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September 2012— SPORTS CWLGA August 18 Hole Golf news


70s Capture Western Nationals title and more

CW 18 Hole League Ladies gather after golf on July 26 to participate in the presentation by President Sandy Worden of a check to Cottonwood Golf Pro Mark Leibfried for winning the “Beat The Pro” competition on July 5. Mark shot a 65 from the Championship Tees. Great golfing, Mark!

Shirley Edmiston, Publicity We made it through another hot and

humid summer month, and are looking forward to fall weather and temperatures less than 100 during the day and cooler nights in the sixties. July started off with a fun competition

on 7/5 with “Beat the Pro.” Mark Leibfried was the one to beat in this competition, but he made it very diffi cult scoring a 65 from the Championship Tees. That’s gross, ladies! None of our

beat that score even net, althought Tammy Visser came close with net 67. Mark was presented with a small token of our esteem in the form of a check on Thursday, July 26, after golf. We’re looking forward to a rematch next year! Our club is extremely lucky to have such a great group of pros. 7/12 – Stablefore. First Flt: 1st Tammy

Visser, tied for 2nd Mary Anne Lofquist and Nancy Gahn. Second Flt: 1st Cathy Lastofka, tied for 2nd Joan Barcal and Betty Chukas. 7/19 - Even Holes. First Flt: 1st Rose Hames, 2nd Virginia Diers, tied for 3rd

Billie Seiberling and Tammy Visser. Second Flt: 1st Sandy Worden, 2nd Diana Ridd, and 3rd Cathy Lastofka. 7/26 – Odd Holes. First Flt: 1st Nina

Sheldon, 2nd Mary Anne Lofquist, 3rd Donna Purcell. Second Flt: 1st Shirley Edmiston, 2nd Sandy Worden, 3rd Diana Ridd. Birdies for the Month: 7/5 - June Park no. 8, Billie Seiberling no.

ladies were able to

13 and Nancy Gahn no. 3. 7/12 -Tammy Visser no. 5, Virginia Diers

no. 17 and Mary Anne Lofquist no. 4 7/19 – Nina Sheldon no. 17, Billie

Seiberling no. 15 and Rose Hamus no. 4 7/26 – Nelda Machutas no. 13, Sandy

Worden no. 17 and Tammy Visser no. 13 When your shot has to carry over a

water hazard, you can either hit one more club or two more balls. I read there are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball and that the dimples have been discovered to reduce turbulence and allow the balls to travel farther. Maybe we could lobby for a new regulation ball with 400 dimples and see if that helps. 

Meet Wilma Harper

considering Florida and North Carolina before they settled on Arizona. They had visited the Phoenix area during business trips

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70s Capture Western Nationals. Team members are, top row left to right: Tom Grubb, Tom Lorgan, Chuck Swanson, John Hurst, Howie Dielmann, Blake Moffat, Gary Dee, Asst. Coach Bruce Watkins and Coach Henry Ellis. Bottom row left to right: Jim Dunn, Manager Bill Horne, Dennis Colbert, Jim Mollsen, Wayne Erickson, David Boone and Scorekeeper Anita Boone.

Larry Wolfe Our 70s travel team, sponsored by

Pinnacle Physical Therapy, recently won the Western Nationals Championship held in Aurora, Colorado. They swept the fi eld by winning six straight games to earn the title. Since several of our players head north for the summer, our guys had to be reassembled in Colorado. Besides the full- time Sun Lakers, team members fl ew in from Canada, Idaho, Illinois and New York. “The key to winning this tournament was our great hitting,” said Coach Henry Ellis. “We had an unbelievable team batting average of .667 with nine guys hitting over .700.” They needed that great hitting in the championship game when they came back from three runs down in their fi nal at bat to win 24-23! Congratulations 70s on another great tournament win! Our summer program is still in full

swing and will continue through October. It’s not too early to come out to the Field of Dreams and get in shape for the fall season that will begin November 1. The fi eld is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning for batting practice and pick-up games. Call our president, Denny Davidson, at 883-9716 for additional information.

They say that even though you may have

seen a thousand baseball games, there’s always something new that you have never seen before. How about this scenario from a recent pick-up game: Bobby Reeves is on fi rst with one out. Duane Kramer is the batter. Duane hits a looper into short right fi eld that looks like a sure base hit. Bobby takes off for second. However, everyone underestimated the skill of the right fi elder, one Wayne “Red” Waterfi eld. He sped (or was it lumbered?) in and caught the short fl y ball. He continued running (lumbering) and stepped on fi rst for an unassisted double play…by a right fi elder! We’ll hear this story (probably embellished by Red) for a long time to come! Mike Core, Sun Lakes Senior Association Board member


and offi cial photographer, has created a photographic masterpiece. He made a collage featuring every member of the men’s and women’s leagues in a baseball card format. The 100+ photo collage is hanging at the clubhouse at the fi eld. Come down and take a look. Mike also does photo slide shows for our annual banquets and takes most of the photos you see accompanying this column. Thanks and nice work, Mike!

Wilma Harper

Cheryl Reed I have the privilege of playing golf with

a particular “over 80 lady” in the SLLGA summer golf pairings every Tuesday. I have learned much from her and she has learned some off-color language from me. Oops! When I initially asked her to submit

her story as someone in the over 80 club she stated that her story was simply not interesting enough. This seems to be the theme with these ladies. Everyone’s life has something interesting in it and I will let you be the judge. Mike and Wilma Harper have been

married 62 years and raised six children in the Detroit area. Now that must have been interesting. They retired in 1991 and were


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