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The art of playing GREAT GIZMOS

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Following its successful launch in spring 2012, the NICI collection continues to expand with exciting new lines for spring summer 2013. Brand new for NICI is the 2013 range of Wild Friends, a collection of four of the most popular jungle plush characters and a new addition in the form of a cute fl uff y jungle bird. These are available as beanies, beauties, keyrings, stationary and a selection of school time accessories. For kids who can’t get out of bed each morning

Packed with Character CHARACTER OPTIONS

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Brand new for Character Building is Construct-a-Bugz, a range which features constructible electronic Bugz with “bump & retreat” battle action and glowing LED eyes. Meanwhile, the Sports Stars Football collection is already a playground craze, but with the introduction of new teams and players for spring and the continuation of the Golden Boot campaign will certainly further drive collectability and sales. The hunt for Series 2 Micro-Deadlies will also begin from January with a new collection of some of the deadliest animals on the planet to be launched into the Deadly 60 range. Making the move from online gaming favourite to most sought-after collectable, Bin

Weevils is set to have a whole host of further fi gures released in Spring. The range will also feature further playsets to complement the Bin Weevils Deluxe Nest, bringing the online world to life. Other famous faces being brought to life off screen by Character are Angry Birds. The Spring 2013 collection includes plush complete with sound eff ects, squidgy collectable Mash ‘ems and larger Catch n Splat and Splat Strike Games. Moshi Monsters is also making the transformation into Mash ‘ems, and each squidgy collectable will contain a secret code hidden inside packaging, allowing for interaction online with children’s real Moshi Monsters. Monsters Inc. is returning to the big screen this summer followed by the new prequel

fi lm Monsters University. The accompanying toy range of collectable slime and fi gurines makes a great new addition to Characters portfolio. Another favourite returning this spring is Sky Dancers, these dolls can be placed in their

fl ower bases before the child pulls the string to launch the doll fl ying, twirling and dancing into the air. Also a brand new boys’ equivalent Flying Superheroes will be making the line- up featuring the two powerhouses of the comic book world; Marvel’s Spiderman; Iron Man and DC’s Batman and Superman. Brand new creative play range Colour Splasherz allows girls to create their own colour

changing jewellery. Each Colour Splasherz bead changes colour when placed in warm or cold water and keeps its colour until the temperature is changed once again. Pre-schoolers will have plenty of fun this Spring with the launch of the Peppa Pig Theme

Park range. Added to this will be new product introductions for Bob the Builder, Mike the Knight and Fireman Sam, whilst Postman Pat will see complete relaunch in late spring, with new toys and packaging to celebrate the impending movie release and new TV series. The Scooby-Doo range will be refreshed for spring with a Trap Time theme which encapsulates the brand. The range comprises; Who Dunnit fi gures with interchangeable heads, Trap Time playsets & vehicles with trap accessories and the hero item the Trap House. Two new interactive Scooby Doo plush will also join the portfolio, Sensotouch Scooby Plush, which laughs when tickled, and Jumping Scooby who bounces on his tail and says favourite phrases.

there is Good Morning Buddy, a fantastic new plush Dalmation alarm clock that sings and dances to his own rendition of ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ to wake even the sleepiest of children. Renowned for its highly successful arts and crafts kits, Great Gizmos continues to take creative play to another level with exciting new additions to its 4M range that will appeal to every artistic mind. New this year is Wind Up Craft - Dinosaurs, where children can create their own spectacular, moving characters using a simple mechanism and colouring cardboard templates to create bright and appealing dinosaurs. Alternatively the Dough Mosaic Art Making Kit makes a colourful owl design by simply pressing the bright dough included onto the plastic frame. Plus, there are exciting new variations including Dough Mosaic Art Making Kit Butterfl y and Cupcake to try.

Add some Flair this spring FLAIR

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Cowabunga Turtle fans! In the biggest launch in company history, Flair is unveiling a brand new range of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys. Cleverly showcasing a level of detail never seen before in a Turtles range, the highly anticipated action fi gures, vehicles, playsets and role-play and will enable fans to fully immerse themselves in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ world. Flair is injecting some Tree Fu Cool into the pre-school sector for spring 2013 with the launch of the hotly anticipated Tree Fu Tom collection. Flair will manufacture and distribute a range of Tree Fu Tom toys, including action fi gures, playsets, role-play items and vehicles allowing fans of the show to transform themselves into Tom and practice their Tree Fu moves. The Trash Pack’s importance in the boys market will continue to grow as

retailers literally have the opportunity to turn trash into takings with the launch of Series 3 Trashies, cool new playsets, and the exciting introduction of the Ultimate Fighting Trashies which gives a successful play pattern the trash treatment! Sylvanian Families is expanding this spring and the characters can now indulge

in favourite treats such as bag of fi sh and chips from the brand new Fish and Chip Van or a sweet treat from Elsie Buttercup’s Ice Cream Cart, or Dolly the Sheep’s Candy Floss Stall. Joining the arts and crafts line-up are new sets featuring Minnie Mouse and

Disney Princess. Cool Cardz will take on a whole new look that appeals directly to boys with the introduction of XCardz, where boys can express their own creativity, imagination & identity. Finally further new collections will swell the portfolio, such as the return of Back Yard Safari along with the brand new addition of Vapor.

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