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If you don't know your history.. you will after reading this especially the part about the Spanish Civil War, the leadership bought by the Nazis and how the Allies dealt with attempts to keep Spain out of World War 2.

Sira the main character is but a mere lowly seamstress. Working alongside her mother day in day out where she learns the art of dressmaking. Her future is all mapped out for her (or so she thinks)... she meets a nice 'normal' boy Ignacio, gets engages then by chance meets another man (Ramiro) who literally sweeps her off her feet... After hurriedly taking her to Morocco his true colours shine through and he leaves her pregnant, penniless and for the first time in her life frightened alone in a foreign country having to fend for herself.

The book follows the Growth of Sira and shows her strength of character in developing her purpose in life. She may be an adult but having been looked after she finds naivety is something she must lose and quickly. With the delightful character Candeleria who offers her bed and board at such a terrible time in her life...she learns to make choices and once she has realized her potential the book really takes off.

The first 150 pages or so can be hard reading at times, once past this initial stage the book comes into its own with its tale of romance, intrigue and espionage.

A Gripping read Reviewed by Angela Norris

 Author: Maria Duenas Format: Paperback ISBN: 9780670920037 Published: 30 Aug 2012 Publisher: Penguin RRP: £7.99

 Haunted by the ghost of his young son… YOU CAME BACK

PEN award winner Christopher Coakes is back with his first novel following his successful story We're in Trouble.

Thirty something Mark Fife finally feels he has moved on after being devastated by the tragic and accidental death of his young son Brendan and subsequent divorce from his first love college sweetheart Chloe, Brendan's Mother.

He's successful in business and in love with a new partner Allison, proposing marriage is forefront in his mind, that is until....

Out of the blue he is contacted by a very strange and frightened woman who tells him not only that she lives in his old house, but that she believes it to be haunted by the ghost of his young son Brendan.

Soon the nightmares return.

Will Mark who does not believe in ghosts accept the mounting evidence that Brendan's is real? Will his relationship with Allison survive when he is thrown unexpectedly back together with his first love Chloe who does believe.. in his desperation to help Chloe end the torment of his son who she thinks is caught between two worlds will he endanger the relationship he has with his sceptical father and best friend Lewis who has supported him through dark times already...

YOU CAME BACK examines the danger and beauty of belief not just the supernatural, but in the love that binds parents to their children forever, at times the writing style loses its way but bear with it as it rolacoasts towards a thrilling climax.

Reviewed by Angela Norris

 Author: Christopher Coakes Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780241957950 Published: 04 Oct 2012 Publisher: Penguin RRP: £7.99 Book reviews latest releases Life Begins 25

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