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The right template=successful emails Try the pick-and-choose method for format- ting your next email newsletter. With this method, information is displayed with a hyperlinked header and a brief description of each piece of content. Make sure to keep all pieces the same size and style to help the reader easily find the most relevant informa- tion (click here to see an example). Because subscribers only take a few seconds to pick what they will read, this scanable format is more likely to engage your audience.

Make email subject lines clear A study by AWeber Communications found that clear email subject lines are most ef- fective. Makes sense - customers deal with hundreds of emails every day and decide with a very quick scan what they are going to open. Clear subject lines will give you a greater chance that your emails will be seen and opened by customers.

Use the F pattern Did you know that most people read their emails in an F pattern? To increase the effec- tiveness of your email call to action (CTA), place your most critical content starting from leſt to right, then from top to bottom. Your readers will see the CTA, which means higher probability of conversion.

Get customers to click through Encourage click throughs in your next email campaign by creating mystery. A simple way to do this is to present a question in your email. Customers won’t be able to resist clicking through to find the answer.

How a survey can increase email open rates One of the best ways to increase email open rates is to send out information that’s rel- evant to your readers. Te problem is—one size doesn’t fit all. Sending out a survey is one of the best ways to gather the informa- tion you need to segment your list, target


your emails, and give your readers what they want so you can get what you want—higher open rates. It’s a win-win!


You may be at risk Even small businesses can be hacked - compromising data, customer information and personal files. Protect yourself and your business by ensuring your computer system password meets the following criteria:

• Is at least eight characters long • Does not contain your name or company name

• Does not contain a complete word • Includes an uppercase and lowercase letter, number and symbol

Keeping your information safe gives you peace of mind and gives customers confi- dence in doing business with you.

Check your backup Once your data backup is in place, make a point to periodically check it. Every few months, put a reminder on your calendar to practice restoring your data. Tis will give you peace of mind and confidence that you can restore your data if necessary.

Protect your documents Protect your important documents using an online file storage service. You can find many options, like Google Drive, which offer free and low cost options for storage and sharing of documents. Tis secondary back-up could save your business in case of a computer crash or natural disaster.

Look to the cloud for IT support A big struggle for most small businesses is managing IT in-house. With Cloud com- puting, you can take advantage of new and exciting applications without investing a lot of time and resources. Te Cloud lets you focus on your core business while still enjoy- ing world-class technology that’s managed by someone else.

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