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Monthly Cruising Page 10 October 18, 2012 Cruise Night Winners 1950 Ford Anglia Gasser “Obsession” – Owner Larry Stauff from Cumberland, R.I.

John Persson and his Old Car Shop that has sponsored the cruise night winner plaques for our 2012 cruise season was asked to go and select his favorite car that was at the October 18 cruise. He warned us that it would almost be guaranteed to be a hot rod, but when he came back and told us his selection was Larry Stauff’s 1950 Anglia Gasser “Obsession”. John picked a hot rod gasser with a great racing history. A gasser, for the unfamiliar, is drag race car that was built in the late 1950’s to early 1970‘s based upon light bodied production cars from the 1930’s to mid 1950’s. They were stripped of extraneous weight and exhibit one tell tale feature that identifies a gasser, and that is the jacked up front end using a light weight truck beam axle to give it bet- ter weight distribution. They were called gassers because they competed in gasoline fuelled classes rather than in methanol or nitromethane. The classes were based on the weight per engine cubic inch displacement ratio and Larry’s Anglia competed in the B/Gas Coupe Class and winning the 2002 Gasser Reunion in Thompson Ohio Dragway resulting in his “Obsession” making the cover of Gasser Magazine that year. Peeking inside the car you will see all the signatures of the Left Coast racing legends in at- tendance at that race had autographed the car’s dashboard; Big John Mozilla, Ohio George Montgomery, Big John Mazmanian, Fred Bear, “Pork” Zartman, Bone Balogh, K.S. Pitman and Don Garlits are some of the names that I could make out from the

picture I snapped.

Although the Anglia was originally built to compete in the gasser wars it was as a street rod for a few years until he began com- peting from 2001 to 2010 in the Gasser Reunions. Larry has owned the car for 22 years and has only recently been bringing the car out to display at cruises and car shows. We’re glad he made it to our final cruise of the season and we had the opportunity to see his “Obsession” up close and personal and Mass Cruisers club president Larry Nyborn got to meet the other Larry and

make the award presentation.

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2005 Custom Soft Tail Low Rider from Foxborough MA During the past five years we’ve been making the cruise awards for the favorite car at our cruise nights, no motorcycle was ever picked despite having as many as 500 show up during some of our cruises. We’ve seen some really wild and beautiful custom bikes ride in and park at the south end of Lot 16, some so wild they had to be trailered in. So the October 18 cruise provided us with an opportunity to add a motorcycle to list of cruise night winners. This bike is no trailer queen though as evidenced by the mud and rain spots still on her perfect paint and bright work from a surprise Tuesday night rain shower. So it was fit- ting that the one extra award plaque that was left over after 14 cruise nights was from the one rain out on October 4 where many die hard cruisers did show up, but not in a consistent enough fash- ion to warrant making a cruise award presentation that night. For all the action, link to:

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