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My dad said funnily enough my daughter has been praying for me, she’s one of

those mad Christians, and also when I was in hospital one day a man came into the ward and prayed for me. My mum asked me what did I think and all I could say was praise the Lord.

The following Tuesday I went to drop off Rudi at my mums before I came to the

Ladies Prayer morning. Just as I was leaving the nurse arrived to see my dad and asked him what’s been happening to him. My dad thought I had left but as I was standing out in the hall and I heard him begin to talk to the nurse. He told her that his daughter that had just left was one of those mental Christians

and that she had been praying for him. I know I’ve got a new heart and the reason is because a one day when I was in hospital a man came in and prayed with me. At that time I thought he was a nutter, a mad man. However after he left I lay down on my bed but then realised that I was doing something I hadn’t been able to do for a long time, lying flat on my back. I got up to go to the toilet and I passed the woman who had assessed me that

morning for a scooter and a wheelchair. She asked me where my sticks were and I told her that I didn’t need the sticks. I’m telling you this because I just want to encourage you because I can’t tell you

what this means to me, it’s just me, just my family but God promised me. So keep praying for whatever it is in your life because you’ll get it. Maybe not the way we expect it, I never thought for a minute that my dad would tell me he had a new heart. But not only that salvation is only a minute away from him, from all of them. Please continue to remember my dad in prayer. He still needs our prayers but he

needs Jesus more than anything else .

7 KCOG News July/September 12

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