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1996. Then in 1998 they released their most successful album in the UK—TRAMPOLINE; the biggest single of course was the party song Dance The Night Away, reaching number 4 in the UK charts. Fourteen years later and they’re still playing it. They toured the UK that same year and performed an amazing show at the Royal Albert Hall. But it was their 1999 tour that rocketed them to the stars, not only performing at the Royal Albert Hall again, but taking the place over as they did six nights and had the place rocking, with everyone standing in the audience. In fact not only standing but dancing, even in the boxes. They all danced the night away, each and every night! Unfortunately the massive success that The Mavericks were

garnering in the UK was not mirrored in America. Though they had three singles chart in the UK from the TRAMPOLINE album, they didn’t manage a single one in the American country Top 40. This lack of success in the US resulted in the group deciding to take a hiatus and Raul Malo turning his attention to his solo career and releasing the album TODAY in 2001. He toured the UK on a number of occasions as well as becoming a member of the Latin American super group Los Super Seven. Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin kept very busy performing in various groups, the most popular one over in the UK being The Road Trippers that featured Kevin Montgomery on vocals and Al Perkins on steel guitar. In 2003, The Mavericks decided to call time on their break

and reunited, this time with Eddie Perez on lead guitar in place of Nick Kane. “Eddie and I were friends before we were band- mates,” Raul explains. “To me Eddie was always the guitarist that probably should have been in The Mavericks from the beginning. I think Robert stated that before.” They released the album THE MAVERICKS on Sanctuary

Records that included Time Goes By featuring Willie Nelson, but it failed to do well in the charts and their UK tour could not reach the heady heights of those Royal Albert Hall shows, resulting in the band heading their separate ways. But then not everything is definitive. “I think…I honestly thought it was the end of The Mavericks,” Raul says. “I thought that was it, I thought we’d had our day, I thought we had our time in the sun and it was time to move on and do other things. But life is funny that way, here we are almost ten years later and we are nowhere near done. Again I think it is that time away that perhaps puts things into perspective and it kind of gave you…well it certainly gave me an insight into what the band means to a lot of people and I learned to appreciate that and I think we all did.” As of 2012 The Mavericks are back together, reuniting Raul,

Robert, Paul, Eddie and long-time piano player Jerry Dale McFadden, now a full member of the band. “This will show him for sticking around,” Raul laughs. “It’s weird to say in front of them but it is a complete joy to be

back, we are having so much fun and it is a different kind of fun than it used to be,” Jerry adds. “I mean it was fun back then but now I feel like we appreciate it more. It is a special thing and we all now realise how special and amazing it is.” “It is great to be with Eddie, also Jerry Dale McFadden our

legendary keyboardist with us and Robert and Paul means that the old gang is back,” Raul continues. “We also have got a couple of new great players that add to the sound on stage live, it is a complete band. I honestly can tell you that I think that we sound better than we have ever sounded. We are having more

fun now than even the first time around.” “We have Michael Guerra who has been with me the last

couple of years; he is an amazing accordion player out of San Antonio. We also have Elio Giordano playing upright bass and we have two horn players, Max Abrams and Matt White. It is the same band that played on the new album.” That new album mentioned is IN TIME released exactly 20

years on from the release of their first major label album, FROM HELL TO PARADISE, but what ignited their passion to play together again as The Mavericks? “Well I think that there was no one specific reason for this happening you know, I think that probably the biggest component in making all this happen was really just the fans not letting this die down,” Raul explains. “I don’t think I have done a show anywhere as a solo artist where people didn’t come up and ask me when The Mavericks are getting back together. I think that eventually those sentiments became our own and I think when these songs were getting written and once we saw that Big Machine and Valory Music were going to be involved with The Mavericks, then it became something other than just a reunion tour to go out and play, we were going to make new music again and that was what made it interesting and at least settled it for all of us.” The new album is just pure Mavericks; exactly what fans

would want and expect from a new album by this group—a mix of party and fun alongside beautiful ballads and sad songs. All songs were written or co-written by Raul: “These songs, they were sounding just ideas or as half songs, I could tell that this was going to be a really strong Mavericks record and I think that played a big part in making this happen, because we have always been, first and foremost I think, guided by the music and this is where the music was taking us and you know it is not like I was thinking about writing a Mavericks record a year ago, this is just the way it turned out. I think furthermore, really confirming the notion that this was an organic build-up of course, it is really wonderful to see this happen and to be a part of it, almost like you are not even in it. It was and is that kind of experience.” “I think that we just try to make music from an honest place,

hopefully it translates to the listener and when people hear a song like Call Me When You Get To Heaven, or whatever else they are listening to, that emotion transcends and hopefully affects the listener in the same way that it affected us in the studio when we played it,” Raul continues. “I think everybody probably has their favourite songs for different reasons, you know. I think a favourite for me is also Call Me When You Get To Heaven, I like that track as it means a lot to me. Also Come Unto Me is a fun one, the guys will tell you what their favourites are, you know I think maybe we all have different ones.” “I love Come Unto Me a lot for obvious reasons,” Paul says.

“It is just really emotional and it has a unique intensity and it is great to be a part of it, it is just special because it has this sort of rocking energy. There are ballads on there, that when I hear them I think they as beautiful as any ballad ever written. If I stepped outside of The Mavericks and listen to Raul more objectively I think he has written a few tracks on this record that are special and some of his session work and with the band is some of his finest work to date. We are all feeling this might be our best record; that is a pretty unique thing to be able to say.” Raul then told a story behind one of the new songs:

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