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Summer 2012 Edition 22

One Voice

A warmwelcome to the Summer edition of One Voice. Jubilee fever spread across the UK andmany of you will have seen the Olympic Torch as it passed through your part of the country. One of our clients Carl Tilson had the honour of carrying it through Manchester. It really is countdown to the Olympic Games which take place later thismonth and I know some of you have been lucky enough to get tickets!

Our thoughts will then turn to The Paralympics.We are delighted to tell you that the Neuromuscular Centre has been chosen to host a “Flame Celebration Day” as part of theWest Cheshire London 2012 Paralympics Torch Relay.

In this edition you will find details of the Flame Celebration day at the NMC, information on sailing, and one client explains howmodern technology can keep us in touch with the world, something that is very important to people with disabilities. Also in this edition, we look at lowmood and the things we can do to try and lift our spirits. Anne Craig has kindly put together a great table of Entertainment treats, and there are also some ideas for holidays and days out.

Happy reading and do join us on 28th August if you can (come rain or shine) as the NMC plays its part in the Paralympic Celebrations.

Best wishes to you all and enjoy the summer, Inside

• P a r a l ymp i c T o r c h c omi n g t o NMC

• DLA i s c h a n g i n g • Us ing Technology

• NMC De s i g n a n d P r i n t

• L i f t i n g y o u r Mo o d

• Ca r e r s We e k a t NMC

Coming to NMC...

The Neuromuscular Centre is chosen to host a ‘Flame Celebration’ Day as part of The West Cheshire London 2012 Paralympics Torch Relay. See Page 3 formore information.

• E n t e r t a i nme n t T r e a t s

• S a i l i n g

• A l e g a c y f o r NMC

• S umme r B r e a k s / Da y s Ou t

• Di a r y Da t e s P r o d u c e d b y NMC De s i g n a n d P r i n t T e l : 0 1 6 0 6 8 6 3 4 6 4


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