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Maine Coastal News Volume 25 Issue 9 September 2012 FREE LOBSTER BOAT RACE SEASON WINDING DOWN - 2 LEFT

Tom Clemons' 4GIRLS leads HEATHER & ISAAC and CARRIE MELISSA in Diesel Class N at the Friendship Races on 28 July.

FRIENDSHIP, HARPSWELL, WINTER HARBOR, PEMAQUID and PORTLAND – The lobster boat racing season is beginning to wind down and now there are just two more races, Winter Harbor and Eastport on the 8 and 9 September respectively. The racing so far this season has been great with some real close fi nishes and in some cases a real battle for the fi nal year end awards.

The Friendship races, held on 28 July, had 35 boats registered for the day. At daybreak there was a little shower and remained overcast for most of the morn- ing and then the sun broke.

The big news of the morning was Sean

Lash’s SEA FLEA would not be racing. Wes Lash said that she was pushing more oil out of the engine than she was keeping in. The fi rst race of the day, Work Boat

Class A, Skiffs 16-feet and under with outboards up to 30 hp, Operator 18 years and younger, was a real battle with just feet separating their bows.

The Gasoline Classes have not been well attended this year, but there are rum- blings that this may change next year. There is nothing like the sound of a big gasoline engine as she makes her way down a harbor. There were just two boats entered, one in Class A, D & L Boatworks’ CRYBABY and Randy Durkee’s BLACK DIAMOND in Class C.

Next up was the Diesel Classes, and a

problem developed with the start boat. They did not understand how to start the racers and said, “On your mark, get set, go.”The fi rst over was Howard Gray’s BLUE THUN- DER, followed by David Grant’s EASY MONEY.” Well, on the command “go” some of the racers were not ready and when they arrived at the fi nish line they voiced their displeasure. After quickly assessing the problem the race committee decided to rerun the race. They also asked Travis Otis on FIRST TEAM if he would handle the starting duties. In the re-race the results changed and it was EASY MONEY besting BLUE THUNDER by a couple of boat lengths. When asked what they had done to EASY MONEY, they said the only thing they did was repaint her bottom. Class I, 551 to 700 hp, 28 to 35 feet, has been a real tight battle for most of the year and it was anyone’s guess who was going to win this one. As they came up the course it was close between Gary Genthner’s LISA MARIA and Chris Smith’s MISTY. The race committee made sure they were lined up with the fi nish line and as the two boats crossed there was just a few feet difference between their bows with MISTY being declared the winner. Now came the Fastest Friendship Lob- ster Boat, and there was a grudge match brewing in this one between the three Sim- mons boys, Andrew, Gregory and Keith and there was a toaster being offered to the one that came in last. As they headed up the

course it was close with Keith’s HEATHER & ISAAC leading his two brothers. As they closed on the fi nish it was obvious that Andrew’s CARRIE MELISSA would be second and Gregory’s AMY LYNN would be third, so the toaster went to Gregory. In the Diesel Free-for-All there were four boats on the line, WILD ONE, LISA MARIE 4GIRLS and FIRST TEAM. As they came up the course it was WILD ONE and LISA MARIE battling for the top spot and when they crossed the fi nish line it was WILD ONE by half a boat length with 4GIRLS third.

Five boats were entered in the Wooden Boat Race and it was going to be another real close battle between ABIGAIL & CARTER and EMILY GRACE. All year these two have battled to some of the closest fi nishes I can remember. It was EMILY GRACE followed by ABIGAIL & CARTER with MERGANSER third. In the fi nal race of the day, Fastest Lobster Boat, just two boats came to the line LISA MARIE and 4GIRLS and it was LISA MARIE taking the title.

The next day it was on to Harpswell. When I arrived at Interstate Lobster Co-op the weather was not looking very nice. The forecast was for showers and for most of the day these were off and on. Over the years, Work Boat Class B has been dominated by David Noyes’ ZIPPY, but today was not going to be his day. As

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nine boats made their way up the course the winner was Lindsay Strout’s CLUSTA with ZIPPY second.

There were six boats entered in the

Wooden Boat Race. ABIGAIL & CARTER easily went on for the win, with second going to Alan Dugas’ GRASSHOPPER followed by Gary Hatch’s QUEEN’S LADY. There were only three boats entered in the Gasoline Classes. There was one in each, Class A, CRY BABY; Class B, Hank Thorburn’s ISLE OF SKYE ; and Class C, BLACK DIAMOND. In Diesel Class A the gauntlet had been thrown down as EASY MONEY came down from Searsport to face off against BLUE THUNDER, but BLUE THUNDER did not make an appearance. Three boats were on the line and the win went to EASY MONEY, with LYNN MARIE second and QUEEN’S LADY third. With the win going to EASY MONEY this will make for some interesting racing the rest of the year for the year end awards. There was guaranteed to be another big battle in Class I and one just wondered who did what and how far they would go for the victory. The three boats that came to the line, MISTY, Chip Johnson’s THREE STARS and WILD ONE. It was close as they approached the fi nish line, and it was MISTY by a boat length with THREE STARS second and WILD ONE third.

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