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BRIDGE ______________________________ - continued from page 57


A and B,1st in C)Anne Newman and Millie Funk, (2nd in C)Kay Bierley and Patricia Potter. E/W (1st in A)Dottie Young and James Gowan, (2nd in A, 1st in B)Edward Eboch and Sandy Jennings, (2nd in B,1st in C)Jay Style and Dianne Saints, (2nd in C) Susan Stewart and Donna Hofer July 12. N/S (1st in A)Gene Kindle

and Suzanne Swanson, (2nd in A)Walter Gammel and Rudi Stoddard, (1st in B) Eleanor Gold and Bernard Jones, (2nd in B,1st in C)Donna Hofer and Roxann Kaiser. E/W (1st in A, B,and C)Alan Wilkie and John (Jack) Gerke, (2nd in A, B,and C)Faith Johnson and Lloyd Player July 14. (1st in A)Gloria Schrote and

Joyce Ketchum, (2nd in A,1st in B,and C) Bonnie Butler and Margaret Tam, (2nd in B) Jay Style and John Gates, (2nd in C)Anne Newman and Millie Funk July 17. N/S (1st in A and B)Dorothy Brady

and Doris Brown, (2nd in A)Barbara Hadra and Janice Riley, (2nd in B)Rudi Stoddard and Sally Wargo, (1st in C)Anne Newman and Millie Funk. E/W (1st in A)Joyce Ketchum and Gloria Schrote, (2nd in A,1st in B,and C)Margaret Tam and Marianne Hodgkins, (2nd in B and C)Dianne Saints and Helen Hughes July 19. N/S (1st in A)Bernice Weiss

and Lou Weiss, (2nd in A, 1st in B)Eleanor Gold and Bernard Jones, (2nd in B,1st in C) Roxann Kaiser and Donna Hofer, (2nd in C) Frances Kliger and Julia Collier. E/W (1st in A and B)Jay Style and Janice Riley, (2nd in A and B,1st in C)Anne Newman and Maria Davis, (2nd in C)Alan Wilkie and John (Jack) Gerke July 24. N/S (1st in A and B)Rudi Stoddard

and Sally Wargo, (2nd in A and B)Dorothy Brady and Jean Selley, (1st in C)Margaret Tam and Marianne Hodgkins, (2nd in C) Julia Collier and Frances Kliger. E/W (1st in A, B,and C)Bonnie Butler and Lily Poole, (2nd in A, B,and C)Helen Hughes and Dianne Saints July 26. N/S (1st in A, B,and C)Vivian

Guimond and Roberta Reed, (2nd in A*) Walter Gammel and Rudi Stoddard, (2nd in A*)Bernice Weiss and Lou Weiss, (2nd in B and C)Julia Collier and Frances Kliger. E/W (1st in A* and B*)Anne Newman and Maria Davis,

(1st in A* and B*)Judy Lamers and

Patty Dantzscher, (2nd in B,1st in C)John (Jack) Gerke and Alan Wilkie, (2nd in C) Amy Skinner and Lu Kinner July 31. N/S (1st in A and B)Margaret

Whittaker and Gretchen Caiazzo, (2nd in A)Cynthia Donohoe and Roberta Marcus, (2nd in B,1st in C)Kay Bierley and Patricia Potter,

(2nd in C)Marianne Hodgkins and

Margaret Tam. E/W (1st in A, B,and C)Anne Newman and Maria Davis, (2nd in A and B) Barbara Hewitt and Doris Brown, (2nd in C) Bonnie Butler and Lily Poole. * indicates a tie.

