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to be promoted Rear Admiral and to be Chief of Staff (Operations) Fleet, Flag Officer Submarines and Commander Submarine Forces East

Appointments Commodore N. S. R. Kilgour

Submarine Forces North. In suc- cession to Rear Admiral R. P. Stevens. Sept. Commodore P. R. Davies to be promoted Rear Admiral and to be Flag Officer

Atlantic and

Rectruiting as well as Chief Executive Naval Recruiting and Training Agency in succession to Rear Admiral J. Chadwick. July 31.

Training and Capt I. Moncrieff to be CO

HMS Endurance. June 19. Capt T. A. Cunningham to be

CO HMS Fearless. April 4. Cdr D. C. W. Balston to be CO

HMS Roebuck. Aug. 7. Lt Cdr R. P. Dunn to be CO

CO HMS Turbulent. Aug. 28. Lt Cdr A. J. James to be CO

HMS Vengeance (Port). Aug. 20. Cdr A, M. McKendrick to be

HMS Turbulent. May 8. Lt J. C. Clay to be CO HMS Example. April 24. Lt L. H. Lacy to be CO HMS Explorer. April 24.

No more 'Points'

WITH the full introduction of selective promotion for all non-artificer/technician junior rates from April 1, advancement rosters no longer exist from that date. As detailed in RN

Defence Council Instruc- tion 20/01, Forms B13 and Promotion Orders also cease to exist on introduc- tion of new Promotion Draft Orders and Promotion Confirmation Certificates. Therefore 'Points' rosters will no longer be published in Navy News.

Swop drafts

fied), HMS Invincible, BFPO 308, drafted HMS Ark Royal, April 26. Will swop for any Portsmouth ship not deploying. LCH Currier, 6E Stbd Mess, HMS

WOM(C)1 McKenna (COMPOP quali-

tor/Warfare Branch co-ordinator), HMS Gloucester, BFPO 289 - deploying Far East March 19 for seven months. Will swop for any Type 42 not deploying. WOM(AW)1 Jillian Carroll, HMS

277. deploying May. Will swop for any Portsmouth ship not deploying, and can accept LOM(C) billet. SA A. Lund, 2S(P) Mess, HMS

BFPO 249, drafted CFM (H4 Chippys), May 15. Will swop for any Portsmouth shore draft. LRO Lawson. HMS Edinburgh, BFPO

Edinburgh, BFPO 277. deploying May. Will consider any ship not deploying before Sept. POMEM(M) Williams (hull), HMS

Coventry, BFPO 259, deploying July. Will con- sider any Devonport or south-west shore draft over 10 months. POCA Evereon. HMS Nelson (HMNB

Portsmouth ext 22163). drafted HMS Nottingham. July 30 (deploying March 2002). Will swop tor any Portsmouth ship not deploy-

HMS Marlborough, BFPO 333 or tel 07979 851821. Ship deploying. Will consider any Portsmouth ship not deploying. LSTD Slater. HMS Heron (01935 drafted HMS Newcastle

LOM(C) Dinsdale (DV billet), 3 Mess. 456155),

(Portsmouth). July 2. Will swop for any Plymouth ship.

RATINGS seeking to swop drafts must meet the requirements of BR14, article 0506. All applications must be made on Form C240 to NOD, Centurion Building.

GRANVILLE JUSTIN on February 25th died suddenly after a short illness, aged 27, Your bravery an example to us all.

Now your pain and suffering has gone. Our love everlasting Mum, Dad, Marcus and Rachel.

Funeral Monday March 5th at 2.45pm, all welcome at the thanksgiving service at St. Nicholas church H.M.S. Drake followed by private cremation. No

flowers please, donations in lieu made payable to Ward 23 North Staffordshire Hospital N.H.S. Trust may be sent to; Walter Parson, Riverside, Costly Street, Ivybridge, Devon PL21 ODE Tel. (01752) 690909

Royal, BFPO 212 (in refit, tel 9335 63585), will swop for any Type 42 deploying or not. CPO(M) P. Butterfield (Sea Dart direc-

Illustrious, BFPO 305, will swop for any Portsmouth ship not deploying. MEM1 Hartersley (Scale B). HMS Ark

7 Officer promotions

• HMS Blake was accepted for service in 1961.

