- age and cost in use.

The Tork® Elevation line of dispensers is a great example of where global in- novation pays off locally.

The first line

of completely integrated designs for the washroom, Elevation has quickly become the model for how washroom dispensers can look great, work well and provide sus-

tainable and affordable solutions. We’re extending this line and you’ll see new El- evation options at ISSA this year. Size also means investment in knowl-

edge. We know that improved hygiene is growing in importance. SCA’s global re- search center in Sweden is staffed by hun- dreds of hygiene experts who work hand in hand with our North American team to test and evaluate SCA’s products ensuring they provide strong hygienic solutions today, while they invent new hygienic solutions for tomorrow.

When it comes to sustainability, SCA’s global scope plays a critical role. SCA started more than 80 years ago in Sweden as a forest products company. Today SCA is still the largest private owner of forests in Europe. Our “close to nature” approach cuts across all of our businesses and prod- ucts. In North America we produce most of our Tork products from 100% recycled content which also means we use less water and electricity in our manufactur- ing. We use a regional manufacturing ap- proach and manage our logistics to reduce truckloads and their environmental output while delivering products more quickly to you.

It’s this 80 year heritage, and the commitment of a global company, that

make SCA’s level of sustainability hard to match.

world’s most ethical companies (accord- ing the U.S. Ethisphere Institute) year in and year out. Even though we’re the biggest AfH

company I can promise you one thing won’t change -- that’s our commitment to our customers. We have built our reputa- tion on being easiest to work with, reli- able and for providing the highest level of customer support. Rest assured that our

That’s why we’re among the


global scope will never distract us from our focus on our local customers. So while we can bring you the benefits of the largest organization, we remain your local partner and look forward to growing our businesses together. SCA is a global hygiene and forest com-

pany that develops and produces personal- care products, tissue, publication papers and solid-wood products. Sales are con- ducted in some 100 countries. SCA has many well-known brands, including the global brands TENA® and Tork®. Sales in 2011 amounted to $16.5 billion. SCA has approximately 37,000 employees. For more information about SCA, please visit: n

By Don Lewis, President, SCA Americas

Kaivac Introduces New AutoVac System

Kaivac announces that the latest “link” in their popular OmniFlex™ Crossover Cleaning system has just been released. The new addition, the AutoVac, which has already been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), is an inno- vative system that automates floor care. Pre-introduction tests indicate it rivals the cleaning performance of traditional automatic scrubbers at a fraction of the cost.

OmniFlex AutoVac System The OmniFlex system starts with Kai-

vac’s OmniFlex Trolley Bucket. This sys- tem has a self-dispensing design with a variable spigot; these features ensure that only fresh cleaning solution is applied to the floor.

The OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning sys- tem already includes a variety of add-on components designed for different clean- ing situations, including their Dispense- and-Vac and Spray-and-Vac systems. The AutoVac can be used in conjunc-

tion with either of these add-ons; users may also select the “AutoVac Complete”- -a preconfigured system that includes the Trolley Bucket, a wet/dry vacuum, and an AutoVac Add-on Kit.

An additional model, the AutoVac Complete 220V, is also available to meet certain international voltage requirements. “We have been beta-testing this system for more than six months,” says Matt Morri- son, Marketing Manager for Kaivac. “Overall, we have gotten very good feed-

back from users.” Because of this Morri- son says the OmniFlex AutoVac has been entered into ISSA’s 2012 Innovation Award Program in the Equipment category. Morrison adds that the system will be

on display at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® Tradeshow in booth 639. Visit Kaivac on Facebook at: n

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