Oakwood Monday Afternoon Social Partnership Bridge

6/18. 1st Joe and Mary Sanchez, 2nd

Kathy Shaw and Fran Carrisimo, 3rd Kitty and Lauren Satinsky. Slam: Joe and Mary Sanchez 6/28. 1st Marian Carlisle and Marge

Fischer, 2nd Kitty and Lauren Satinsky, 3rd Carol and Pete Kack. Slam: Judy Diadone and Mike Fogen 7/2. 1st Paul Budrick and Newell Orr,

2nd Dick and Dona Briner, 3rd Joe and Mary Sanchez. Slam: Barbara Kaplan and Anne Murphy 7/9. 1st Barbra Kaplan and Anne Murphy,

2nd Branda and Lou Costa, 3rd Bill and Jan Schupbach. Slam: Barbra Kaplan and Anne Murphy

7/16. 1st Jeanette Newman and Kay

Morrison, 2nd Lauren and Kitty Satinsky, 3rd Lori Scharbach and Shelly Spirlock. Slam: Paul Budrick and Newell Orr 7/23. 1st Lori Scharbach and Shelly

Spirlock, 2nd Joe and Mary Sanchez, 3rd Bernie and Nancy Ross. Slam: Maurine Howell and Fran Such 7/30. 1st Lori Scharbach and Shelly

Spirlock, 2nd Bernie and Nancy Ross, 3rd Dee Siehl and Dee Guthrie. Slam: Lori Scharbach and Shelly Spirlock 8/6. 1st Barbra Kaplan and Anne Murphy,

2nd Jan and Bill Schupbach, 3rd Joe and Mary Sanchez. Slam: Jeanette Newman and Eleanor Hinerichsen

Sun Lakes Country Club Tuesday Bridge

7/10. 1st Joyce Rasmussen, 2nd Bill

Howell, 3rd Barbara Gillen 7/17. 1st Maureen Howell, 2nd Audrey

Cates, 3rd Sue Klein 7/24. 1st Joyce Rasmussen, 2nd Jeanie

Kitzmen, 3rd Dolly Radke 7/31. 1st Bill Moy, 2nd Barbara Dewell,

3rd Dee Stiehl

Cottonwood Wednesday Bridge July 18. 1st Joyce Rasmussen, 2nd Dee

Siehl, 3rd Barbara Gillin and Barbara Dewell July 25. 1st Bill Moy, 2nd Joyce

Rasmussen, 3rd Fern Stallings August 1. 1st Joyce Rasmussen, 2nd Fern

Stallings, 3rd Dee Guthrie and Dee Siehl August 8. 1st Dagmar Bostick, 2nd Bette Keenholts, 3rd Doris Blinn

Iron/Oaks Ladies Friday Bridge July 13. 1st Dee Siehl, 2nd Dot Brady.

Hostesses: Gloria Zinke and June Heinz July 20. 1st Shirley Bronder 2nd Betty

Keenholts. Hostesses: Dolly Radke and Maurine Howell July 27. 1st Carol Edstrom, 2nd Carolyn

Arkins. Hostesses: Marsha Craze and Dee Guthrie August 3. 1st Kathy Shaw, 2nd Ruth

Heiner. Hostesses: Maxine Goro and Ruth Heiner August 10. 1st Connie Ziegler, 2nd June Hostesses: Dagmar

Heinz. Bostick and

Betty Keenholts Fourth Friday Bridge

Fourth Friday Bridge met on July 27,

2012 at Palo Verde Country Club. Winners were 1st Barb Asdell, 2nd

Helen Yarnall, 3rd Marsha Moen and 4th Betty Pearson. Marilyn Raebel won the door prize. A luau was the theme of the day and special prizes were awarded. Please call Bette Samuels for reservations at 895- 2998. Cancellations are due by Wednesday in the week of play.

