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Since 1991, Midlands Air Ambulance Charity has received vital donations from one loyal and unfaltering supporter.

Providing invaluable contributions for 21 years, Freemasons from across the six counties MAAC serves, have helped to ensure that MAAC is able to save lives every day.

The Freemasons’ Grand Charity supports Air Ambulance charities across the UK to ensure they can remain operational and deliver a life-saving service.

Freemasonry began its commitment to charitable support nearly 300 years ago and today Masonic Grants support the important work of national charities of all sizes, in medical research; support for vulnerable people; youth opportunities; hospice services; air ambulance services and disaster relief worldwide. This support is in excess of £9 million annually making Freemasonry one of the largest Charities in the UK.

Air Ambulance charities across England and Wales have received funding and donations totalling over £1 million from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity since 2007. MAAC has been fortunate enough to be the recipient of nearly £400,000 since 1991 from the Grand Charity and from regional Freemasonry.

As one of the oldest Air Ambulance Charities in the UK, MAAC has formed and maintained strong relationships over the last 21 years, with Masonic Provinces, individual Lodges and with the Grand Charity.

Every Freemason in the country makes annual contributions to the Freemasons’ Grand Charity which then disburses grants to organisations like MAAC. At the same time, local Lodges and groups of Lodges make their own grants.

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is entirely funded from donations; the support from each Lodge is vital in maintaining the service. Contributions to MAAC go towards running costs and signifi cant infrastructure builds.

In 2011 the opening of the new crew accommodation at Tatenhill Airbase was made possible largely thanks to a major donation from the Mark Master Masons of Staffordshire.

While celebrating 21 years of life saving service, a number of grants have recently been awarded to MAAC. In June 2012 the Provincial Grand Master for Staffordshire, Dr


‘Sandy’ Stewart T.D., visited RAF Cosford to present a cheque for the sum of £4000, on behalf of the Province. Not long afterwards, Peter Taylor, Provincial Grand Master for Shropshire visited RAF Cosford to present a cheque for the same amount.

At the annual meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire, Rodney Smallwood, Provincial Grand Master presented Midlands Air Ambulance Charity with grants totalling in excess of £50,000 from the Masons of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. This was in addition to a grant of £12,000 delivered by the three Provinces on behalf of The Grand Charity. This donation was part of over £1 million donated by the Grand Charity since 2007 to air ambulances and similar rescue charities throughout England and Wales to support life-saving services.

Jason Levy, Fundraising Director of MAAC said; “Freemasonry has always been and continues to be, one of the biggest single contributors of funds to MAAC. We cannot emphasize enough our thanks to each Province and the Grand Charity for its generosity”.

Jason added; “We felt it important to recognise the contributions made by Lodges and we are proud to display the Masonic Square & Compasses logo on the tail fi ns of our three helicopters when they take to the air on mercy missions”.

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