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NAVY NEWS looks back through its pages to recall some of the April head- lines of past decades ...

40 years ago __

PRINCESS Margaret had launched the guided missile destroyer HMS Hampshire at John Brown's shipyard on Clydebank. The frigate HMS Eskimo was launched at Cowes and the cruiser HMS Blake had been accepted into service. Forty ships had taken part in Commonwealth

joint exercises in the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. They included warships from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India and Pakistan.


Dorchester Hospital. Feb. 22.____ Vice Admiral Harry George De Wolf

Mne Mark Gordon Prottey, RM Poole, at

CBE, DSO. DSC. Chief of Naval Staff Canada 1956-60 WW2 destroyer CO including HMCS Haida (Normandy campaign 1944 - DSO, DSC), Assistant Chief of Naval Staff 1944-47. CO of Canada's first aircraft carrier, HMS Magnificent, and Senior Canadian Naval Officer Afloat. Flag Officer Pacific Coast 1948- 50, Vice Chief of Naval Staff 1950-52, Chairman of Canadian Joint Staff Washington 1953-55. Dec., aged 97 Capt Hardress Llewellyn (Harpy) Lloyd

(1971), Tiger, Nelson (dental). Dec. 27, aged 63.

HMS Duke of York Association. Feb. 4, aged 80.

Duke of York Association. Dec. 9, aged 73 Dennis O'Brien, ex-SEA, member of

Peter Tarrant. ex-LS, member of HMS

Belfast, Jufair. Rooke, Intrepid. Loch Fada. Member of Loch Fada Association. Feb. 13, aged 71. A. Chas Lord, member of Algerines

Reg Keep, ex-Sgt RM. Ships: Devonshire,

CBE, DSC, WW2 Coastal Forces CO, served 1931-66. Appointments: Frobisher, Delhi, MTB 06 (CO) member of 1st MTB Flotilla at Malta - sank in gale, Hornet, Beehive , CO 4th MTB Flotilla in MTB 34 (MID) and MTB 30 (DSC); Vernon (Torpedo Branch course), Jackdaw. Colossus, Zephyr, Myngs, Barrosa (CO), Striker (CO), Meon (CO), Tiger (CO), Vernon (CO), Commodore Amphibious Warfare Far East. Joined Plessey Marine to promote sales of anti-subvmarine equipment. Aged 83 Capt Paul Jeffrey Bootherstone DSC.

Association (Freda). Nov. 27. Robert C. Garrard, member of Algerines

Association (Bramble). Jan. 12. Charles H. Swallow, member of Algerines

Association (Michael, Magicienne). Jan. 2. Thomas William Bultitude, member of

Algerines Association (Hare). Feb. 2. Dave (Pip) Lemon. ex-MEM1 National

CO of HMS Arrow in Falklands War. Served 1956-92 first as Seaman officer then as fixed- wing pilot flying from HM ships Hermes, Centaur and as flying instructor. Other appointments included: Brinton (CO), Ambuscade, Dept Naval Air Warfare, staff of Naval Secretary, Battleaxe (CO), RNAS Culdrose (CO) 1987-89, Naval Adviser to to High Commissioner in Ottawa 1990-92. Secretary and Chief Executive of Masonic Samaritan Fund, Freeman of City of London, member of Fletchers Livery Company, mem- ber of Association of RN Officers. March 1, aged 62 (of heart attack while skiing in Austria). Thanksgiving Service at St Paul's Church, Bedford Street, WC2 at 3.30 on April 26.

