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September 2012—

in the past and defi nitely wanted to move somewhere where “the only thing being shoveled was sunshine.” I can relate. They were snowbirds for a few years but eventually decided to sell their home in Michigan and move to Sun Lakes full-time. Since the next door neighbor ended up purchasing their home in Michigan, it led them to believe that some things are meant to be. Wilma started her golf career playing

with her father’s old golf clubs. This was a big challenge for her because her father was well over six feet tall. Looking back she wishes that she would have gotten her clubs and taken lessons while still in Michigan. Since that is not what happened she quickly made up for it, buying herself a set of clubs and taking lessons here in AZ. Wilma is quick to point out that her fi rst

round of golf as an 18-hole club member was with another member of the “over 80 club,” Pearl Martin. Pearl showed her the

ropes and Audrey Rich familiarized her with the SLLGA and AWGA rules. She had a great time but later started meeting other golfers and decided to join the 9’ers. Now she is back where she always belonged, as a well-traveled 18-hole member. In closing, Wilma said that each time she

and Mike returned to visit their children in Michigan they always took along their golf clubs to get in a few rounds with their son- in-law. She is proud to say that her youngest daughter has taken up the game of golf and she hopes that all of her children soon do the same. It is a great way to exercise, blow off a bit of steam, meet new friends and enjoy the great outdoor lifestyle that everyone enjoys so much in Arizona. Thanks so much Wilma for sharing your

Tuesdays with me and I apologize again for anything that I might have said, shouted or cursed while in your company. You have been a lady throughout. 

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were no recommendations for the Board at this time. Complete minutes of this committee’s meetings are available for viewing at Homeowner Services. PROJECT REPORTS: Palo Verde Pool Restroom: It was

reported that the project is on today’s agenda for contractor approval. Rezoning: It was reported that Woody

Neiman and Ken Eller met today with the Board of Supervisors and the rezoning has now been approved. Pickleball Report: It was reported that

Steve Nolan will meet with the architect, Ken Eller, George Thomas and Bud Jenssen (Board liaisons) to discuss the construction of the court and development of the Request for Proposal (RFP). Cell

Tower: It was reported that

construction will start in August. Fountain Report: It was reported that

the transformer replacement is complete. Once the lines are moved and the County inspector has approved, installation will happen. The estimate for the installation of the fountain is within the next month or so. MANAGEMENT REPORT: Beth Becker

gave the management report on behalf of the General Manager Steve Nolan. DIRECTORS COMMENTS: George

Thomas thanked the staff for their efforts during the heat of the summer. Bob Spruiell: None Woody Neiman thanked everyone for

their letters, emails and their participation in the open meeting by the Corporate Commission regarding Pima. He spoke further on this subject. Mel Rasmussen: None Don Hicks: Thanked Don Taisey and

his family for their service to our Country. He also thanked Don for his service to this community. He also thanked Food and Beverage for their accomplishments. Bud Jenssen: Thanked Don Taisey and

his family. He also thanked Chuckie and Marshall. CAPITAL RESERVE REPLACEMENT

FUND REQUESTS: Woody Neiman made a motion,

seconded by Bob Spruiell, to approve replacement of the original fountain for Unit #20, Lake Fountain #17 by Advanced Pump at a cost of $6,341.27 plus a 10% contingency for a total cost of $6,975.40. This was a sole source bid due to compatibility and parts availability. The motion carried unanimously. Mel Rasmussen made a motion, seconded by Bud Jenssen,

new chairs will replace the chairs that were originally purchased used approximately three years ago. The motion carried unanimously. Item D. on the Agenda was discussed

under Capital Improvement Fund Requests. Palo Verde GATE RESERVE FUND:


REQUESTS: Woody Neiman made a motion,

seconded by Bob Spruiell, to approve the contract of low bidder, All Jobs Construction, for the PV restroom project. The bid was re-adjusted due to site location change in the amount of $73,575.00 plus 10% contingency for a total cost of $80,932.50. Cost will be split 75% to Capital Improvement and 25% to Capital Reserve. There was discussion. Steve Nolan, Don Hicks, Jim Miller, and Bob Spruiell were thanked for their value engineering on this project that was originally bid at a much larger cost of $109,708.50. The motion carried unanimously. OLD BUSINESS: Bud Jenssen made a motion, seconded

by Woody Neiman, to approve the revised Reciprocal Agreement between Sun Lakes HOA #2/Cottonwood Palo Verde and Sun Lakes HOA #1/Sun Lakes Country Club. The motion carried unanimously. NEW BUSINESS: Bud Jenssen made a motion, seconded

by Woody Neiman for discussion purposes, to approve the Palo Verde Couples League as a club with bylaws and rules and regulations as recommended by the Golf Committee. There was discussion. There was then a new motion by Bob Spruiell, seconded by George Thomas, to table this item until August for further examination by the Board. The motion carried unanimously to table this item until August. FIRST READINGS: The following will be

in First Readings, available for viewing in Homeowner Services: A. Approve changes to BP 4-05

Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy. B. Approve changes to BP 6-03 Common

Rule Violations and Establishment of Fines. C. Approve changes to BP 9-09

Campaign/Political Signage. HOMEOWNER COMMENTS: The following subjects were commented

on and discussed: -Discussion about what will happen to

the Palo Verde old tables and chairs. -Discussion about the timeline for

to approve

the purchase of Palo Verde dining room tables from National Restaurant at a cost of $17,048.20. This is for 34 tables and bases. There was discussion about liquidation of the old tables. The motion carried unanimously. Don Hicks made a motion, seconded by

Mel Rasmussen, to approve the purchase of Palo Verde dining room chairs


National Restaurant at a cost of $46,454.80. There was discussion. It was noted that the

moving ahead with the Palo Verde restroom project. -Discussion about the Palo Verde

restroom project moving forward once the contract is signed. -Thank you to the Board for approval

and moving forward on the Palo Verde restroom project. -Discussion concerning the recent to

addition the golf cart path

Ribbonwood. The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m. 


PVLGA ________________________________ - continued from page 60


we took extra care to strike the ball just right. Some of the time we were successful and some of the time not! Our greens are truly challenging; we all have experienced this phenomenon. The overall winner was Jackie Reeve with 26 putts.

In fl ight two,

Marion Olsherski 27 and in fl ight three Janet Baron with 29. We hope you can hear us William Havilland Carrier! A grateful thank you for your inventive skills that enabled you to develop the air conditioner on July 17, 1902. We recognized your brilliant, superb, skillful and profi cient method of cooling and controlling indoor climate, your use of humidity altered the atmosphere and made it possible for all of us to endure the intense heat we experience in Arizona. We also thank your three wives. They never ceased to constantly remind (nag) you of the manner in which the “unbearable indoor temperatures affected their daily survival,” no doubt they spurred you on! The next play of the day on July 24 was

a test to see how honest we were when subtracting our age from our fi nal score. The great Lucille Ball once said, “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.” I would add only one thing to Lucille’s wisdom: the secret

to staying young is to stay young in heart! The winners of the Gross-Age tournament in fl ight one were Sandy Patton-Joseph with a score of 2, Rose Hames 8 and Jan Hawkes 14. In fl ight two, Ann Hammond -2, Maxine Mealy 0 and Carolyn Hoffl and 1. In fl ight three, Thelma Rolants 2, Jackie Reeves 4 and June Park 5. On July 31 our pro chose the holes we

were to include in our score. The pro’s choice game was won by Rose Hames, Donna Purcell and Maxine Mealey. In fl ight two, Susan Lamb, Marion Olshefski and Jan Stuckey were respectively winners. The fl ight three winners were Lois Fitsimmons, Thelma Roelants and Camille Jaslen. My fi nal thoughts for the month of

July. Each month of the year has its own distinctive features. The July sun continued to stretch across the summer sky, at times the sky was so clear we could see into the heavens. The monsoons caused strong winds to swirl around us. As a result of our lack of rainfall, we experienced more dust storms than normal. We wished for rain even though it dampens our spirits! Last but not least, we refused to permit the intense heat to interfere with our golfi ng. Swing away! 

CMGA ________________________________ - continued from page 61

Marv Thomas. Second fl ight: fi rst place, Bill Levine and Chuck Bakeman; second place, Bill Greer and Brad Reis; third place, Jack Wortley and Ralph Liguori. August 4 – Ace of Aces qualifying. First

fl ight: fi rst place gross, Jim Kedzie; fi rst place net, Tom Wilhelm; Second place net (tie) Rich Johnson, Dennis Bockelman and Bob Schaedel. Second fl ight: fi rst place gross, Chick Garifo; fi rst place net (tie) Roger Beagle and Gene Kivi; third place net,

Jerry McCleary. Third fl ight: fi rst place gross, Bill Greer; fi rst place

net, David Heath; second place net (tie), Jim Kane and Larry Guild; Fourth fl ight: fi rst place gross, Ron Olsen; fi rst place net, Phil Lucas; second place net,


Graham; third place net, Arny Pinsly. August 11 – ABCD 1 gross + 2 net.

Payout only to fi rst place foursome(s): Bob Schaedel, Bruce McCorkle, Joe Ficek, blind draw and Roger Beagle, Gerald Brock, Ron Olsen and blind draw. Additional news of CMGA activities

may be found on the club website: 

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