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We're constantly rushing around, trying to do more and more in less and less time, which can leave us stressed and exhausted. Gabrielle Fagan finds out how you can improve your health in minutes.

Beat the winter blues and be good to yourself

It seems that many of us are trying to do more and more in less and less time, which can leave us exhausted, feeling generally rundown and more vulnerable to illness.

But making time for all the things we know we should do - from regular gym visits or fitness routines to dieting - can seem impossible as we get caught up in endlessly juggling work and a family.

As winter approaches, bringing its traditional dose of coughs, sneezes and ailments, we've asked the experts for their 12 top tips which take only minutes but could significantly improve your health.

Morning fixes 30 Secs Shower solution

Allow your shower to run for that length of time before you step underneath it, as according to research from the University of Colorado, bacteria can lurk in the head and spray out with the first burst of water and get inhaled into your lungs.

10 Mins Early bird

Get up early and get physical by going for a brisk walk for up to 15 minutes, and don't call it exercise.

Professor Adrian Taylor, a sports psychologist at Exeter University, says the word 'exercise' has negative connotations and is associated with being demanding and sweaty, whereas 'physical activity' can be gentle, easy and fun.

"It's easier to be active when you're fresh in the morning, because if you leave it until later in the day, there's a risk you'll be too tired to bother."

Scientists reported in The Lancet last year that even short bursts of physical exertion, a brisk walk 10 minutes daily, can lengthen a lifespan by three years.

15Mins Sunshine brew

Have a morning cuppa sitting beside a window or outside on a patio. Continued over  Life Begins 15

"Fifteen minutes of sunlight first thing strengthens your body's sleep- wake cycle, so you'll feel fresher for the rest of the day," says Derk-Jan Dijk, a professor of sleep and physiology at the University of Surrey.

5Secs Beat the munchies

Five seconds: Adding a little sprinkle of cinnamon on porridge or cereal can help stabilise blood sugar and help keep hunger at bay throughout the day, according to some scientific studies. Putting as little as 6g (a little over a teaspoonful) can lower blood glucose, it was reported recently in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Total: 25Mins&35Secs

"Fifteen minutes of sunlight first thing strengthens your body's sleep-wake cycle”.

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