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The quick coffee break

Green Board Games’ new CEO Keith Grafham reveals what it is like to join the company and what his plans are for 2013

1 What are the three most

exciting things about being CEO of Green Board Games?

■ The size of the opportunity here at GBG. It’s a great company with fantastic products and real growth potential.

■ The ethos of the company. I am committed to seeing children learn and develop and our games enable them to do that through play.

■ Working in this industry. As someone who loves playing games, loves being creative and loves having fun, it is a privilege to go to work each day and be passionate about what you do.

Which three key things are diff erent about the toy trade to any other industry you have worked in?


■ I've been surprised by how tightly knit the industry is but also how welcoming it is. I've met lots of people from all areas of the industry who have been supportive, given advice and shared information.

■ I've worked in a number of industries in the past where people take themselves too seriously, but I have to say that most people in the toy industry know how to have fun, it’s our business and that is refl ected in the way people do business.

■ It is fantastic to be part of an industry where the general feeling is ‘we are making a genuine diff erence’ and there is a real sense of purpose, I would recommend it to anyone.


What three key diff erences might we

expect in the Toy Trade over the next year?

■ In such a time of uncertainty we will need to get sharp about the way we do things and how we deliver that.

■ I believe that next year, with consumers better informed and with greater choice, we will see a lot more thought going into ‘added customer value’. It’s a great game but what else does it do?

■ The most obvious diff erence is the growing presence of the internet in toys and games purchase. The opportunities are huge for the industry if handled and utilised correctly, ignore them at your peril!

5 3

Pick three board game characters that would best depict your own personality?

■ Oh dear! I am always the dog when I play Monopoly, it says a lot, dogs are dependable, fun and friendly, either full on crazy or fast asleep - a dog loves unconditionally.

■ One of my favorite board games is Risk, there isn’t so much a character, but the name is quite apt for me. I don’t mind taking a risk and trying something bold or challenging as long as it’s considered and I have weighed up the odds to ensure they are in my favour.

■ The third would have to be our very own BrainBox Ben, he’s young, smart and fi ts into many categories and has lots to say about a lot of things (Why can I hear people laughing?).

46 coff eebreak

Name three GBG

key product launches for 2013 that will refl ect development and change!

■ We will be adding to our bestselling BrainBox range next year with a considered mix of licensed, fun and learning. We are launching two of these at Toy Fair next year so watch out!

■ We are expanding our Robotics Dinosaur range which has been so popular this year with a vehicles range and animals range also, again these will have that ‘added customer value’ I mentioned.

■ The third key launch for us will be in our book range where, due to the demand we have seen this year for ‘Colour and Learn’ and ‘Logical learning’ ranges, we will be adding new titles as well as some new ranges which will build on their success.

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