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62 SPORTS IWLN news and scores — September 2012 Niners July results

IWLN Enjoy Breakfast at the Poolside Cafe.

Nancy Davis, Publicity On July 11 we decided to change our

play day routine following golf from social time on the Ironwood patio to a cool social time breakfast at the Poolside Café at Oakwood. Ladies who joined in this event were: Alice Baldwin, Sue Bauman, Nancy Davis, JoAnne Gaudioso, Marcia Gaudioso, Judy Goetz, Shirley Jones, BJ Krause, Jeanine Krause, Barb Pezzute, Leta Polson, Donna Rathyen, Susan Schaeffer, Dottie Schnormeier, Joan Sloan and Mary Yasuda. Ladies who did not play golf but joined us for breakfast were: Norma Marsh, Lynn Tulis and Sue Ann Marr. It was a tasty and fun morning. SEPTEMBER PLAY AND COURSE

CLOSURE: September play dates are the 5th, 12th, and 19th with our regular 6:15 a.m. shotgun on the back nine. The Ironwood Course will be closed for overseeding on September 24. It will reopen on October 15.

We will resume league play on Wednesday, October 17. MEMBER NEWS: It is with very heavy

hearts that we extend our sympathies to Darlene Courville in the passing of her beloved husband George. George passed into God’s hands on August 7, 2012. Our thoughts and prayers are with Darlene and her family. RETURNING MEMBER: Please welcome

our newest member, Sue Ann Marr. Sue Ann, we are delighted that you rejoined our league. The IWLN league provides a fun-fi lled environment that promotes self-improvement, camaraderie and good sportsmanship while improving our golf game, learning golf etiquette and rules. You do not need an established handicap to join. Your fi rst fi ve rounds will establish your handicap. Stop by Ironwood and check us out. For more information please contact Susan Schaeffer at 480-802-9852. 

IMGA news

Flags fly proudly in the summer breeze behind the Oakwood Golf Course Pro Shop as we celebrate our 236th Independence Day. Photo by Mike Stegina.

Jim Wegman, Publicity I

recently played golf at a course in Carol Russell, new pro shops staff member.

John Concannon, Publicity I would like to introduce you all to the

newest member of the Ironwood Pro Shop staff, Carol Russell. Carol was hired recently as a fi ll-in staff member for Ironwood and Oakwood pro shops. She has been a resident of Oakwood since 1999. She has been active in both the tennis and golf communities in IronOaks and has held a number of offi ces in the Oakwood Ladies Golf Association. In addition to her duties in the pro shops, Carol is the “offi cial pairing committee” for MOGA. If you get the chance, stop by the pro shop and welcome Carol to Ironwood. I just heard that Dennis Allan will be

a teaching pro at Cottonwood Golf Club. Good for you, Dennis. I hope that you keep active at Cottonwood. Dennis wanted me to mention that he sincerely appreciates all of the cards he received from friends regarding his father’s recent death and thanks you for them.

SUN LAKES SPLASH The Charles Schwab Cup, the Senior

PGA’s ultimate championship tournament is in need of volunteers for their tournament being played November 4 and 5 at the Cochise course, which is part of the Desert Mountain Golf complex in Scottsdale, AZ. Anyone interested can register on the website: Scroll to and click on Charles Schwab Cup Championship-PGA Tour and scroll down to Become a Volunteer. Unlike the Waste Management tournament with its long hours, the Schwab Cup features only the top 30 senior players and the fi rst tee time is not until 10:00 a.m. Give something back to golf: become a volunteer. To the individual who “borrowed” my

ball retriever recently, I hope that you use it enough to wear off my name and phone number as they are clearly marked on the shaft. Then again, I guess whoever took it probably doesn’t suffer too much from pangs of conscience. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico and watched golfers taking practice swings and digging up deep divots in the fairways, while making no attempt to repair the damage. I hope that IronOaks golfers show more concern for our courses. To keep the courses looking good and playing fairly, it is in the interest of every golfer to practice the three “R’s” of golf : REPAIR ball marks on greens, REPLACE and sand fairway divots, and RAKE the traps as you leave them. Hey guys, let’s welcome our newest

member, number 66; Dennis Fisher. Glad to have you aboard Dennis. RULES REMINDERS: RULE 27-1 b.

“Ball Out of Bounds, or Ball Not Found In Five (5) Minutes” dictates that a player whose ball goes out of bounds, or cannot be found in the fi ve minute search period, must accept a one (1) stroke penalty, return to the place where the ball was previously struck and play another ball. Breaching this rule, or refusing to comply, is a two (2) stroke penalty. RULE 18-2. a (i) (ii) states that moving

a ball from its original position, unless the move is permitted under another rule or condition, incurs a one (1) stroke penalty. The ball must also be returned to its original position. Refusal to comply with the rule

or refusal to return the ball to

the previous position is a “ Breach Of The Rule,” and incurs a two (2) stroke penalty. RULE 28- “Ball Unplayable” Options: a. Play ball as nearly as possible from

position of last ball played. b. Drop ball behind previous ball position keeping the point directly between the hole and the spot where the ball is dropped. No limit on how far behind this point the ball may be dropped. c. Drop ball within two (2) club lengths from ball’s original position, NOT nearer the hole. A-b-c choices by a golfer incur a one (1) stroke penalty. Breaching, or refusal to follow the rule, incurs a two (2) stroke penalty. WINNERS. July 5. Low Net-Lakes. Flt. “A” Bill Flinn, Bill Whitely,

Tom Murray, Jim

Poland; Flt. “B” Bob Peterson, Bob Deken, John Pallace, Len Dolins. Closest- To-The-Pin Honors: No.2 Bill Flinn, No.6 Jerry Vickery. July 12. Best Ball Par 3/4/5 Palms. 1st

Jim Janowski, Jordy Primack, Joe Sigillo, Mike Stegina, 2nd Jack Cook, Bruce McCorkle, Tom Sanders, 3rd Ron Betti, Bill Flinn,

Jim Theobald; Closest-To-The-

Pin Honors: No.4 Bruce McCorkle, No. 7 Jerry Vickery. “Sinkers” David Mork. July 19. “Fewest Putts” Sonoran. Flt.

“A” Barry Bauman, Bob Deken, Bill Flinn, Dave Peters; Flt. “B” Tom Sanders, Joe Sigillo, Pat McDonald, Bill Johnson. Closest-To-The-Pin Honors: No. 3 Jim Wegman, No.8 Jerry Vickery. July 26. “Best Balls 1 Gross/ 1 Net”

Lakes. 1st Ron Betti, Tom Sanders, Joe Sigillo, 2nd Bob Deken, Mike Stegina, Jordy Primack, 3rd Jim Wegman, Bill Whitely, Len Dolins; Closest-To-The-Pin Honors: No.2 Tom Sanders. 

The flag installation was done by members of the Sun Lakes Lions Club. Some members are (left to right) Jack Cook, league president; Tom Sanders, originator of the program and chief fund raiser; Bill Flinn, website manager and Jim Wegman, league publicity chairman. Photo by Mike Stegina.

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