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Tomy keeps it coming TOMY

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2013 will be exciting for Tomy, with fantastic new licenses coming on board and additions to the ever-popular lines across its pre-school, boys and girls ranges. Tomy has secured the global master toy license for Dinosaur Train. Dinosaur Train

InterAction Figures – Roar and React Boris the biggest of the bunch – all feature ‘SmartTalk’ technology bringing characters to life. Smaller 3-pack collectible dinosaurs and train car packs Buddy or Tiny with Train Car and Lights & Sounds with Laura provide endless opportunities for imaginative play. Tomy has the global master toy license for Pokémon fi gures and will be fi rst to market in 2013 with toys based on the highly-anticipated Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. The fantastic Monster Series range includes Battling packs, fi gures and the Catch ‘n’ Return Poké Ball. Look-out for RC Pikachu training fi gure, Pokémon Centre Play Case and Pokédex Trainer Kit.

For boys aged fi ve years plus, Tomy welcomes Angry Birds to its K’Nex construction range,

comprising smaller introductory kits and larger play sets, each set includes buildable launcher and interchangeable accessories. Nobody knows train play like Tomy. In 2013 Chuggington will let you stack your track as high as the sky. Die-cast playsets feature tracks engineered for stability, enabling elevated layouts like never before. Hero items include Repair and Go Wilson set, Koko’s Safari Adventure set and wooden Wilson’s Lift and Load Figure 8 set.

Scooting into Toy Fair OZBOZZ LTD

0141 6132525

Bananas are back! GOLDEN BEAR

01952 608308

Golden Bear has many new additions for spring/summer 2013 with licensed play ranges that combine favourite characters with multi-featured playsets and accessories. The adventures of B1 and B2 will

continue with the introduction of two new products, Bananas in Pyjamas Figurines and Water Squirters. Last year the popular Poppy Cat books sprang to life with a new animated cartoon series and the launch of Golden Bear’s new toy collection added an extra dimension to the Poppy character. For 2013, the addition of Poppy Cat Stick-on Felts as well as a cute Poppy themed backpack will only extend the charm even further. Finally, Ben and Holly will receive

a makeover for 2013 with brand new lines and fresh packaging taking a much more girl orientated focus. New additions to the collection will include Ben and Holly’s Flying Fairies, where children simply use the magic wand to pick up Holly, Strawberry or Fleur and then wave the wand to see the fairy magically fl y.

2013 will also bring exciting new additions to the My 1st JCB Pullbacks and Talking ranges. This just represents a small example of what’s on off er to retailers looking for the most inspirational pre-school brands available.

The majority of the H.Grossman range will be revealed at Toy Fair 2013, however as a taste of things to come, a brand new outdoor range is in production which will include scooters, pogo sticks and skateboards. The initial reaction from the trade to the new concept has been fantastic. There will be more additions to

Grossmans award winning licensed range of products including Moshi Monsters and Doctor Who. Even more fabulous designs in the Raskullz range of helmets will be fl ying off the shelves in time for the outdoor season. New styles include bats and skulls along with a host of great ideas for 2013.

Cooking up a treat! BIGJIGS

01303 250400

Eight new items will be available from the Bigjigs cooking and role-play range including a new delicious birthday cake decorated with sprinkles, sweeties and candles, an updated groceries pack and a breakfast tray sure to get the kids going in the morning. Make sure to look out for several candy fl oss themed

items including a delightful Patisserie Stand that comes complete with play foods such as cakes and biscuits which can be velcroed together to create scrummy treats. Bigjigs are also bringing out a Smoothie Set complete with brightly coloured fruit, yoghurt and milk cartons, utensils and a beautifully designed blender. Other candy fl oss themed products include a Breakfast

Set, Tea Tray and Muffi n Tray. All of Bigjigs toys, cooking and role-play items are great

for encouraging children to use their imagination, whilst also acting as good props to educate children about foods and healthy eating.

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