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What Men Look for in Women

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Empathy and Understanding Men want a woman to listen to them, not someone who is far too engrossed in their own lives, or constantly moaning about their own life to spare him some time. A man will be more attracted to a woman that can empathize with him and show him the understanding that he needs, than someone who moans and nags who offers little in the way of support or appreciation.

Honesty and Loyalty Everyone man or woman wants to be in the kind of relationship where the emphasis is on honesty. No one likes the thought that they are be- ing lied to, and a man just like a woman, appreciates a loyal and honest partner. He is looking for someone that will be faithful to him, not be flirting with his friends the minute that his back is turned, and someone that will remain by his side through the ups and downs of life.

Relaxed and Easy Going Men do not like relationships that are hard work, women who are more concerned about their appearance and what other people think of them is not generally someone that he can have an enjoyable re- lationship with. Men like the kind of woman who doesn’t mind if she smudges her makeup, or her hair gets a little tousled. While personal care and appearance is important to him, he needs to know that she can relax and let her hair down and be laid back. This is especially important if they are looking for a long term relationship, as when it comes to commitment men are more attracted to the ‘girl next door’ personality than that of a glamour model.

Caring and Supportive Men like to feel that they are being cared for, while they enjoy having the status of man of the house or breadwinner, they like those little tokens of affection, small gestures that show them that they are be- ing loved and cared for. Even something mundane as having his shirt ironed for him, or finding his sandwiches made for him before he goes to work can mean as much as a grand romantic gesture. They like to know that their girl is paying attention to them and taking care of the little things that mean a lot, a woman that does everything for a man can leave him feeling suffocated and overwhelmed, but get the bal- ance right and you have a happy relationship. Men also like to know that they are being supported in their choices, whether it’s a career decision or a life decision they need to feel that you are by their side, able to offer advice when required and listening to his thoughts and reasoning objectively, and supporting him in his choices.

52 FOCUS of SWFL 2012

1. Humor Virtually there is no man who doesn't find it attractive to see a woman with a good sense of humor. After the physical ap- pearance, it is often one of the first things men will notice and appreciate. It is great to be a professional woman, but men need a little sense of humor to spice things up. Learn to laugh honestly and take things with joy to make yourself more at- tractive to men. Life is beauti- ful, enjoy it, be happy and allow yourself to reflect your plea- sure in public. 2. Intelligence A clever woman is an attractive woman, at least for most men, as not all men are attracted to "a pretty dumb doll". Many women only speak about the latest

hairstyle or the latest

Glee episode, it could be a little dull to many men. Many women only prioritize on their sexual appeal and pay little attention to their brain. In contrast, many men love to engage in intelli- gent and challenging conversa- tions with women. 3. Flexibility Maybe some man is attracted to a woman who has enough flexibility to do somersaults in the air, but they are more attracted a woman who has flexible ideas, comments and suggestions, without being too stubborn and arrogant. Men tend to have stable relationship with a woman who can adapt to the changing situations without breaking their own principles. 4. Generosity Many men rated generosity and altruism as the character- istics of an attractive woman. It shouldn't be surprising, because a generous and selfless woman is clearly capable of looking be- yond the present moment and see the needs of others. 5. Good self-esteem Men attracted to women who seem to be comfortable with themselves. In general, men prefer women who don't feel like a garbage and behave as if they are worthless and simply lack confidence in themselves. To find self-esteem, you should trust yourself, you're a woman and therefore you need to do what it takes to be attractive to a man.

6. Dynamic Impulsiveness, energy, drive and passion in a woman re- ally attract most men. Usually, it is usually a good indicator of positive self-esteem, as the woman has the energy to deal with new challenges. If you set your eyes on something, fight for it and struggle to achieve it, this would not only make you a more successful person but also make you more attractive. 7. Unique Many women with good physi- cal appearance look bland, they just behave and talk the same. Just be yourself, but add some- thing in your life that can con- vince men that you're not just an ordinary woman. 8. Spontaneous Many men do things without a plan or do things not according to the plan. Occasionally allow yourself a bit of creativity, re- lax and release all, spontaneity inside you and give him a good surprise. Things that are done spontaneously have an enor- mous capacity to be really ro- mantic, so don't hesitate to let yourself loose once in a while. 9. Motherly instinct The motherly instinct is not necessarily only for raising chil- dren, there are qualities within it that can make any woman more attractive to men. Even a young woman should be able to care, comfort, cuddle, help and support her lover. Men like to be taken care of, for example, if he catches a cold, let him lie on the sofa, put a blanket over him, give him light kisses and tell him to rest while you are preparing a hot, delicious soup. You'll be highly appreciated. 10. Tenderness Tenderness is a quality that is almost indispensable to the eyes of almost any man. This doesn't mean you have to be soft and tender all the time, but at least you should know when he needs a woman who can support him. Tenderness is a feminine quality that men love just like how women like sensitive men, you have heart and feelings, use them to win his heart.

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