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Disaster Preparation Items Check List

by Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Pray Recognize Evaluate Put Away Resources Engage

Instant Notice

Focus Assess Investigate Then Heed the plan

1) Cash 2) A place to go 3) Non perishable food-use food dehydrator, jars, cured meats, canned goods, rice, beans, dried fruit 4) Water 5) Candles and lamps 6) Matches and lighters with lighter fluid 7) Maps and directions and the ability to navigate 8) Ground line telephone not cell phone with cable for modem for online access 9) Generator 10) Axe and saw 11) Driver’s license 12) Additional forms of Identification including a passport and social security card 13) Vehicle with a full tank of gas at all times 14) Analog Backup of telephone numbers covered in plastic or laminated 15) Tool kit 16) Boards for windows with nails 17) Battery operated weather radio 18) A plan 19) First aide kit including a bottle of alcohol 20) Flares 21) Flashlight 22) Hand operated can opener 23) Waiters, boots, and hip boots 24) Clorox 25) Vinegar 26) Copies of all insurances 27) Copies of medical records and medical orders in the case of dialysis and such 28) Hand sanitizer 29) Car with a full gas tank 30)Wood for fire, propane tank, grill with charcoal or wood-This is all for cooking.

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