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jumping, extreme sports, and operat- ing heavy machinery. I am solely re- sponsible for my actions and property while participating in, and traveling to and from, the training


Global grants support a variety of activities based on the needs of the benefiting communities or participants.

All grant-funded activity must follow the eligibility

requirements in the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants .

The grant structure is

designed to allow clubs and districts more flexibility in creating grants that will further the mission of The Rotary Foundation within the areas of focus.

 Confirm that if I engage in any type of medical practice or activity including but not limited to routine medical pro- cedures, surgical procedures, dental practice, and contact with infectious diseases, I am solely responsible (including providing for adequate in- surance) for any and all liability that may arise from my participation in this activity.

A VTT of middle school teachers

 Release RI/TRF from any liability, re- sponsibility, and obligation, either fi- nancial or otherwise, beyond providing the grant and understand that I am responsible for all costs not covered by the grant. I do hereby agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless RI/TRF from and against all claims (including, without limitation, claims for bodily injury or property damage), demands, actions, damages, losses, costs, liabilities, fines, expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees and other legal expenses), awards, and judgments asserted against or recovered from RI/TRF arising out of any act, conduct, omission, negligence, misconduct, unlawful acts, or violations of any of the terms and conditions that apply to this grant. The foregoing includes, without limita- tion, injury or damage to the person or property of RI/TRF or any third party, whether or not subject to any policy of insurance.

 Agree to participate in club and district activities as requested by my sponsors.

 Permit TRF to share my name and contact details with other vocational training teams and Rotary districts upon request. Unless I indicate otherwise in writing, by submission of the photos in connection with any report, I hereby give publication rights to RI and TRF for promotional purposes to further the Object of Rotary, including but not limited to RI and TRF publications, advertisements, and Web sites. I also authorize RI and TRF to share photos from reports with Rotary entities for promotional purposes to fur- ther the Object of Rotary.

 Confirm that if I elect to travel after the end of the training, I agree to return to my spon- soring district within four weeks after the grant is completed.

 Agree that my spouse or other family members, who are not approved members of the team, will not accompany the team during the term of the grant under any circum- stances.

 Agree to have a medical examination, completed and signed by the examining physi- cian, in order to confirm that I am fit for travel.

The laws of the State of Illinois shall govern all matters arising out of or relating to this Agreement, including, without limitation, its interpretation, construction, performance, and enforcement. Any legal action brought by either Party against the other Party aris- ing out of or relating to this Agreement must be brought in either the Circuit Court of Cook County, State of Illinois or the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Each Party consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of these courts and their re- spective appellate courts for the purpose of such actions. Nothing herein prohibits a party that obtains a judgment in either of the designated courts from enforcing the judg- ment in any other court.

A monthly feature of the Rotary Global History Fellowship (RGHF). Page 34

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