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incidental expenses while traveling.

 Understand that TRF has final au- thority to select team members. Team members or alternates may be disqualified at any time, if deemed appro- priate, at the sole discretion of TRF.

 Agree to reimburse TRF any costs I have incurred if my behavior warrants dismissal from the team.

 Certify that, if I am a member of a vocational team receiving training, I am not: (1) a Rotarian; (2) an employee of a club, district, or other Rotary entity, or of Rotary International; (3) the spouse, a lineal descendant (child or grandchild by

blood or stepchild, legally adopted or not), the spouse of a lineal descendant, or an ancestor (parent or grandparent by blood) of any person in the foregoing two categories.

 Certify that the selection committee is aware of my relationship (professional or personal) to any Rotarians sponsoring my candidature and/or any other partici- pants on the team.

 Agree to remain with the team throughout the term of the grant, except during those periods when individual time is scheduled, and will inform the team of my whereabouts at all times.

 Will maintain standards of behavior and deportment during my travels with the team that will reflect positively on Rotary, my sponsor club or district, and my country.

 Agree to refrain from engaging in dangerous activities for the entirety of the grant. I further confirm that I understand and agree to the following: I am solely responsible for my actions and property while participating in and traveling to and from grant activities.

While participating in this training, I may be involved in some dangerous activity including exposure to disease, injury, sickness, inadequate and unsafe public infrastructure, unsafe transportation, hazardous work con- ditions, strenuous physical activity, inclement weather, political unrest, cultural misunderstandings, issues resulting from noncompliance with local laws, physical injury or harm, and crime and fraud. I understand these risks and assume all risks involved with this training. I do hereby release RI/TRF from any liability, responsibility, and obligation, either financial or otherwise, beyond providing the grant.

If I, because of serious illness or injury, am unable to complete the terms of this agreement and must return home, TRF shall pay to arrange for transportation home. RI/TRF shall not assume any additional costs in- cluding the cost of any medical care or treatment, now or in the future. I shall be solely responsible for any and all costs and damages for any ill- ness, injury, or other loss (including loss of consortium and emotional loss) incurred or suffered participating in, traveling to or from the train- ing, or otherwise related to the provision of the grant.

 Agree to refrain from engaging in dangerous activities that could unnecessarily endanger or threaten the health, safety, or well-being of myself or other partici- pants. Such activities would include, but not be limited to, skydiving, bungee

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