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Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association news

Guys and Dolls Bowling League The Guys and Dolls Bowling League


will begin its 2012/2013 season on Monday, October 1 at 1:00 p.m. at McRay Lanes, located at Ray and McClintock in Chandler. Don’t forget, the first Monday of the month there are free donuts. We will have our pre-season meeting on Monday, September 17 at 1:00

in Room A9 (Phoenix Room) at

Cottonwood. The room is located between the fitness center and the courtyard, along the covered walkway. Hope to see all our returning bowlers at the meeting. If you have any questions call Joyce Recupido at 480-802-7275. 

Hits & Misses Bowling League

Arlene Burkhardt. The Hits and Misses Bowling League

Left to right: Janet Baron, Eleanor Gold and Dee Siehl.

Janet Baron Our Arizona summer is in full swing

and so are the PV ladies. The mid- summer sun continues to mercilessly emit its penetrating rays down upon us. Armed with additional water, extra ice, cold packs and wearing our most seasonal carefree attire, we were able to endure the sizzling temperatures of July. On July 3 we participated in

the play of the day, a better nine tournament. The winner in fl ight one was Donna Purcell, Mary Garifo and Jo Ann Hicks tied for second, Carolyn Tagatz was third. In fl ight two Pat Kreiling, Jan Stuckey and Joyce Rosati procured the lowest scores. The fl ight three winners were Jan Kempf, Naomi Bryson and Helen Folkvord. We observed Independence

Day on July 4; the Declaration of Independence was signed on that day in 1776. Some of us

attended parades, fi reworks,

barbecues and public and private events celebrating our severance from Great Britain. Our fl ags of freedom were again displayed every place in the communities of Sun Lakes. The annual Fun Day took place on July

10. The team of Rita Raymond, Ellen Bond, Diane Depree and Jan Kempf and the

team of Jo Ann Hicks, Lois Fitzsimmons, Naomi Bryson and Dee Siehl tied for fi rst. In third place the team of Carol Ruff, Cathy Jones, Carol Elliot and Eleanor Gold. We enjoyed a buffet brunch served in the PV dining room. The afternoon card and dice games proved to be fun for everyone. Some of

the players took home lots of

crisp dollar bills! Thank you to the ladies who planned our day. The humidity and abnormally high temperature on July 11 did not prohibit us from participating in our summer league. SunBird was the host course this month. The ladies graciously served us a light buffet; sadly,

the heat of

the day softened the pastries, warmed the fruit, and heated the lemonade, but

guess what, the hot coffee remained hot! Following the scramble the participants from SL, SB, IW and PV enjoyed salads, sandwiches and cooling libations available at the

café. The results of the play are as follows: Sandy Patton-Joseph and her team’s low score put them in fi rst place. Jo Ann Hicks and her team placed second, and Kathy Jones and her team placed third. The morning of July 17 we tried our best to procure the least amount of putts;

— PVLGA cont. on page 67

and the Kings and Queens Bowling League are looking for new bowlers from the Sun Lakes area to bowl in the fall leagues. The leagues bowl at Kyrene Lanes located at Chandler Boulevard and Kyrene Road in Chandler. The Hits and Misses is a non-sanctioned league that bowls on Mondays at 10:30 a.m. The next meeting for the Hits and Misses League is set for 10:30 a.m. on Monday, September 24 at Kyrene Lanes. The League will its fall season the following Monday,


October 1 at 10:30 a.m. The Kings and Queens is a sanctioned

league and bowls on Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. The next meeting for the Kings & Queens League is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26 at Kyrene Lanes. The league will start its fall season the following Wednesday, October 3 at 12:30 p.m. Bowling provides a great opportunity to make new friends,

so come join in

the fun. If you are interested or have any questions please call Arlene Burkhardt at 480-895-8122. 

Prime Time Bowling League The Prime Timer Bowling League will

hold a league meeting for the 2012/2013 season on Wednesday, September 12 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. in the Navajo Room at Sun Lakes Country Club. The fi rst day of bowling will be Wednesday, September — September 2012

19 at McRay Lanes, 3825 West Ray Road. in Chandler, 480-899-2171 The league welcomes new bowlers so please join us at the September 12 meeting. For more information please call Marylou at 480-802-8515. 

Palo Verde Mens Play Day results for July 2012

Dick Nelsen, Publicity Ahh…July, when we celebrate the

independence of these United States and we can look forward to the monsoon season in the state plus the rainy season in the higher elevations, which is where I am enjoying cool weather. If indeed you go out to play up north, you need to take a slicker. However our intrepid golfers in Sun Lakes continue to play golf in the Valley of the Sun. The fi rst event was held on July 7, the game 2 Net + 1 Gross and in 1st place with a score of 167 the team of Larry Worrell, John Lamb, Bill Nelson and Jim Vernon; 2nd place with a score of 175 the team of Dick Cowell, Jay Nelson, Joe Sanchez and Ron Bowcut; 3rd place honors went to the team of Bob Simpson, Richard Hawles, George Townsend and Joe Bolis with a score of 177. On July 14 the troops played 2 Man

Select-A-Drive, and in the fi rst fl ight (Index 0-36.3) 1st place was Jack Fitzsimons and Joe with a score of 43; 2nd place was Don Hicks, John Mitchell, Joe Sanchez and Bob Simpson with a score of 50. In the second fl ight (36.4 and up) 1st place were Marcel Grossman and Jeff Martin with a score of 45; 2nd place was the team of Richard Hair and Joe Bolis with a score of 48. We had a tie for 3rd with the team of Tom Jeub and Jerry Lofquist and the team of Al Baron and Budd Livingston with a score of 50. Wait a minute; up in the White Mountain area of Arizona a certain golfer who admitted he does not believe in miracles got his fi rst hole–in-one on Friday the 13th on the 17th hole at Silver Creek Country Club, a 150


yard hole. John McKoy now admits that he does believe in miracles. On July 21 the game back at Palo Verde

was 1 Gross and 1 Net BB and in 1st place was the team of Tim Shum, Tom Jeub, Joe Dingledine and Dick Baker with a score of 106; 2nd place the foursome of Dennis Bockelman, Bill Williams, Joe Sanchez and Jerry Lynne with a score of 109. Another tie for 3rd was Bob Schaedel, Richard Hair, Bill Nelson and Ed Bock plus Don Hicks, John Woodburn, Jim Hawkins and Steve Keating with

both their Saturday

groups shooting 111. Pay attention now - we have a message from our president ,Barry Mostovoy. All golfers from Sun Lakes Country Club and IronOaks interested in playing with the Palo Verde Men’s Golf Association (PVMGA) in tournaments may

purchase a Saturday tournament annual pass at the Palo Verde golf pro shop. Come on over and play some fun and interesting tournaments with our friendly members. If you are interested in joining PVMGA log on to our web site The game on July 28 was a Team

Stableford and in 1st place was the team of Dick Martin, Bill Williams, Jeff Martin and Steve Keating with an 87 score, the higher the score the better; 2nd place the team of Jay Nelson, Rich Featherstone, Blind Draw and Bob Keltz with a score of 83; 3rd place went to Bill Skrei, Bill Nelson, Charlie Sivertson and Dick Baker with a score of 80. “Golf is popular because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad. It is, after all, the bad player who gets the most strokes.” Unless, of course, you believe in miracles. 

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