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News & Views Couple get free meals for life

A couple from Radcliffe-on-Trent in the Midlands have been offered free curry for life by their favourite spice restau- rant after having eaten there three times a week for the past 28 years. Bob and Margaret Allen were the Khyber

Tandoori’s very first customers when it opened in 1984 and the pair have stayed loyal to the Leicester restaurant ever since, despite living 25 miles away. The couple, who always dine at the same time, estimate they have consumed an impressive 4,000 curries, as well as 2,000 poppadoms and naan breads, each. If correct, this would mean they have spent more than £20,000 at the restaurant. However, the Khyber’s owner Dinesh Raval has now said that Bob and Margaret will never pay for a meal again, as a sign of gratitude for their loyalty over the years.

Bob – who is 81 – commented: “In 28 years I can honestly say I have never had a bad meal. The standard has never dropped, and we’ve never gotten bored. It’s a real pleasure to go there. The cur- ries are sensational. It’s a wonderful offer by Dinesh, and we are very hon- oured. I thought he was joking at first. We will probably still try to pay, but I don’t think he will let us.”

Dinesh added: “Bob and Margaret are part of the fixtures and fittings. To offer them free curries for life was the least we could do. The place wouldn’t be the same without them.”

Chak 89 entertains the stars

Khalid, the restaurant’s owner, Johnny replied, “it’s beautiful, the food was great and it’s a lovely place”. Johnny also signed the Chak 89 wall before leaving for his next show in Leicester the following night.

London restaurant Chak 89 has enjoyed visits from a few surprise diners in recent months. Both musical maestro Adnan Sami and comedy legend Johnny Lever have been through its doors to sample the restaurant’s cooking and hospitality. Adnan Sami was in London to perform at a concert and, after a recommenda- tion from some friends in Bollywood, decided to pay Chak 89 a visit. The singer-songwriter was clearly enjoying himself, smiling and waving at guests, posing for photos and shaking hands with star-struck diners. After finishing his meal, Sami confirmed that he would

Spice Business Magazine

definitely be recommending the restau- rant to others. The singer later tweeted: “Thank you and it was fun” after signing the venue’s ‘Celebrity Wall’. Another big star, Bollywood’s funniest comedian Johnny Lever, turned up at the restaurant unexpectedly in May with an entourage of around 20 people, having just performed a show in Watford. The entertainer was in high spirits, cracking jokes and laughing with other guests. At one point he even treated diners to a few lines from his act, which had the whole room in fits of laughter.

Asked about his experience by Frank 42 Sept/Oct 2012

Another famous recent visitor to Chak 89 was the cricketer Wasim Akram, who was in London on a vacation with his family. Frank Khalid, the restau- rant’s owner managed to persuade him to have a few friendly balls of cricket outside in the car park, where he was able to demonstrate his fiery pace, even after quite a while away from the game. Afterwards, Wasim signed the Chak 89 Celebrity Wall alongside many other famous names.

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