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many realities. Tere is always another choice. Yet we have come to equate “realistic” with being limited, cynical and resigned. We numb ourselves into accepting that the way things have always been, which is the way they are now, is the way they’ll always be.

But as Tama says, “…an inspired path is about what has never been. It is about shining the light within us that can light up the world.”

And shining your light means acknowledging your true self and its genuine impulses and wishes. It is about honoring your longings and paying atention to the feelings that let you know you have wandered off-course.

Tama told me that all of her mistakes have come from her mind telling her what she “should” do – and ignoring how it felt to actually do it. She says when you’re in fear, it feels heavy, draining and compulsive, as in, “But I HAVE to do this!”

And then she said something else that again

stopped me cold – in a really, really good way. She said, “Tere is nothing, ever, that you have to do to make it on this path.”

Can you feel the profound truth and wisdom in that? I find it incredibly liberating, even as my linear mind – or is that just fear? - puts up all kinds of arguments against it.

Te energy of “having” to do something always comes from fear – fear of not geting it right, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough…there are countless expressions of fear that generate a reactive, desperate need to do something to avoid what we fear. But as Tama said during our interview, genuine, inspired success comes not from the specific things we do, but from what we allow, what we receive. It’s not about geting every step right; it’s about trusting, really trusting, that we are meant to succeed.

And trusting that the infinite intelligence of this universe has infinite ways for success to happen.

Which brings me to something else Tama said that took my breath away:

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“I don’t want the success I have to ‘make’ happen. I want the success I could never make happen.”

To that I say…Wow. And Amen, sister!

So how do we learn to invite and allow the inspired success that is possible outside the limits of fear-based “shoulds”?

Geting back to one of Tama’s key messages, we commit to paying atention to how we feel. And we become willing to recognize and then undo the beliefs that give rise to feelings of frustration, despair and resignation. I have my own approach to recognizing and undoing the false beliefs that keep us small and stuck, and was eager for Tama to shed the light on hers.

She said that shiſting beliefs is the life practice on this path of inspired success. Tere isn’t one particular way to do it that always works; it’s more of an intention and commitment to becoming aware of your feelings, and your willingness to acknowledge there is a limiting belief standing in the way when you feel bad.

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