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sexually desirable and experience greater levels of satisfaction.5 Tink unsustainable population growth, food shortages and diapers piling up in landfills! Botom line, sex is simply not GREEN! Why improve it?

6: Exercise can help you sleep beter

A Stanford University Medical School study found that older and middle-age people reported sleeping beter when they exercised on a regular basis. Aſter just 16 weeks of exercising at a moderate intensity, subjects were able to fall asleep about 15 minutes earlier and sleep about 45 minutes longer at night. With all of the lost time due to snoozing, Americans may have to become more like the French and adopt a 35 hour work week! I can’t imagine why the French, with their reputations, would need extra time in bed? Tey must be sleepy from drinking too much red wine?

7: 8: 9: Exercise can help reduce certain infections

Studies found that near-daily brisk walking compared with inactivity reduced the number of sickness days by half over a 12 to15-week period.6 Valid excuses to miss work are far and few between. If you are going to cave and start exercising, you need to be more creative when you stay home from work. (I was skeptical the other day when one of my employees missed work because she had to go see her chiropractor... BUT, I’m her chiropractor!)

Exercise can give you beter concentration

A 2007 report from Oregon State University found that as litle as 15 minutes of physical activity improved concentration, memory and classroom behavior among elementary school students. Contrary to what may be expected, the improved concentration and academic performance were more pronounced among children who exercised than in those who had an additional lesson. Umm? I’m sorry, what was I saying?

Exercise lowers stress levels

According to the American Psychological Association, “Exercise may improve mental health by helping the brain cope beter with stress, according to research into the effect of exercise on neurochemicals involved in the body’s stress response. Preliminary evidence suggests that physically active people have lower rates of anxiety and depression than sedentary people... Work in animals since the late 1980s has found that exercise increases brain concentrations of norepinephrine in brain regions involved in the body’s stress response.” OK, I know what you’re thinking! Tat funny litle norepinephrine is that cool litle catecholamine produced in the locus coeruleus which acts

1 J Appl Physiol, 2007 Aug;103(2):417-8 2 J Fam Pract. 2007 Jun;56(6):483-5. 3 USA Today 11/15/2011 4 Annals of Internal Medicine, 8/2003 5 Journal of Human Sexuality, 10/2004 6 Sports Med. 2/1999 7 Department of Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, 1 Kawasumi, Mizuho-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya 467-8601, Japan. 8 Clinical Evidence: Constipation in Adults; Stefan Muller-Lissner and Arnold Wald; July 2010

not only as a hormone, but as a neurotransmiter. If you are that one guy or gal in the room who thought it was produced in the substantia nigra, don’t stress over it. Who worries about stress?

10: Exercise gets the bowels moving Constipation is not only uncomfortable, but can be detrimental

to your health. Less frequent bowel movements (once every six days) are associated with higher risks of colorectal cancer.7 Corrective action tends to be mainly focused on dietary changes. Oſten the underlying causes are completely ignored by solely resorting to laxative use. Tings get moving when one gets moving! People suffering with constipation who participated in a 12-week exercise program saw symptoms such as straining during defecation and the number of hard stools decrease significantly.8 Hold it! If you become more regular, just think of all of the disgusting public restrooms and litle league field outhouses you will be forced to contend with!

Still not convinced? Please don’t be trapped into thinking that you want to be a thinner, healthier, energetic, chilled-out, happier, well-rested, more-focused, stud muffin or muffinete as regular as a new alarm clock. But, if you do resort to defiance from the pearls of wisdom set forth in this article, and you start to exercise, do us all just one favor: Do your shopping BEFORE you go to the gym!

Please check with your doctor before starting (or, NOT starting) an exercise routine.

Dr. Scott E. Rosenthal is a dedicated expert in the field of health and wellness. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic, has a B.S. in Nutrition and is a Registered Yoga Teacher. In addition to practicing in Wilmington, DE, Dr. Rosenthal writes and speaks regularly to help people live happier, healthier lives. His entertaining presentations are filled with easy-to-use strategies. Call 302-999-0633 or go to

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