Illustrious, BFPO 305, will swop for any Portsmouth Type 42 deploying or not. MEM Balderston, 3N Mess, HMS Cardiff,

1937-72 in Ganges (joined as Boy Seaman), Ramillies, Shikari, Resource, Cossack (Altmark Incident), Pembroke, Golden Eagle (Dunkirk), Gpathland (D-Day), Diadem, Lynx, Belfast, Diamond, RN Staff College Greenwich and as Deputy Captain of Port Portsmouth. Past vice president of Kent branch of RBL, former secretary 1st Destroyer Flotilla Association, and associated with Chatham RN Gunnery

Association, HMS Ganges Association, Norfolk Division and RNA. Aged 79.

Instructors Constance Pearn, served in WRNS 1941-

Portsmouth Field Gun team member (twice) and trainer Played football for Combined Services Ships included Fearless, Illustrious, Brazen, Temeraire. Sultan. After leaving RN joined P&O Ferries at Portsmouth March 1 aged 44 Sir Charles Fletcher-Cooke QC. served

45. As secretary to Capt Baker-Cresswell, served at sea in the large motor yacht HMS Philante in WW2 at the height of the Battle of Atlantic, and was awarded the Atlantic Star. Feb. 21, aged 82. Leigh (LT) Tongue. ex-Stoker and former

Cdr John William Goulder MBE, served

Serviceman 1953-55. Ships: Raleigh, Warrior (Korea). Feb. 14, aged 69. Johnny Bridge, ex-LS gunner, served 1938-1950S. Ships included Firedrake, Warspite. WW2 veteran of Atlantic. Narvik, Mediterranean, D-Day, Pacific, Indian Ocean. Member of HMS Firedrake and HMS Warspite Associations. Feb. 8, aged 82. Cyril (Nobby) Clark, ex-AB (HSD). Ships:

Firedrake, Kittiwake. Nemesis. Member of HMS Firedrake Association. Feb. 9. aged 88. Percy Smith, ex-Sig RNZN Member of

Ships: Gloxonia, Norfolk, Serene. Member of HMS Serene Association. Feb. 4 in Johannesburg, S. Africa, aged 91. Tom Iddon. Ships included HMS Magpie.

HMS Serene Association (served on board 1945). Jan 31 in Onerahi, NZ, aged 83. George W. Lovett, ex-CPOO COXN.

Founder member of HMS Magpie Association and member of Capt Walker's Old Boys Association. Feb. 12. Jim Dawson, ex-SA. Ships included HMS

Auckland. Jan. 31. Mervyn Ashley, ex-Sto. Ships included

HMS Auckland. Feb. George Rose. ex-AH, served 1956-58.

Member of Aircraft Handlers Association. ten Jarvis, ex-Sto serving in BYMS and

MMS vessels. Standard bearer York branch RN Patrol Service Association. Reginald Bebbington, survivor HMS

79. Service: Cassandra, Bulwark, Adamant, Maidstone, Raleigh and RN Hospitals Hong Kong, Bighi, Plymouth. Jan. 31, aged 64. Tony (Ginge) Wake, ex-CPO(E)1 Mech,

WW2 in Naval Intelligence. Lt Cdr RNVR. US Naval Intelligence liaison officer in USA 1943: Cabinet Office as Admiralty's representative on Joint Intelligence Staff. Conservative MP Darwen (Lanes.) 1951-83, delegate to Assembly of Council of Europe 1954-55, MEP 1977-79, Chairman of One Nation group and of Conservative Legal Affairs Committee 1979-83. Aged 86. Sir Michael Grylls, RM lieutenant 1952-

