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More babies from Zapf ZAPF CREATION

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Zapf Creation continues to build upon its strong presence in the girls' market, with exciting new additions to its portfolio for spring 2013. Brand new to the popular my little Baby born range is a swimming themed doll that is a proven play pattern that will keep little ones entertained at bath time. Also new to the my little Baby born range is a new function doll with nappy changing theme with movements and sounds. My fi rst Baby Annabell also welcomes a new addition in the form of a new nurturing function doll. Carrying forward into spring 2013 will be two dolls that have performed very well at retail since launching this autumn, Baby born Interactive and Baby Annabell. Baby born Interactive has eight life-like functions,

ten accessories and doesn’t require batteries. Baby Annabell is just like a real baby with realistic

baby sounds and facial expressions, she even cries real tears. When Baby Annabell drinks from her bottle or sucks on her dummy, her eyes will open and close and after drinking she will burp.

Driving growth and

innovation MATTEL

Thundering ride-on


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Hauck’s toys range includes a full line of exciting ride-on toys including go-carts, scooters, trikes and balance bikes. The Thunder go-cart generates maximum thrills for 5 to 12-year-olds with its aggressive off -road styling, responsive steering, free wheel option, handbrake to both rear wheels, adjustable seat and it’s strong enough for two kids to enjoy the fun. Other ride-on toys in the Hauck range include, the” Lightning” go-cart, just the thing for would be F1 racers and the “Besta”: an innovative scooter with a seat for kids. Inspired by the legendary Vespa, “Besta” takes the ever popular scooter to a new level of ride-on fun. An extensive range of balance bikes

are designed to make learning to ride easy and fun. The “1st Try”: a foot-to- fl oor child’s fi rst trike in an assortment of attractive colours. “Prema”: Stylish and practical grow-with-me trikes that will delight parent and child alike. For older boys and girls, there is the

stylish and ergonomically designed “Typhoon”. A big front wheeled laid back “easy-rider” trike.

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In 2013, Barbie will continue with the brand communication of ‘WOW. See what happens when you play with Barbie’. The range continues to refl ect popular fashion trends and spring sees Barbie Colour Stylin’ Salon. Further Barbie activity includes Valentine’s Day celebrations, Barbie Life in the Deamhouse continuing with Season 3 and Barbie’s new abode for spring is the Glam Vacation House. Plus Barbie Swim and Race Pups, ballet theme Barbie in the Pink Shoes and mermaid Dolphin Trainer are also launched next year. Polly Pocket bursts into 2013 with Polly’s Wall Party taking play

from the fl oor to the wall! The Disney Princess Rapunzel range introduces Colour Change Brush Rapunzel and Disney Princess Royal Castle for spring. Fisher-Price continues with innovation product building on highly successful launches, hot licenses and extensive marketing campaigns. Babygear continues to off er mums the perfect solutions with the Discover n’ Grow range. And the exciting edition of Apptivity combining parent’s iPhone and iPads into gyms for the fi rst time as well as the successful Laugh & Learn collection that has iPad and iPhone case as well as the new Apptivity Puppy. 2012 saw the introduction of the Disney license partnering with Fisher- Price’s Little People range. Spring sees new introductions in the Disney Princess and Wheelies. Imaginext has new additions in the medieval world. New Dinosaurs enter the Dino Tech range, while DC Superfriends & Modern continue.

2013 sees the

continued roll out of Fisher-Price’s Thomas & Friends collection and the

introduction of Wooden Railway. 60 First Quarter

Let the battle begin! BANDAI

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Capitalising on strong TV programming on Nickelodeon and Channel 5, the Power Rangers Super Samurai range will be expanded to give fans more choice and collectability options. There will be the release of the Battle Morphin Figures where children use the thumb stick on the back of the 16cm fi gure to control the Ranger’s actions and movement, as well as the Barracuda Blade with power disc and light up function for them to play with in battle. They will also be able to turn into their favourite Samurai Ranger with the new Training Set gear containing a mask, weapon, power discs, belt buckle and badge. Momentum will continue to build behind Ben 10

Omniverse following the launch of the new series on Cartoon Network. New styles of Alien fi gures will be introduced for fans to add to their collections, as well as an updated Omnitrix Touch featuring more alien phrases. Brand new lines include the Mechanized Aliens, which kids have to wind up in order to see its unique battling action, plus the construction collection of Omnistrux Figures for them to build

their own alien from over 25 diff erent pieces.

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