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10 Reasons NOT to Exercise!

You are tired of it! All of those people slowing traffic by jogging and biking on the road. Don’t they know that people are trying to get to work on time, shop for a new outfit or are hungry and want get to a restaurant? How RUDE! Ever been in a checkout line behind a guy who just leſt the gym? PEEEW! Besides a 15 item express lane, there should be one for sweaty and smelly post- fitness-routine customers. For the sake of the general public’s convenience and welfare, please read this article and gain powerful insights into why you should NOT be doing any exercise!

1: 2: Exercise helps you control and maintain your weight

Tis is all fine and dandy, but who wants to be a control freak? Don’t you just love the excitement and spontaneity of seeing your new weight as you step onto the scale? It is particularly fun to pretend that you have the melodic voice of an auctioneer calling out the numbers as the scale dial races upward. If your weight is already optimum, who wants to maintain that? BORING! Isn’t change supposed to be good? Not to mention, bigger is beter!

Exercise reduces risk factors for many diseases

From type 2 diabetes and depression to cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer, geting physical can decrease risk factors that contribute to disease. Tis concept is well illustrated in hundreds of studies. One such set of studies reveal that LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) can be lowered by 5 to 10%, whereas HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol) can be increased by 3 to 6% with regular exercise.1,2 If more people got moving, fewer drugs would be needed. Cholesterol medications top the list with 255 million prescriptions in 2010. Te leader of


the pack, the country’s top prescription seller, brought its maker $7.2 billion in 2010 alone!3 Slashing the number of people going to the drug store would severely cut into these monumental profits. Whether you are a democrat or republican, you must agree that this could be bad for the economy!

3: 4: 5: Exercise increases your energy levels

With regular fitness activities, your heart and lungs work more efficiently. Tis leads to greater strength and endurance. Tat will cause you to finish mowing the lawn or cover the aisles in the super market faster. Be careful! Once your spouse sees that you have more time on your hands, he or she will surely start adding items to your Honey-Do List!

Exercise makes your mood beter

When you exercise, your brain releases mood-enhancing chemicals. It just makes you feel good and can liſt you from the blues. One might appreciate the satisfaction of accomplishment. But, while the improvements in posture and physique may help raise your self-esteem, grouchy people get beter service! Even worse, when your friend is in a foul mood and feeling sorry for himself, the last thing he needs is your joyful intervention. We all know that misery loves company!

Exercise can improve sexual function Men over the age of 50 who are physically active report beter

erections with a 30 percent lower risk of impotence than men who were inactive.4 Another study found people who exercise regularly feel beter about themselves, perceive that they are more — continued on next page October 2012

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