1932-56. Ships: St Vincent, St Angelo. Blanche, Winchester, Ebbtide Courageous. Ark Royal, Excellent, Victory. Pembroke (for pilot training), Amazon, Orlando. Sakin. Arbury, Comus, Gamecock, Saintes. Member of HMS Comus Comrades. Feb. 16. aged 84. Geoff Mason. Rolls-Royce Aero Engines representative with RN for 20 years, covering RN air stations Culdrose, Portland and Prestwick. Oct 30. aged 61. George W. Svenson. ex-L/Tel submariner,

served 1954-78. Ships: Ark Royal, Galatea, Daedalus (829 NAS aicraft engineer instruc- tor). Later worked for Laker Airways, Bristow Helicopters, British Caledonia, Airbus and as BA Engineering Sales Manager (N. America). Kenneth MacDonald. ex-CPO, served

WW2. Boats included Turbulent, Talent, Artemis. Feb. 18, aged 78. John Draper, chairman of HMS Cumberland and HMS Sparrow Associations. March 5. Ronald Card, ex-Seaman in RN Patrol

55, seeing active service in Egypt. Conservative MP for Chertsey 1970-74 and for North West Surrey 1974-97. Chairman of Conservative Trade and Industry Committee 1981-97 and Small Business Bureau 1979- 97. Feb. 7, aged 66. Lt Cdr Anna Tail Kettles RD and Bar

RN for 24 years including WW2 in Mediterranean. Former treasurer Guernsey Football Association, Guernsey RNA, RMA and RBL. Jan. 11, aged 79. Eric Pendrey, ex-AB, served 1943-45 in

West Cheshire branch of British Korean Veterans Association. Served as padre with Parachute Regt (wounded at Arnhem). Later served with RN in Korean War in HM ships Belfast, Ceylon, Ocean. Parish priest at St Winefride's RC Church, Neston until retire- ment. Feb. 9. Joe Reeves, ex-CPOMA, served 1957-79, including RNH Haslar, Ganges, St Angelo

Canon Briscoe OBE, chaplain of Wirral &

Kelly. In Spain, Jan. Ralph Hover, ex-CPOMA, served 1954-

22 years and was HMS Coventry survivor in Falklands War. Other ships included Berwick, Blake. Tartar, Antrim, Intrepid. Feb. 17. aqed 58.

Keith Blenkharn. ex-CPO REM. served

HMS Penelope Association (served in ship 1942-44)

George Harrison. ex-POSA Member of

Boats included H33. Storm, Affray. Life mem- ber and founder member Australia branch of Submariners Association. March 7, aged 78. Marie Conway Scott (nee Connolly), ex-

Eric Theedom. ex-PO LTO submariner.

WRNS SBA. Trained and worked at Portsmouth and HMS Harrier (1949-51).


Otway, Shark. Penn, Royal Albert, President, Drake. Lt Cdr G. W. Bolton MBE, DSC Served:

Hornbill. Lt Cdr D. H. B. Barren DSC, MNI. Served

Lt CdrT. C. Andrews. Served: Sanderling,

Orion. Minerva. Capt M. F. S. Burn RM. Served: Calcutta,

Argonaut, Pembroke, Liverpool, Excellent, Neptune. Lt (E) M. G. Bunn. Served: Ark Royal,

Cleopatra, Ganges. Cdr J. Carmalt-Jones. Served: Iron Duke.

Redpole, Britannia, Torquay, Manxman, Tyne, Sultan, Cochrane. Lt Cdr (E) R. A. Cummings Served: Tyne, Pellew, Tamar,

President, MOD. Lt Cdr (E) Cheffings BEM. Served: Forth.

Cochrane, Neptune. Capt (S) C. A. Douds QBE. Served:

Kenya, Collingwood,

Norfolk. Simbang, Terror, Vidal, Victorious, Saker. Cochrane, Daedalus, Warrior, Neptune. Cdr (S) W. H. Field OBE, DSC. Served:

Norfolk, Cossack, Naiad, Pembroke, Glory, Condor, Newcastle, President, Daedalus, Cochrane. Lt Cdr M. A. J. J. Hanrahan. Served:

Venerable, Malta, Apollo, Indefatigable, Sea Eagle, Londonderry.

