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Educational Learning

Play with colour! TOMY

0271 336155

Tomy’s Play to Learn range off ers simply brilliant developmental play through age appropriate interactive toys that are uniquely designed to develop baby’s core skills. The bestselling Mr Colour Maker continues to

entertain and amaze children aged two to fi ve with its unique mess-free electronic colour mixing play.

A new lower price point makes this the perfect toy for tots. Mr Colour Maker is the fi rst

product of its kind to teach little ones all about colours and colour creation in a highly engaging way through innovative light technology. As both Mr Colour Maker and his ‘paint pots’ are fully electronic there is no messy paint

involved. Simple to use, hold one of the three primary colour pots over Mr Colour Maker and watch in amazement as the mixing pot magically lights up with the colour. With three modes (‘You Decide’, ‘Follow Me’, and ‘Sing-the-Rainbow’) and over 50 sayings, learning colours has never been such fun!

Learn with Interplay INTERPLAY

01628 488 944

As one of the world’s leading multi award-winning science ranges, Interplay’s Wild Science collection allows children to learn scientifi c principles whilst having fun. The Wild Science range for girls includes best-sellers, Bath Bomb Factory and

Perfume Laboratory, where girls can create their very own individualised smellies. Whilst the boy’s collection includes all-time favourites, Weird Slime Laboratory, with its rat gizzards in tadpole soup and slimy snot, and Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory. Each kit comes with a fully illustrated colour instruction manual which follows the national curriculum to ensure that children learn naturally while conducting their own fun experiments. Kids can learn to explore the great outdoors with My Living World. The multi-

award winning nature range has been specifi cally developed by experts to help promote an understanding and appreciation of the natural world. This year has seen the introduction of Technokit RIVETZ. Using the patented

Rivetz gun to snap and fi x pieces of decorated pre-cut card together, children can learn about construction whilst creating giant models of a mighty Dragon, Hornet and an awesome red, black and white Racer. In addition, the existing Technokit collection, including the popular Stung Buggy and Dragster, also remains strong, with many kits that promote the practical knowledge of electronic and mechanical principles these kits ensure that.

Experiment and Learn HABA

0161 304 9555

Children can’t wait to explore the world and HABA provides the perfect introduction with its range of Terra Kids equipment and kits that are ideal for learning about the environment and motion. New to the Terra Kids Construction range are four new projects which

foster both technical knowledge and craftsmanship, using pre-cut wooden pieces and easy to understand instructions. The Assembly Kit Beetle, once assembled, will vibrate and fi dget

across the fl oor using a rubber band motor and six long legs, whilst the Assembly Kit Twirling Prawn uses motors and pulleys to spin the crustacean in crazy circles. Add to these the Catamaran, Windmill and Musical Gears Set and a huge selection of creations can be constructed. Kids can learn the art of wind power with the Wind Knowledge Box that contains windmills

and Savonius Turbines, as well as a wind fl ow meter, whilst the Knack of Knots Box hones in on how to tie knots and, using the steel screw links and bright green cards, kids can link and loop in a variety of ways. Together with other great nature products available such as Microscopes and Telescopes, the Terra Kids range actively encourages kids to get outside and explore the world.

It’s never to early to learn VTECH

01235 546810

VTech Baby Pull and Play Turtle (nine-36 months) is a cute and loveable turtle which has a string to pull it along and when pulled shakes its head up and down as the moveable gears on its back light up. This coupled with two fun sung songs and ten melodies, will teach your child colours, counting and insects. New to the Pre-School category is My 1st Tablet, perfect for children from 2 years

old. This introductory tablet complete with a backlit LED has 12 super fun activities for fun number and letter learning, 26 alphabet and learning objects as well as piano keys to play music and learn numbers. This tablet comes in both blue and pink. Little Gadget, Letter Friend (two – fi ve years) is the son of the popular VTech

Gadget the Robot. This cute little robot teaches phonics, letters, objects, telling the time and much more. Little Gadget features a clock and OK button, turning alphabet disk and LCD screen. Simply rotate the disk to the letter you want to learn press OK and Little Gadget will teach you whilst vibrating and shaking his arms and head.

52 Educational Learning

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