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As a member of a Rotary Foundation Global Grant team for vocational training, I agree to the following conditions of award.


 Confirm that I have reviewed the itin- erary for the travel and training asso- ciated with this grant.

 Confirm that I will actively participate in the vocational training and work with my team as a cohesive group in order to ensure the success of the grant.

 Will take an active role in the pre- departure orientation including any necessary language and cultural training to ensure that I am knowledgeable about the country(ies) to be visited and thoroughly acquainted with the aims, objectives, and ideals of Rotary and the purpose of the vocational training to further Rotary’s mission.

 Will secure, for the duration of the trip, travel medical and accident insurance that includes the following minimum limits of benefits:

Read through this Vocational Training Team Agreement to familiarize

yourself with qualifications prior to

selecting the VTT.

 US$250,000 or equivalent for medical care & hospitalization for basic major medical expenses, including accident and illness expense, hos- pitalization, and related benefits

 US$50,000 or equivalent for emergency medical evacuation  US$50,000 or equivalent for repatriation of remains  US$500,000 or equivalent for professional liability insurance for those grant recipients who will be providing professional services

 I understand that this insurance must be valid in the country(ies) that I will travel to and visit during the duration of my participation, from the date of departure through the official end of the trip.

 Upon request, I will provide to the host sponsor, international sponsor, and The Rotary Foundation (TRF) a certificate of insurance evidencing the re- quired coverages.

 I understand that by requiring insurance herein, Rotary International (RI)/ TRF does not represent that these coverages and limits will necessarily be adequate to protect me. I should consult with an insurance professional to determine which coverages and limits will be adequate to cover me in the geographical location(s) visited.

 Understand that RI/TRF does not provide any type of insurance to the voca- tional training team member.

 Agree that all logistical arrangements relating to transportation, language train- ing, insurance, housing, passports, visas, inoculations, and financial readiness are my responsibility and not that of any Rotary club, district, RI, or TRF.

 Understand that TRF will only provide for costs directly associated with grant implementation and agree to have sufficient funds to meet my personal and

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