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MyComments My Editor says... October’12 Issue 18

Welcome to the latest issue of My Hemel & Leverstock Green News. Life is full of anomalies – as I was reminded on a recent shopping trip. The (lovely) wife sent me off to the supermarket with a list of things to buy, including some items to top up our medicine cabinet. Living in a house with four adults, and with winter on its way, I wanted to purchase two packets of paracetamol and some cough mixture. Laughably, as the cough mixture contained a small amount of paracetamol, I was refused. (Restrictions on the sale of paracetamol mean that one person can only purchase two packets of 16 tablets at a time.) While I understand there are risks involved with taking paracetamol, I

couldn’t help but be a little peeved by the double standard. If I wanted to buy a trolley full of booze or armfuls of fags I am sure the cashier would have had no problem taking my cash and letting me walk out loaded up with alcohol and nicotine (providing she was sure I was over 18 and if you take a look at my picture above we can assume she wouldn’t have mistaken me for a teenager). I could, if I wanted, wander into a number of supermarkets and pharmacies and purchase in small bundles a vast number of paracetamol tablets so the policy seems misplaced. I can’t help but feel the nanny state continues to creep into every corner of our lives and ridiculous rules, some made with the best of intentions, prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. I believe we need to be on our guard, otherwise the bureaucrats will succeed in regulating every aspect on our lives. One thing the bureaucrats haven’t succeeded in stifling is my entrepreneurial spirit. I am proud to say that this month My News launches a new magazine, My Northwood News, and is in the process of planning to move to larger premises in Apsley. We have bigger plans for next year too (a number of new titles). So watch this space.

This month we report on the disturbing inquest that revealed the death of Zoe Miller was due to her slipping from a railway bridge. We hope Zoe’s family can now get some closure on this traumatic ordeal. In other news we report on Max Whitlock’s invitation to meet the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and how Longdean Park has been given 15-minutes-of-fame as filming starts there for a new blockbuster.

Nik Until next time stay safe and be nice to each other.

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