Hawkins, St Vincent, Norfolk. Devonshire, Tenacious, St James, President. Tamaki. Lt S. H. Wragg. Served: Siskin. Falcon,


Thomas Bernard Jones. Runcorn. Ships: Cumberland, Dainty, Crane. Euryalus. Member of HMS Crane Association. Aged 67. Louis Malone. founder member and com-

mittee member Caerphilly. Ex-LCK Ships included Barbastelle. Centaur, Ark Royal Feb 11, aged 66. Raymond Gibling. Colchester Ships

Ex-RMLI and RN. Aged 96. S/Lt Alec B. Gilroy SAN & RN. Princes Risborough. Served 1942-46. Ships: Birmingham, Burdock. 42 Escort Group (N. Atlantic), Excellent. D-Day veteran. Aged 76. Leslie Harwood, Portsmouth. Feb. 16. Joan Pluthero, Ferndown. Ex-WRNS.

Service 1942-46 on E. Coast convoys, HMS Lord Plender and BYMS 2052. Aged 76.

Schools refilled

RNR. Served in Tay Div. RNR 1961-92. Retired NHS technologist. Feb. 25. Al Lambourne, ex-CPO COXN, served in

HMS Orion. Member of HMS Orion Association. Nov. 3, aged 75.

TO IMPROVE the link between the Navy's hydrographic/meteoro- logical specialisation and the schools which teach the subject, their names have been changed. The RN Hydrographic School is

now the RN Hydrographic and Meteorological School (Drake) or RN HM School (Drake). The RN School of Meteorology and Oceanography is now the RN HM School (Culdrosc); and the Applied

Meteorological Centre is now the Tactical HM Section (Dryad).

Oceanography and

Feb. 25. John Andrews, Bude and formerly

included Breakmore. Hotspur. Veteran of Russian convoys. Feb. 13. aged 75 Arthur Elliss. vice president Maidstone

Ganges, Victory, President, RNH Plymouth. Cdr D. F. Townsend OBE. Served:

Hercules, Fisgard, Forth, Osprey, Dolphin. Capt J. R. Odendaal MBE. RM. Wardmaster Lt N. Sansom. Served:

Victorious, Furious, Begum, RNAS Colombo. Lt Cdr (E) D. E. Morris Served: Mauritius,

Lt Cdr P. F. S. King. Served: Courageous, Zip PO Lighters

with your crest Minimum order 50

founder member Stoke-on-Trent & District. Feb 28. aged 89

Hamworth. Ex-WRNS 1942-46 Alfred Mollart Reeves, vice president and

Joan Pluthero. Ferndown and formerly

District. Ex-AB, served 1938-53 and then as Sea Cadet instructor Ships: Caledonia. Jackal, landing craft (D-Day), Seymour, Illustrious and shore base in S. Africa. March 1, aged 77

Frederick Jackson Smith. Carlisle & Tom Lister, Harwich & District. Ships

included HMS Diadem. Member of HMS Diadem Association. Feb. 10.

Wilf Burke. Huddersfield. Ex-CPO, served

1928-50. Service included: Concord, Berwick, Scorpion, Triton, Olna, Illustrious. March 4, aged 91.

District RNA Club Ex-RM bandsman and stan- dard bearer Bletchley branch of RM Association. Feb. 18.

Kenneth Catlow. treasurer Bletchley &

WW1, including HMS King George V in home Fleet. March 12, aged 101

Ships: Jewel, Illustrious. Vanguard. Penelope. Charlie Hayes. Cork & County. Ex-CPO. Albert Hardy, Calne Ex-Sto who served in

Richard White, Cork & County Ex-CPO

Burma Star veteran, in HMS Akron at liberation of Singapore. Aged 77.

