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The last academic year was bursting with fundraising events across the region. Staff, pupils and parents joined together and we have given them A+ for their hard work!

Our education initiative provides schools and colleges with the opportunity to meet aircrew and fi nd out about the charity’s lifesaving work.

Midlands Air Ambulance airlifts on average 200 young people each year and so our aircrew like to offer valuable safety lessons to keep children as safe as possible.

Our fundraisers have an active role in their communities educating youngsters through an Interactive assembly, teaching our supporters of the future about the work we do. Children can try on paramedic fl ying suits, coats and helmets and pupils get the chance to learn about the

Charity and the work we do through use of our interactive helipod and Mascot MAAC.

The charity’s education programme can offer your school:

• Ideas on satisfying OFSTED requirements through fundraising.

• Media support to help to raise the profi le of the school and publicise your events.

• A Fundraising Manager to make sure your school, children and charity gain the most from the partnership.

• Ideas on how to fundraise in new and innovative ways, making it as fun and educational as possible for pupils and linking ideas into the curriculum.

How far is your school from our airbases? Why not ask your teacher if you can organise a fun day and you could visit our base! For more information how your school can get involved visit our website www.midlandsairambulance. com or call 0800 8 40 20 40.

Fibbersley Park Primary school

Pupils at Fibbersley Park Primary school have raised £3061.36. Regular readers may remember survivor Joshua Dudley, a pupil at the Willenhall school who was involved in a horrifi c road accident in April 2011. His teachers and friends wanted to show their support and raised the money through various fundraising events at the school.

Have you been airlifted? We want to hear from you! MAA would like to

create an archive of children’s missions for our 21st Anniversary.

If you are under 18 we would like to

hear your story. Contact the press offi ce on 0800 8 40 20 40 or email


Pinvin Pre school

Pinvin Pre school in Worcester, visited the air ambulance to hand over £40.40 after teachers organised a sponsored silence! Believe it or not, 20 children, aged from two to four years were silent for fi ve minutes

Teacher Jane Hayes said; “The base visit was amazing. The children really enjoyed getting up close to the helicopter. The experience is something that they will remember and when they see it fl ying above they will know what it is and the work you do. Thank you for a fantastic day it was enjoyed by everyone.”

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