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One of the perks of writing a book about sound medical solutions to common health complaints is that I have an opportunity to reach so many people from so many places on the globe.

In the release of my latest

book, The Blood Sugar Solution, I have been inspired by countless tales of the human body’s empowered healing from the debilitating effects of insulin resistance and unruly inflammation in each system of the body.

I feel such joy every time I hear feedback from a reader or a patient about his or her success on the pro- gram.

It’s not egotistical joy necessarily, although my

passion for Functional Medicine certainly fills me with happiness. Rather, it’s pure gratitude for your willing- ness to make an effort at restoring your health by hon- oring the most natural and basic laws of the human body.

Remove unnecessary stressors, seek balance and strive for enjoyment on your ever-changing quest for health and vitality.

While most of you will undoubtedly experience remark- able recovery for your enthusiasm of life via improved health and even complete disease reversal, some of you will get stuck. Try as hard as you might to follow my recommendations precisely, to miss not one work- out, to take each supplement I sug- gest and even set up appointments with your local Functional Medi- cine provider - something inside of you simply won’t budge.

Listen to Dr. Hyman on CYACYL

Maybe you’re still tired? Experiencing brain fog? Feeling anxious or de- pressed? Unable to get your blood sugars down? I’ve heard it all. Yet the most emotion


and frustration tends to come from those people who are striving to lose weight.

Weight gain and stubborn weight loss are often symp- toms of something deeper occurring beneath the sur- face in a body and mind miscommunication. My pro- grams often allude to weight loss as an added benefit but not necessarily the primary task.

This is because weight is like a secret message the body uses to alert us to the inflammation burning within. While it isn’t always pretty and certainly is not always healthy, there is much wisdom in its message.

If we listen carefully, our body speaks to us and pro- vides us with the exact information we need in order to reach our individual health goals. I realize that for many of you, achieving your weight loss goal is your #1 priority and until you succeed, it may be difficult to see that weight, in some ways, is merely a symptom.

So let’s dive into this and talk about how you can use your own body to magically transform your entire rela- tionship with food and outlook on life!

Slow Down, Tune In And Let Go

In 1975, Herbert Benson released his groundbreaking work on the effects of stress on the body in his book called, The Relaxation Response.

It’s no wonder this

Harvard-trained cardiologist has touched the lives of millions world-wide with his pioneering mind-body medicine.

While stress is natural, it is the way in which we handle stress that tends to predict health out- comes. Studies reveal that the more we can engage our parasympathetic nervous system, the healthier we will be. Under this state, the body can effectively rest and digest.

This time of repair and renewal allows us to automati- cally harmonize the systems of our body to work to- gether and balance the seven keys to ultra wellness. Conversely, when the sympathetic nervous system is chronically engaged we exist in a constant state of stress that has ultimately led to the current epidemic of stress-related chronic diseases.

Consider there is a continuum of stress and relaxation

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