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Testimony from Adelle Stewart of the Power of Prayer

I believe in the power of healing and I believe that Jesus is our healer. Since I became a Christian I’ve been praying for my family, I’m the only Christian in the family, and I’ve been praying for salvation and God has promised me salvation for all of my family through scripture. When my dad was 35 he suffered a heart attack, which devastated us all, but he got

through it. But ever since then he hasn’t kept good health and some months back he was taken into hospital with heart failure. Andy and myself and all our friends prayed for him. One afternoon Andy went in to see him and as he was leaving he met a friend who

was a Pastor in Helensburgh but was also a chaplain in the hospital. Andy asked him if he would mind going into the ward and pray for my dad. He did and my dad recounted the story to me that night when I went in to visit him. He said that a man came into the ward and said that he wanted to speak and to

pray with a Mr John Johnston. My dad was mortified but he let the man pray for him. When I went to visit my mum and dad recently after the Sunday evening service,

my mum kept saying to my dad “are you going to tell her, are you going to tell her what’s happened?” He then told me that the previous Thursday he had gone for one of his regular

check ups. He recently had had an angiogram and was going to get the results of it. He said that the specialist, who had been treating him for years, sat down in front of him and said Mr Johnston we want to know where you got your new heart. My dad said I don’t know what you mean, what about a new heart? The specialist said that he wouldn’t have believed it himself if he hadn’t been treating my dad for years. He told my dad that the results of the scan showed that there was no scarring and that he never had heart failure, yet I diagnosed you with heart failure. So I need to know where you got the new heart.

6 KCOG News July/September 12

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