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New innovations for 2013 VTECH

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Ever since the Toot-Toot Drivers range launched last year it has not only taken the number one spot in Infant Electronic but has also won Pre-School Toy of the Year at the latest Toy Industry Awards 2011. To build on this phenomenal success, VTech is proud to announce that it will be zooming into 2013 with a number of new range additions. The Toot-Toot Drivers Airport complete with a turning antenna is

new to the range along with the launch of the Toot Toot Press & Go Launcher (1-5 years), press the launch button to watch the car race along.

New to the popular VTech Baby range is the colourful VTech

Baby’s Laptop made up of six shape buttons and three piano keys that play one of ten diff erent melodies in two diff erent modes of play: Learn and Music. All new sets can be combined with A/W products to further enhance the collectability of the range.

New line-up from Little Tikes LITTLE TIKES

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Little Tikes’ collection of toys for the fi rst quarter of 2013 sees a whole host of additions and new and improved features coming to the line-up. There’s a new entry level two-stage Push Trike with Canopy, vibrant new colours and sunshade patterns for the 3in1 Trike and a new Deluxe version of the 3in1 Trike featuring a padded seat and detachable pack for handy storage. The popular 3in1 Trike with DiscoverSounds Dash remains

in the collection and at the top of the range comes the brand new 3in1 Movi Deluxe Trike. Available in red, yellow or blue with funky patterned detachable seat cover, large storage pack and sunshade, the Movi Deluxe Trike has an ergonomic parent handle and parking brake for safety. The Secret Garden Cottage is a quaint new hideaway for little

ones. Being compact in size it works well indoors or outdoors, off ering year round fun. Features include a ‘thatched’ roof, working Dutch door with letterbox and doorbell, and a built in grill at the back windowsill adds extra play value. Plus an artist clip in the ‘living room’ allows kids to decorate the Cottage with their own masterpieces. The colourful new Bubble Table will provide hours

of entertainment for children and their friends with its table top design, four play stations and two wand areas. The faster kids push and pull the lever and knob, the more bubbles will be made, and with fun sounds added into the mix.

Future looks Vivid VIVID

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The newly named pre-school brand, My First Crayola, will continue to provide the only dedicated range of products suitable for toddlers as they explore the world of colour and creativity. Adding to its Jewellery creation and Home Décor segments, Creations sees a range of new themed kits including Jewellery Boutique Themed Pack, Origami Jewellery, Glamour Bangles, and Origami Room Décor. Lastly, is the all new Catwalk Creations Beach Fashion Pack. Brand new to the AniMagic collection are the adorable

Cutey Eyes Babies. The loveable Newborns are refreshed for spring with the introduction of Bluebell Bunny. Brand new for spring are the can-shaped creatures called Canimals from the CITV series. The toy range will

consist of six super soft Canimal Keyrings, Squeaky Canimals Triple Pack and Talking Canimals Assortment. You can now collect and play with all your favourite Moshlings in micro form. Open up the Micro Mega Heads

to fi nd out which exclusive surprise Micro Moshling is hiding inside. Build up your collection with the Micro Collectables pack, contains seven Micro Moshlings, two of which are hidden, and a secret code for free in-game Rox. Case Faces are oversized Moshling heads that open to reveal a place to keep your collection. Spring/summer 2013 also sees the launch of Series fi ve Moshi Monsters Blind Bags with 16 all new characters. Build up your collection faster with the Collector Pack includes fi ve Moshling fi gures, one of which is hidden, could it be a special character? Add some sparkle to your collection with the Limited Edition Rox Tin 2, eight brand new Rox styled. There are now six new characters to add to your collection of Squashi Moshi, the Moshlings who squeak and are squashi! New Moshling Habitat playsets bring you the homes of diff erent Moshlings species’. Get creative with the new

Moshi Monsters Arts & Crafts products. Make and design your very own plaster or paris Moshlings with Make A Moshi and make cool Moshi Monsters bead designs with Moshi Beads. Create delicious treats for you and your friends in the Yum Yum Kitchen and fun ice lollies, ice cubes, chocolates and jellies with Yum Yum Kitchen: Melt and Mould.

66 First Quarter

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