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Clinical Round

Sculptra’s Expanding Role in Cosmetic Practice


Dr. Hebert: The patient may not have anything in particular wrong with their skin, but may have noticed that things have changed, perhaps something to do with their skin laxity.

Dr. Tremblay: It’s for good looking people who need to stay that way.

Dr. Vleggaar: I think the younger the better, because you need less [product] and you can get quicker results because you usually have to replace less volume in younger patients.

Dr. Jang: I actually like it for the younger patient as well because I think it’s very subtle. I find the older patient a bit more of a challenge, because you


Dr. Sheldon Pollack, Toronto (chair) Dr. Scott Barr, Sudbury, Ont.

Dr. Arie Benchetrit, Montréal

Dr. Vince Bertucci, Woodbridge, Ont. Dr. Martin Braun, Vancouver Dr. Wayne Carey, Montréal Dr. Yves Hebert, Montreal

Dr. Frances Jang, Vancouver Dr. Mark Lupin, Victoria, B.C. Dr. Sheetal Sapra, Oakville, Ont.

Dr. Jean-François Tremblay, Montréal Dr. Danny Vleggaar, The Netherlands

don’t know how the skin is going to react and some people don’t respond as well.

Dr. Vleggaar: There are many options for volume replacement in younger patients. You need to know if they want results now, or in a couple of months.

Dr. Jang: When I see these patients, they’re usually attractive people. And they come in their later 30s or early 40s, usually thin, and it’s like the bloom is off. They don’t need much but they need something.

Dr. Pollack: That to me is the patient for Sculptra. I tell them, “This isn’t correcting. You’re great. You’re gorgeous. We just want to keep you that way.”

Dr. Barr: Patients who come in and say they have a high school reunion in two weeks would require a different treatment approach. Treatment with Sculptra depends on the patient’s timeline.

Dr. Sapra: I guess the best indication would be individuals who want slow, pro- gressive results, patients who don’t want any risk.

Dr. Benchetrit: Sculptra is a good choice for patients who need surgery but who are not surgical candidates. Value is the number one

concern of many patients, i.e., paying for HA every 10 months. Sculptra gets results in six months but lasts for 18 to 24 months so it offers added value.

Dr. Barr: I would consider Sculptra for older patients with crepe skin to achieve deep vol- ume, but for faster effects I would use HA because with three vials it is done. Both ways the patient needs to understand that there is a time investment and that Sculptra is nei- ther inexpensive nor immediate. But cost for cost, it is often the same.

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