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Navy News The Newspaper of the Royal Navy and The Royal Naval Association No. 40 SEPTEMBER, 1957Published first Thursday of the month

First Display by F.A.A. Pilots at Annual Flying Display and Exhibition

THE ROYAL NAVY is providing one of the high-lights of this

year's Farnborouli air display-and stealing some of the glory usually reserved for the Royal Air Force and civil test pilots. One of the thrills of the show, which goes on until September 8, comes when live red-painted Sea Hawks of the Fleet Air Arth fly in from the west, over the famous LalIan's Plain, scene of so much early

flying history in England, and give an acrobatic display each afternoon.

Over the grass where Samuel Cody solid ground instead of water beneath made his first powered flights half a them, making colourful patterns with

century ago, the five Sea Hawks, from their smoke trails, and their display,

735 Squadron, fly towards the enclo- ends with a steep climb in formation. sores at high speed and suddenly zoom a turn at the top and then a

high, trailing thick white smoke lines. burst" as the live planes sweep down Keeping close formation with all the in different directions and then flatten

line abreast yet at speeds of something ribbons of a maypole. like 600 miles an hour, the live little

calmness of destroyers steaming in out, leaving a trail of smoke like the . - Fleet Air Arm pilots who are taking part in the display organised by the Society of British Aircraft Constructors

planes sweep through their mancuvres individual demonstrations are given by more, from 825 Squadron, led by which completed very successful deck- Westland Wessex powered by a free as if held on strings by a master hand, a single Sea Hawk of 801 Squadron. Lieut.-Cdr. Ashworth. with one of their landing trials on H.M.S. Ark Royal in turbine engine, and a Whirlwind, hoih

Tht.y loop above the airfield. with Piloted h 1 icut Burki, who shows the 1550 propellors feathered, followed by July and will enter service I ocr this of which are fitted with anti-submarine capabilities of these carrier-based air-

craft in the air. Twelve Fleet Air Arm Gannets, fly-

ing in groups of four, open the Navy's display, the first ever given at a Farn-

Leading the formation are four Gan- nets of 796 Squmdton under !.ic'ut.- Cdr. Hughes, which pass with their

r - _ '-4- borough air show, with a fly-past.

four more, from 737 Squadron, under Lieut.-Cdr. Hawksworth, which start

up their second propellors as they pass over the crowds.

Finally, the Navy marks its depar- ture with the 12 Gannets, all anti-sub-

marine planes, flying over in anchor formation and out of sight. Apart from the Navy's part in the

display, many other Royal Navy planes

take part in the show. Prominent is the new Vickers Armstrongs Scimitar, a multi-purpose strike fighter now in full production for the Royal Navy and

Flown alternately by Mike Lithgow and Dave Morgan, both ex-Royal

Navy pilots, the Scimitar shows itself capable of swift manoaivres and is equipped with two Rolls-Royce Avon

jet engines. Another new plane showing its paces is the Sea Vixen, a twin-engined, tran-

sonic all-weather day and night lighter for operation from carriers or shore bases, The Sea Vixen, which first flew last March, is fitted with the Firestreak

.,ipahle of carrying an atomic weapon at transonic-just under the speed of

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Vapour trails Gannet'. fly. past in anchor formation DraftingForecast SUBMARINE COMMAND 5th Submarine Squadron, Portsmouth, Home Fleet. II.M.S. i'elcmachu.s, September 14. at

ILM.S. Tiptoe, September 15, at l)evonport, for

3rd Submarine Squadron. Rothessy. }LM.S. Sea Scout, October 21, at GENERAL

H.M.S. Sea Scout, September 6, at H.M.S. Bigbury Bay, September, at Portsmouth, for

mission, Home1South Atlantic and South America.

Rosyth, General Service Corn-

ILM.S. Turpin, September 9. at Ports- H.M.S. Bermuda will commission in mouth, for 2nd Submarine Squad-

October, for General Service Com- .


Singapore. for Australian Squadron. ILMS. Loch Killisport will corn- mission in October, for General Service Commission, Home;East

Indies. Her U.K. Base Port will be Portsmouth.

II.M.S. Porpoise (for Builders' Sea Trials). Ostober, at Barrow, for ILM.S. Puma, November. at 1)cvon-

Clyde Squadron.

H.M.S. Ambush, November 30, at for

Chatham, Squadron. Halifax, N.S. ron.

II.M.S. Alderney, December 13. at for 6th Submarine

Portsmouth Squadron, N.S.

lI.M.S. At-heron, December 5, Birkenhead. for Portsmouth Squad-


Portsmouth. for Portland Squadron. H.M.S. Concord, November. for Foreign Service. Far East Station.

port, for General Service Com- mission. Home/South Atlantic and South America.

6th Submarine II.M.S. Corunna, November, at Chat- ham, for General Service Commis-

sion. llomeMediterraneztn. U.K. Base Port, Chatham.

ILM.S. Agincourt, November, at Portsmouth, for General Service

Commission. 1-lomelediterrzinean. U.K. Base Port, Portsniouh.

mission. Home; Mediterranean. Her U.K. Base Port will be Devonport.

H.M.S. Barroia, November, at Ports- Home / Mediterranean.

mouth, for General Service Com- mission,

U.K. Base Port, Portsmouth.

ILM.S. Almein, November. at Chat- ham, for General Service Commis-

sion. Home/Mediterranean. U.K. Base Port, Chatham.

1I.M.S. 'I'enby, December, at Birken- head, for General Service Commis-

sion, Home Mediterranean. U.K. Base Port, Chatham.

II.M.S. Loch lnsh, January, at 1)evonport.

Commission. Home East U.K. Base Port, 1)evonport.

for General Service Indies.

ILM.S. Victorious, January, at Ports- mouth, for

mission, Home Mediterranean. U.K. Base Port, Portsmouth.

ILM.S. Newfoundland, January, for l-oreign Service, Far East Station.

II.M.S. Cockade, January. for Foreign Service, Far East Station,

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infra-red guided weapon w h i c h "homes" on its target. Three Royal Navy helicopters figure


homing weapons and are on order or in production for the navy, and the

senger transport helicopter which can also he converted to carry stretchers. And in addition to the planes, the

Westland Widgeon, a five-seater pas- Navy's own guided weapon. Sea Slug,

Sea Slug is a big, heavy-looking weapon boosted into the air by ramjet

engines after booster rockets, used for initial acceleration, fall away as the missile reaches supersonic speeds.

You've never had a smoother shave

is on display in the guided missile en- closure, where a total of nine types of missile are on show to the public, most for the first time. Visitors noticed that

interspersed with the aerobatics, bomb doors open. llieh come four sound--speeds. This is the machine in the display too. They are the 'dew ., -   . - .

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