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HANDS ON HEALTH by: Ann Wilkinson P.T.M.S,

Q: A:

My 8 year old child who is suffering from issues such as head

banging, defiant behavior, ADHD behaviors and possible hearing difficulty. Is there a modality that you recommend ?

I have treated a variety of children with a gamut of disorders .Te

modality that comes to mind first is craniosacral treatment. Head banging is an atempt to self treat or self correct problems with the craniosacral system; head bones, spine, sacrum and tailbone. Children have a multitude of possibilities for damage to these areas through falls, birth trauma ete. I would first and foremost assess the mobility of the craniosacral system and restore mobility wherever there is limitation. Many times craniosacral treatment has improved hearing as well. Next, I would make sure the pelvis is balanced so that all systems above the hips are on the level. Te transverse planes of fascia of the body must be free of torque so that nerves, blood vessels and posture are not compromised. Te dural tube that lines the inside of the spine needs to be of appropriate length and this technique is calming and pleasant to these childen. Finally, I would utilize the horse and all that nature has to offer to mobilize the craniosacral system further and strengthen the postural muscles around a new alignment in the system. It also seems the horse has a special healing affect on the children from which miraculous breakthroughs spring forth. Tis combination has served many children well for a multitude of dysfunction.

Q: A:

Have you had success treating patients with anxiety atacks? Anxiety atacks are more common and more debilitating than you

know. Causality ranges from something as simple as negative thinking and lack of faith to dietary negligence or even trauma resulting in compromise to the muscles associated with breathing. Many patients with anxiety disorder lack awareness and appreciation for the breath. It is especially important to connect with your breath and to appreciate the breath as a tool. Utilizing the breath to calm the mind is a skill that is fairly easy to learn. Tere are times when the respiratory diaphragm; a bowl shaped muscle beneath the lungs, are restricted and the tightness of that and or other chest shoulder and neck muscles can restrict breathing and create panic atacks. Dietary considerations include food allergies, effects of caffeine, and magnesium deficiency. Fortunately, osteopathy looks at an entire being accessing all possible contributing factors. It may be that there are a combination of factors affecting the inclination towards or intensity of atacks.

Ann is an award winning writer,teacher and speaker. Ann is the personal body worker of Her Holiness “Sai Maa”. Ann practices osteopathic physical therapy and has helped thousands of patients. Ann is also an expert on the use of healing foods, homeopathic and herbal consultations, and therapeutic horseback riding. Ann treats her patients in a beautiful country seting which enables her to utilize all of her learned skills as well as some of the healing properties that only Mother Earth can bestow Ann is available by appointment and can be reached 302-656-7882. Te farm is also available for birthday parties, women’s circles, and retreats.

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