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Chicago Chicago Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Setting the Standards on Saving In keeping with this year's theme, All

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Offers Total Customization

About You, the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2010 is taking mass cus- tomization to a new level for the cleaning industry. The new features debuting at the show-which takes place November 9-12 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL-are designed to increase the show's attendee and exhibitor return on investment (ROI). This year, ISSA/INTERCLEAN-

which is brought to you by ISSA in con- junction with its tradeshow partner Amsterdam RAI-is proud to welcome the Building Service Contractor Association International (BSCAI), which is co-locat- ing its BSCAI Annual Convention in con- junction with ISSA/INTERCLEAN. Other new alliance partners, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Orlando Chapter and The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) are also co-locating events, joining longtime ISSA-allied associations, the International Executive Housekeepers

Jay Candido

What often comes to mind when you hear the word ‘saving’ is money. Kruger Products, a leading North American manu- facturer and distributor of premium tissue, towel and nap- kin products, is on a mission to educate its customers and end users about more than just financial sav- ings. Through its cost-in-use business mod- el, this compa- ny uses its sys- tems solutions to demonstrate how savings can be earned on multiple fronts. “This is typically a low engagement cat-

Kruger Products (re)defines what it means to save rate Director, Marketing and Operations, Kruger Products Away From Home Divi-

egory and most of our customers and dis- tributor partners aren’t overly concerned with anything beyond the case price of products,” explains Jay Candido, Corpo-

sion. “We work closely with them so they understand that there is far more to con- sider when purchasing tissue and towel products.” Kruger Products uses a proprietary cost-in-use tool to walk customers through potential savings associated with specific

Association (IEHA) and Association of Residential Cleaning Services (ARCSI), both of which are again holding their annual conventions in tandem with ISSA/INTERCLEAN. The event, which is comprised of both the ISSA/INTERCLEAN exhibition of 600-plus global suppliers, consultants, certifying bodies and industry associa- tions as well as the ISSA Educational Conference of more than 40 sessions, has implemented multiple new options to help connect industry leaders with the specific solutions they are looking for. Your Questions Answered While most shows ask what you want to see, ISSA's taking it a step further in 2010, giving attendees the ability to sub- mit questions for any of the ISSA Educational Conference speakers, via The speakers will incorporate as many of these ques- tions as possible into their presentations to ensure their audiences get the answers they are looking for this November. A full continued on page 35Continued on page 33

Kruger’s MiniTitan Dispenser

It is Now Time to Reimagine Clean

After five years of research and

Few outside the industry see quality cleaning for what it really is: an essential investment. ISSA, the worldwide clean- ing industry association, is so focused on changing that perception that it is dedi- cating the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2012 tradeshow and ISSA Con- vention toward helping attendees achieve that goal.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN will arm attend- ees with the tools they need to help cus- tomers, stakeholders, and decision-mak- ers “Reimagine Clean.”

RE-0221 ISSAStrip Ad 9/10/12 10:04 AM Page 1 the product

Trebor Tissue!

“ISSA has made a commitment to help its members change the playing field,” says Dianna Steinbach, ISSA director of industry outreach. “The only way to break out of the price wars and win against bud- get cuts is for cleaning professionals to learn how to frame their value and lock in customer loyalty. ISSA/ INTERCLEAN and the ISSA Convention Seminars were designed to help them do just that.”

Cascades antibacterial hand towel is WC746/TRE-0467 ISSAStripAdAnniv_LWC334/TRE-0221 ISSAStrip Ad 9/10/12 10:04 AM Page 1

a world-first product that not only reduces bacteria on users' hands almost instantly upon use, but also offers anti- bacterial protection for 30 minutes after- wards. Its lasting effectiveness minimizes

of food and water related infectious dis- eases are estimated annually.1 Public health as well as the economic impact of these outbreaks is a major concern for both industrialised and emerging coun- tries. One of the basic rules to minimize

continued on page 2

ence event concluded on August 24th. The theme of this year’s conference was “Go

Interline Brands’ 2012 Partner Confer- The intelligent™ antibacterial hand

towel is shortlisted for many prestigious innovation prizes, like the Pulp & Paper International Innovative Products of the Year Award, and was recently voted the Continued on page 38

which recognizes them for their category leadership in terms of building brand rec- ognition and market development while

The Mobile Exhibit Directory will be a useful tool for people visiting the exhibit hall. There will be floorplans, lists of exhibitors and daily schedules. Attendees have to scan the code using their phone’s barcode reader app or visit

Trebor! Tissue! Booth 909 Trebor Tissue! #

3804 Booth

# continued on page 35 Cascades Antibacterial Hand Towel

antibacterial hand towel with persistent action, which already has a provisional patent.

development, Cascades is entering the intelligent paper™ market with a novel approach in the fight against the spread of bacteria by hand contact. The first application of this new market niche is an

Cascades: Introducing the 1st Intelligent Paper

Asolution for complete hand hygiene

The trade show, hosted by ISSA and its trade show partner, Amsterdam RAI, will feature the top innovations from lead- ing manufacturers along with more than 45 educational seminars, workshops, and networking events, all packed into the one week when the entire cleaning industry comes together to do business. Everything you’ll need to navigate the event is avail- able in the mobile app, sponsored by Di- versey.