March 17. Roy Manners, former chairman and presi-

Herbert Goddard. Lydd & Dungeness.

dent Bude. March 5. aged 70. W. H. (Harry) Bagg, former chairman

Birmingham (Sheldon). Served 1941-46. Ships included Howe (Pacific), Nelson. March 5, aged 79

Richard (Jim) Caswell. Calne Ex-CERA 30 years ago

ONE WOMAN was among the 400 ratings to be advanced to the new rate of Fleet Chief Petty Officer. She was CWREN (Stores) Beatrice May Willis who joined the Navy in 1947. HMS Dreadnought had become the first British submarine to break surface at the North Pole. Her patrol took her 1,500 miles under the ice, and she collected scientific data before returning.

20 years ago

ONE of the Navy's best-known landmarks for the previous 50 years, the China Fleet Club in Hong Kong, was to be demolished. The valuable water- front site would be re-occupied by a multi-storey block, several floors of which would accommodate the new club. The Second Frigate Squadron was disbanded.

PROMOTIONS to Lieutenant Commander RN and Major RM effective October 1 this year:


Dunn. Lt S.R Gough, Lt TC. Green, Lt L.A. Gritt, Lt J.P Howe. Lt A.T.F. Kerr, A/Lt Cdr J. Kerr, Lt R.D. Lintern. Lt J. McKernan, Lt M.P. Metcalfe BEM, A/Lt Cdr P.G.A. Noblett. A/Lt Cdr C.J. Nugent. Lt P.P. Reid. Lt PS. Roberts. A/Lt Cdr S Roberts, Lt A Rogers. Lt K Rowlands. Lt N.J Smith. Lt K.A. Turner, Lt A.B West. Lt G.J. Wilson

AIR Lt J P Bowers. Lt S E. Brunsden-Brown. Lt

A.D. Clink, Lt R.T.M. Deverson. Lt J Duncan. A/Lt Cdr R.A. Eatwell. Lt R.A. Forster. Lt MA Graham. A/Lt Cdr N.R. Griffin, Lt P.P. Hannigan. Lt M.W Hanrahan. Lt G.G Jaggers. Lt A.R Knight. A/Lt Cdr M.P Liggins, Lt B.J Nicholas. Lt G.A. Richardson. Lt J.S Scivier. Lt R.N. Sneddon. A/Lt Cdr R.B. Tattersall. Lt N E. Weightman, Lt D.R. Westley. Lt C.B. Yelland

ENGINEERING Lt J A.L. Baggaley. Lt A.N. Bannister. Lt

D.L. Barrett, Lt D.J. Cox. Lt L Crawford, Lt K.J. Cunnane, Lt S.P. Davies. Lt M.D. Dewsnap. Lt N.B. Dunsby. Lt S Evans, Lt J.L. Farrington. Lt R.T.A. Hancock, Lt G.P Hooper, Lt B.B. Horwell, Lt. M.J. Johnson, Lt PH. Lake, Lt M.P. Langrill, Lt D.J. Leaning, Lt R. Metcalf. Lt

I Mills, Lt S.D. Mitchell. Lt J.N. Morgan-Hosey, Lt B.J. Mountjoy, Lt A.R. Phillips, A/Lt Cdr N.A. Rowan, Lt C.M. Stanham, Lt PL. Stobie. Lt SJ Taylor, Lt D.G. Walsh, Lt S.R Walton, Lt A.D. Wray. Lt J A. Wroblewski.

TM/IS Lt D.M.L Baines. Lt K.D. Hutton, Lt J.E.

Procter, Lt E.K.B Wharrie SUPPLY BRANCH

Lt M.C. Cottis, Lt AT Fearnley. Lt PA

Jackson. Lt MM. Knowles. Lt M.G Melville- Brown, A/Lt Cdr J.B Ryan Lt I.K. Taylor, Lt D.W.A. Walker. A/Lt Cdr A.W. West, Lt D.M. Wilman. Lt M.A.H. Woollen

MEDICAL SERVICES A/Lt Cdr I.M. Phillips. A/Lt Cdr T.J. Ryder.

