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What is The Lower Sunbury Business Community? By Monica Chard, Editor

We all love Lower Sunbury. That is why we have chosen to live here. It used to be a thriving com- mercial centre; a Butcher, a Baker, a Green Grocer, a Bank and so on. In recent times, the economic downturn (coupled with the effect of a certain hypermarket down the road) has had a big effect on the village and we have lost a lot of key services. The Lower Sunbury Business Community was founded 18 years ago for two reasons; to help pro- mote businesses within the village and to work towards making Lower Sunbury a pleasant place for shoppers to come. You will no doubt have seen flags up in the village for the Jubilee & Olympics and we all enjoy the trees and lights at Christmas in Thames Street and The Avenue. Contrary to popu- lar belief, it’s not the council that is responsible for these decorations, it is the LOSBC and its members who put them up and pay for them with the help of financial contributions by some of the Thames Street residents. The Village Card scheme is another example of our work. It is a loyalty card, rewarding users with discounts or offers from participating retailers. Over the past year around 400 residents have been enjoying the financial benefits by carrying their village card when shopping or eating out. Members of the LOSBC also run the popular Summer and Christmas mar- kets in the village. Every penny of the money that is raised through these schemes is put back into making the village a popular and pleasant place for residents and visitors. Since November 2011 the council has ceased all funding to local business chambers and this has put the LOSBC under severe strain. Chairman of the LOSBC, Dennis van Wonderen says: “As the LOSBC is a non for profit making organisation all of our members donate their spare time to run the chamber. Raising money in these difficult times is not easy. Even the local council has felt the impact of the recession which has caused funding to cease. All we can do is try and encourage our local residents to continue to support their local shops and businesses by promoting ourselves. Without our residents we don’t have a business, without our businesses Lower Sunbury doesn’t have a village. We need your help”.

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Some members give time and some give services. Local Tree Surgeon Clive Cummings helps in his way. He works with the Tree Wardens to put wood chippings down on TP36 to help establish saplings for example. LOSBC members need your support. You can find a list of members and their services on the website: and there is a link from the LOSRA website. Lists of members are also published be- low. Are you a local Sunbury business and would you like to join? We offer a thriving website and you can participate in the Village Card scheme. Contact for more information.

Sunbury Matters is a member of the LOSBC


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