Saturday Couples Bridge July 14. 1st Bill Moy and Kevin Lewis;

2nd Bette Keenholts and Jeannie Kitzman; 3rd Anne Murphy and Barbara Kaplan; Slam Shelley Spirlong and Lori Scharbach. July 21. 1st Eleanor Gold and Helen

Yarnell; 2nd (Tie) Dennis R. Spirlong and Newell Orr and Lori Scharbach and Shelley Spirlong; Slam Jim and Barbara Lewis. July 28. 1st Jean Such and Joyce

Rasmussen; 2nd Dee Siehl and Dee Gutherie; 3rd Dennis Spirlong and Fern Stallings; Slam Audrey Cates and Dot Bradey. August 4. 1st Bill Moy and Barbara

Dewell; 2nd Barbra and Jim Lewis; 3rd Joyce Rasmussen and Jean Such; Slam Anne Murphy and Barbara Kaplan. 

Sun Lakes Cribbage Sun Lakes Cribbage meets every

Thursday night in the Mirror Room of Sun Lakes Country Clubhouse. The games start at 6:30 p.m. sharp. Call Michael Roberts for information 480-343-9938. July 5. 1st Egan Sorensen 15-110, 2nd

Stan Wengrzyn 9-31, Low Gene Richards 5 (-110). July 12. 1st Egan Sorensen 11, 2nd Lydia

Kolsch 10, Low Stan Wengrzyn 3. July 19. 1stt Michael Roberts 10-18, 2nd

Ben Desmarais 8-58, Low Lydia Kolsch 4 (-43). July 26. 1st Lydia Kolsch 12-55, 2nd Egan

Sorensen 9-28, Low Richard Lewin 4 (-45). All Sun Lakes Cribbage

All are welcome to play with the All

Sun Lakes Cribbage Group every Tuesday evening in the A-7 Room of the Cottonwood Country Club. Play begins promptly at 6:30 p.m. Cribbage on Tuesdays was placed on

hiatus over the summer months due to reduced attendance. It will be starting again on Tuesday, September 4th and continue each Tuesday thereafter. Wednesday night cribbage at Oakwood in the Arts and Crafts Building will


again on Wednesday, October 3rd. Please call Mary Ann Haak at 480-883- 9870 for information.

Euchre Join us for euchre every Sunday at 6:30

p.m. in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club. 7/15. Women: Carolyn Searls 75, Marcy

Parker 66, Mary D’Ortensio 65; Men: Dennis Mulcahy 80, Jim Gibson 72, Jack Rae 67 7/22. Women: Arlene Burkhardt 70,

Hazel Williams 69, Carolyn Searls 67; Men: Jim Gibson 75, Dennis Mulcahy 65, Neil Olin 59 7/29. Women: Holly Hiner 73, Marcy

Parker 66, Judy Stoner and Bunny Sullivan 63; Men: Bob Carnes 65, Roger Hurley 63, Milt Knutson 59 8/5. Women: Donna Dybdal 74, Bunny

Sullivan 69, Hazel Williams 67; Men: Neil Olin 72, Roger Hurley 71, Jim Gibson 68.

Thursday Double Deck Pinochle The summer is almost over. Come in

and get out of the heat. We meet for open play every Thursday evening from 7:00- 9:30 p.m. in the air conditioned/heated Sewing Room of the Oakwood Arts & Craft center. Newcomers, experienced or novice, are always welcome; single players, couples or groups. Come meet and play with your neighbors who have discovered or rediscovered the fun of double deck pinochle. Arrive

early before we start any Thursday evening for a refresher or

beginner deck

lesson on how to play double pinochle. For more information,

contact Jerry Alexander at 480-883-7595. Double Aces Jerome Schultz, May 31 Double Aces Ellie Ewish, July 19 Double Aces Ann Brotherton, July 26 Double Run (twice) Jerry Alexander,

August 2 May 17. Jacquie Dobson 1,129, Shirley

Pechous 1,111, Ann Brotherton 1,053 May 24. Marlene Hinkle 963, Jerry

Alexander 892, Ann Brotherton 890 May 31. Jerome Schultz 1,057,

Alexander 1,022, Dave Smits 980 June 7.

