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Rank Industry Top 10 10

Begonia ‘Bonita Shea,’ UGA


Dahlia XXL ‘Vera Cruz,’ Dümmen

Public Top 10

A fabulous begonia, I hope some grow- ers get it back on the market. It is too beautiful to let it go to waste.

We seldom see dahlias look good in the heat and humidity of the gardens, but we are really excited about them this year. It was pleasing to see a dahlia selected. Many others in this series also looked healthy.

8 7

Pelargonium ‘Caliente Orange,’ Syngenta Flowers

Eucomis ‘Reuben,’ De Goode Bulbs

Te Caliente series is so good you can pick out the various colors 100 feet away. Te Calientes always score well.

A bulb is seldom selected, but this new cultivar of pineapple lily caught many eyes. Te fact that it was hidden beneath a tree in the garden, yet still selected, says volumes about its beauty.

6 5 4 3 2 1 Calibrachoa

‘Superbells Lemon Slice,’ Proven Winners


‘Fortunia Purple Picotee,’ Fides

Calibrachoa ‘Mini Famous Orange,’ Selecta First Class

Echinacea ‘Big Sky Solar Flare,’ ItSaul Plants

Phlox ‘Peacock White,’ Syngenta Flowers

Solanum wendlandii Paradise Vine, UGA

We have approximately 80 calibrachoas in the garden. For two of them to stand out from the rest means they had to be something.

With more than 100 petunias looking exceptionally good, how could one be a clear winner? Whatever the reason, this one was.

See number six above.

Phlox ‘Peacock White,’ Syngenta Flowers

Rudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun,’ Ernst Benary of America

When any plant is picked on both lists, go find it, grow it and sell it. Enough said.

Te yellow coneflowers were stun- ning. Tis one was chosen as the most stunning of the varieties with such flowers.

Capsicum ‘Basket of Fire,’ Vegetalis

Impatiens ‘SunPatiens Blush Pink,’ Sakata


‘Colorblaze Marooned,’ Proven Winners

Caladium ‘Tapestry,’ Bates Sons & Daughters

Begonia ‘Bonita Shea,’ UGA

Tis is a perennial people never seem to get enough of. It was nice to see one of the Big Sky series of purple cone- flowers heavily flagged.

Another perennial that people could not get enough of, ‘Peacock White’ is always on lists at this time.

Te most flags went to a vine — and it was chosen by industry members. Who would have thought? Breeders, brokers and growers (all curmudgeons) stabbed this relative of the potato. Te trial gardens team is making cuttings as you read this.


‘Debonair Black Cherry,’

Ball Horticultural

Pennisetum ‘Jade Princess,’ Ball Ingenuity

Solanum wendlandii Paradise Vine, UGA

Tis was not at all surprising. It is simply a fabulous plant with great foliage and great flowers.

What can I say? Te same plant was selected as the best plant in the entire garden by both groups! I know it will never be a mainstream item, but for those who grow vines, it would be wise to add this to your availability as soon as possible.


We are trialing dozens of veggies, from tomatoes to peppers, and this tasty, but very hot, pepper was chosen as the best of all of them.

All our impatiens looked very good, but the public couldn’t get over the performance of the SunPatiens and the beautiful color of Blush Pink.

Te dark color was wonderfully set off by a handsome pink petunia in the same container.

Caladiums just get better as the weather warms up, and this large-leaf cultivar caught everyone’s eyes.

See number 10 on the Industry Top 10 list.

Tat the public picked a petunia is simply amazing — this one really caught everyone by surprise.


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