A/Lt Cdr P Simpson, A/Lt Cdr R.A. Stead. ROYAL MARINES

Capt G W Fraser. A/Major G.E. Green, Capt W.F. Hannah. A/Maj A.P. Kelly.



rules concerning return of service and other promotion regulations.

rights promulgated in BR8373 Art 3211. Those selected are to note BR8373 for

Promotions to Chief

Its training role would be extended to other ves- sels for a week or two at a time, so freeing the frigates of the squadron for operational use.

AUTHORITY was issued by Commodore Naval drafting in March for the following to be advanced: To CCWEA - M.J. McCormick (Upholder TRG Team), A. Roberts (Spartan). R.

Whittington (Ocean), I. Williams (SSA/Capt. MCTA).


Yeovilton), C.A. Bowen (ES Air MASU Sea), J.L. Norman (RNAS Yeovilton), C.M. Roddy (829 Fit 244). S.M Walling (815 Fit 239).

To CPOCT - I.E. Wilson (JSSU Oakley). To CPOAEA(L) - SJ. Mallaby (RFANSU). To CPOAEA(M) - R.A Adams (RNAS

To CPOAEA(R) - S.A Hole (899 Sqn

CBP(DLO). M.A. Dear (CFM Portsmouth). A.J. Robinson (Vanguard Port), A.D. Smith (CFM Portsmouth).

Heron), A.C. Wood (829 Fit 218). To CPOMEA -

I Aisbitt (Drake

J.C. Wnght (Gloucester). WEAPON ENGINEERING

To CPOWEM(R) (Collingwood). SUPPLY



Culdrose), C. Davis (824 NAS), I.G. Betts (849 Sqn B Fit)


SAR), S.R.J. Lewis (824 NAS), C.S. Hicks (RNAS Culdrose).

Garnham (Fearless), M.K.S. Clifford (RNAS Culdrose), J.R. Young (815 Sqn. HQ).


W. Goodall (Victorious Port). To CPO(SSM) - J.C. Wilkinson (Tireless).

To CPO(SSMKO) - J.R. Ulke (Turbulent), To CPOA(AH) - S.Dando (846 Sqn). K. - D. McCormick - ST

Port), A.K. Smith (CFM Portsmouth). To CPOWEA - M.F. Carins (Collingwood),

To ACPOMEA - G.S. Mayes (Vanguard Jones

Lt T.W Aldwinckle. Lt D.J. Knight. Selections took account of reserved


Chatham, Brentwood, Southend. Ships included HMS Constance. Feb. 26. Tom Sayer, Colchester. Ex-GI. Ships:

Ex-LEM, served 1949-63. Ships: Contest, Torquay, Vigo, Carysfort, Hardy. Jan. 28, aged 68.

Noel Sherwood, secretary Launceston.

served 1938-53. Ships: Ganges, Maori, Brilliant, Western Isles. J. Clay, Capenhurst. Ex-RM Kenneth Charles Sansom, Bloxwich.

Peter Charles John, Crewe. Ex-LS,

1944-50 including minesweepers. St Edmundsbury local authority councillor and former Mayor. Jan. 28, aged 74. Johannes (John) Ditmer. Bury St

Edmunds, ex-Royal Netherlands Navy who escaped to UK when Germans invaded Low Countries 1940. Then served in RN. Aged 78. Charles Heptinstall Brentwood Also

member of RN Patrol Service Association Feb. 11.

Served 1938-54. Ships included Liverpool and minesweepers. Feb. 16. Bill Cowley, Bury St Edmunds. Served

Ganges, Arethusa, Kenya, Warspite. Feb. 22, aged 78.

For full details complete the coupon below and send to:

ZIPPO UK LTD. Unit 27, Grand Union Centre, 336B Ladbroke Grove, London W10 SAS Tel: 020 8964 0666 Fax: 020 8968 0400

Please send me full details about how to obtain Zippo lighters with my Ships crest NAME

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