Jerry Alexander 772, Jerry Frank

Tuzzolino 737, Ann Brotherton 724 June 14. Jerome Schultz 856, Bunny

Sullivan 764, Dave Smits 718 July 12. Bunny Sullivan 1,187, Jerry

Alexander 1,099, Ann Brotherton 893 July

19. Dave Smits 1,338, Ann

Brotherton, 1,308, Jerry Alexander, 1,079 July 26. Ann Brotherton 1,147, Bunny

Sullivan 1,138, Dave Smits 988 August 2. Jerry Alexander 1,806, Dave

Smits, 1,368, Ellie Ewish 1,180 August 9.

Ellie Ewish 1,102,

Brotherton 1,057, Jerry Alexander 967 Wednesday Pinochle

Join us for pinochle every Wednesday

at 7:00 p.m. in the Painting Room (A-7) of Cottonwood Country Club 7/11. Women: Arlene Burkhardt 862,

Yvonne Beloney 674, Sharon Zubehevich 632; Men: Ozzie Zubehevich 778, Ken Reidenbach 717, Konrad Spicker 670 7/18. Women: Darlene Thompson 592,

Olive engle 541, Colette Dayton 514; Men: Dave Smits 800,

Mulcahy 581 7/25. Women: Darlene Thompson 738,

Arlene Burkhardt 736, Bunny Sullivan 728; Men: Dennis Mulcahy 723, Joe Biondo 707, Ken Reidenbach 692 8/1. Women: Lavaun Hill 800, Darlene

Thompson 735, Bunny Sullivan; Men: Ken Reidenbach 690,

Joe Biondo 678, Dave

Smits 657 8/8. Women: Arlene Burkhardt 798,

Bunny Sullivan 715, Lavaun Hill 682; Men: Ken Reidenbach 709, Dennis Mulcahy 706, Dave Smits 706

Pinochle Pinochle meets Friday evenings in the

Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club at 6:00 p.m. July 13. 1st Dave Smits 733, 2nd Jerome

Schultz 716, 3rd Bunny Sullivan 698. July 20. 1st Ann Brotherton 701, 2nd

Bunny Sullivan 695, 3rd Fran Osborn 664. July 27. 1st Betty McKinney 742, 2nd

Sharon Zubchevich 536, 3rd Darlene Thompsen. August 3. 1st Dave Smits 801, 2nd Neil Olin 696, 3rd Tracy Callaghan 652. 

EVENTS ______________________________ - continued from page 12

Sept. 13. Jazz at Oakwood Clubhouse featuring “The John Darst Trio.” Dinner is offered from a limited menu from Sunsets. Music is from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Reservations are strongly suggested for dinner as we fi ll up fast. Sept. 19. Wine Tasting in the Poolside

Bar from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Enjoy a sample pour of up to three wines for $12. We will be offering a choice of six hand-selected wines for your tasting pleasure together with a sampling of select cheeses and crackers. Limited space so please pre purchase your ticket for this event. Sept. 21. Free entertainment with “Harry

Mathews” at the Oakwood Clubhouse Ballroom from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Join us early for dinner in the Ballroom and order from a limited menu. Reservations are strongly suggested for dinner as we fi ll up fast. Sept. 28 Karaoke at Ironwood with “Mr. B and The Blonde” at 6:00 p.m. Dinner and


drink specials are available. Sept. 30. Wine Dinners are back!

Prepare to be pampered, as Chef Rich and his staff outdo themselves each and every time. This is a special treat that you do not want to miss. See fl yers for additional information. Every Wednesday and Thursday


Ironwood is Team Trivia at 6:00 p.m. It is free to play and the team that answers the most questions right wins a weekly prize. Come and join the fun, with dinner and drink specials. Coming up in October. October 1 - Oktoberfest Theme-Monday

Night Buffet with Thaddeus Rose Trio October 12 - Luau at Poolside. October 18 and 19 - Jazz at Oakwood

and Ironwood.(Hopefully it will be on the patio again.) October 20 - Activities Open House October 27 - Costume Pet Parade 

Jack Rae 607, Dennis Ann — September 2012

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