Retool: Everything You Need In One Place

the risk of contamination from hand transmitted bacteria by significantly reducing the residual bacteria left on the hands. Hands are therefore protected of future contamination, an important bene- fit not offered by popular products such as alcohol-based hand sanitizers and antibac- terial soaps. The paper is referred to as intelli- gent™ because it com- pensates for people's imperfect


A good place to start changing percep- tions regarding the importance of clean is the ISSA/ INTERCLEAN exhibition— ranked as one of the Top 100 trade shows in North America. The event features thousands of the latest cleaning products and services from around the globe to help attendees revitalize their cleaning solu- tions. The more than 650 exhibitors this

habits without changing the way they dry their hands. Marketed mainly to the healthcare, food- service, food processing and education sectors, is currently available in

Canada only. Worldwide, about two billion cases

Exhibit Booth 3549

Saalfeld Redistribution Expands Service with new Chicago Hub First Step in Strategic Nationwide Expansion

GOJO Reacquires PURELL® Brand Inventor Once Again Owns the

Saalfeld Redistribution is strengthening its commitment to customers in the Mid- west this fall by opening a large new facil- ity in Chicago with expanded capabilities and service levels, particularly with food- service disposables, packaging and janito- rial products. “With this investment in Chicago, our customers in the region will have ac- cess to a broader portfolio,” said Michael Schumpp, director of sales - North, Saa- lfeld.

Saalfeld will gain operational and logis- tics efficiencies from this move that will benefit customers throughout the Mid- west. Saalfeld’s delivery fleet, enabled by a state of the art logistics planning and


Consumer Companies, Inc. With this transaction, GOJO once again has owner- ship of the PURELL brand and will build

the propagation of microorganisms is hand hygiene.2

is awarded by Interline Brands in recogni- tion of a supply chain leader that sets the mark in terms of category sales and profit- ability growth.

Pictured above (L-R), from Spartan, with the award are: John Swigart, President; Jack Ellison, Divisional Manager; David Cox, Divisional Sales Manager; Greg Ford, VP Sales; Dale Lujan, Divisional Sales Manager; Bryan Mangum, Divisional Sales Manager; and Bill Stewart, Divisional Sales Manager.

When Cascades Tissue Group provid- ed a sample of the intelligent™ antibac- terial paper hand towel to Dr. Richard Marchand, microbiologist-infectiologist, at the Montreal Heart Institute, he com- mented on the timely arrival of this inno- vation. "It's a unique tool in that it doesn't require users to change their behavior. It compensates for our bad habits and less than meticulous attention to hand hygiene. We know that hand hygiene depends on effective washing and drying, and yet fewer than half of people wash their hands for the recommended 20 to 30 seconds. On average, good hand hygiene eliminates only 90% of bacteria on the hands. The bacteria remaining on the hands could double in number in 20 minutes and migrate from the hands to other surfaces." Unlike other antibacterial products, the Cascades® Antibacterial hand towel has no expiration date, facilitating inven- tory management. Moreover it is manu- factured in the best environmental prac- tices and is made with 100% recycled fibers and a majority of post-consumer material.

The Strategic Partner of the Year award

GOJO Industries announced that it has bought the PURELL® brand from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company Division of Johnson & Johnson

Best-Known Instant Hand Sanitizer on its science-based innovations to drive consumer market growth in the hand san- itizer category. GOJO invented PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer in 1988 for use in food- service and healthcare situations when people lacked access to soap and water. When GOJO introduced PURELL to the consumer market in 1997, it created the hand sanitizer product category as a new way for people to help stay well and established PURELL as the category- defining brand.

warehouse management system (WMS), will continue to offer flexible delivery schedules based on customer needs. “Saalfeld will still provide excellent

service to Greater Cincinnati distributors, with the additional benefit that our in- creased inventory will present them with new sales opportunities,” Schumpp said. The new facility in Chicago is a first step in Saalfeld’s nationwide expansion into several major hubs strategically lo- cated throughout the U.S. The transition will take place during the next 18 months. “This is a winning strategy for our cus-

tomers,” said Brian Schuster, marketing manager, Saalfeld. “They will soon be

continued on page 35 In 2004, GOJO sold the PURELL

brand to Warner-Lambert Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer, Inc. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. acquired the brand as part of the company’s acquisition of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare in 2006. Even though GOJO sold the brand,

Strategic Partner of the Year Spartan Chemical

Continued on page 31

Time” and focused on taking relationships to the next level and promoting growth. Annually at this event, several awards are presented. Spartan Chemical was the winner of the Strategic Partner of the Year

Go Long into the End Zone with Joe Theismann

Today: 8:45 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.

Featured Session: Challenge of Change Sponsored by Activeion Cleaning

Solutions Joe Theismann Drawing from personal experience,

Joe Theismann knows how to deal with the Challenge of Change. On November 18, 1985, he was on top of his game - a two-time National Football League Pro Bowl player and the most productive quarterback in the history of the Washington Redskins. Later that evening, he found himself in a hospital bed with a compound fracture to his leg, shattering both his career and his boyhood dream. At age 35, he faced starting over in both his personal life and professional career. In this stirring presentation, you'll learn how to tackle change by keeping a posi- tive mental outlook and committing to a vision that guides you to the top.

Booth 4253

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