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September 2012— Savvy Travelers Club news



Ann Kisner, Ray Rajamaki, Kay Bierley on Quebec Tour.

Jeanette Rajamaki Savvy Travelers will start the fall season

on October 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the Phoenix Room of Cottonwood Country Club with NCL – Norwegian Cruise Lines. NCL will be introducing their new ship the “Breakaway.” Come hear about all the changes happening with NCL. Lots of folks are traveling this summer

in Alaska and Europe. Jack and Kit Carlton hosted a Holland America Norwegian Fjords 14-day cruise in August.


and Ray Rajamaki hosted a 10-day cruise on the NEW Oceania Riviera in the Eastern Mediterranean. Many folks in Alaska and 20 Sun Lakers are cruising with Viking on the new Freya for 15 days Amsterdam to Budapest, from August 26 until September 9. Many of the folks are going on to Prague. Travel presently scheduled. Everyone is

welcome to join us. Most are hosted with on-board credit and cocktail party. December 21 – Holiday cruise with

Princess out of Ft. Lauderdale January 12 – 14-day Southern Caribbean

on Celebrity Eclipse. There is lots of space right now.

February Antarctic sailing on Celebrity

SOLD OUT early. March 9 – India and Dubai 15 days.

Moved from April (better weather in March) March 31 – Crystal Cruises – 11-day

Transatlantic, Ft. Lauderdale to Madrid April 11 – Tulips and Windmills – 10-

days on Viking Idun. May 24 – (over Memorial Day) 7-day

Alaska Cruise Roundtrip Seattle on Celebrity Solstice June 11 – Russian River Cruise on Viking

Truvor - 13 days – Moscow to St. Petersburg July 7 – Viking River Cruise – Paris and

Normandy Beaches – 10 days July 24 – Viking Freya – 15-day

Amsterdam to Budapest February 9, 2014 – Tahiti and Cook

Islands on Ocean Princess. THIS WILL SELL OUT FAST. All the sailings with most of the cruise lines are selling out over a year out… Contact Jack and Kit Carlton at or Jeanette Rajamaki at 602-909-2000 or dreamcruise4u@msn. com for more information or to be added to the email list for meetings. 

Republican Club meets September 11

Carolyn McCorkle The Sun Lakes Republican Club will

feature “Protecting the American Homeland: 9/11

Remembered” with special guest

speaker State Senator Russell Pearce at its regular meeting Tuesday, September 11, at 6:30 p.m. in the Arizona Room of Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248. Our guest speaker is the now-famous

sponsor of SB 1070, “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act,” which recently was reviewed and partially upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. [www.]. Due to the lack of enforcement of existing laws, 9,000 Americans die each year at the hands of illegal aliens. Border security is a national security issue. Former State Senator Russell Pearce is

a fi fth generation Arizonan who has two of his sons in law enforcement. Russell Pearce served in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s

Offi ce, the fourth largest Sheriff’s offi ce in the nation, for 23 years, achieving the rank of Chief Deputy. He was awarded the “Medal of Valor,” which is the highest award given in law enforcement for exceptional bravery. While serving as our State Senate president, Pearce was recognized as the No. 1 legislator as “Hero of the Taxpayer” by the Americans for Prosperity. He also was recognized by the Goldwater Institute as the No. 1 Legislator who “proved to be the strongest ally…against government encroachment on liberty.” In addition, Jinny Perron, director of the

East Valley Pro-Life Alliance, will present “United for Life and Liberty” and introduce us to the exciting work of their newly formed 501(c)(3) organization. AZ State Senator Steve Yarbrough will

educate us on the threats to our liberty posed by some of the 2012 election ballot issues. For more information, please visit our website, or contact Mike Tennant at 480-802-0178. 

BOARD _______________________________ - continued from page 12

pickleball during the time replacement/ repairs are made to the dedicated pickleball court. The motion was unanimously approved. TENNIS COURTS 11-14 FENCING - The proposed replacement of tennis court fencing was tabled so that a written professional opinion could be asked for as to whether this work needs to be done now.

RECYCLING - The Board agreed to direct

the Facilities Manager to put together a plan with Waste Management for recycling commercial items. DOCUMENT AVAILABILITY &

RETENTION POLICY – Mr. Karp read a resolution to approve the Document Availability and Retention Policy as proposed by the Document Control Subcommittee of the Communications Committee. The resolution passed unanimously. MISTING SYSTEM FOR IRONWOOD

PATIO - After discussion, the Board tabled the purchase of a misting system for the Ironwood clubhouse patio. NUISANCES RULES DISCUSSION

- Mr. Deken read a resolution to post for comment until the next regularly scheduled BOD meeting, the Rules change to Article

X, Section 3, Safety, Noise and Nuisances. The resolution passed unanimously. At the same time the Board directed the Rules & Regulations Committee to move forward on drafting a policy for conducting estate sales in IronOaks. LAKE AERATION – Ms. Petragallo read

a resolution to purchase three lake aerators for the golf course lakes. After discussion, the Board unanimously agreed to table the purchase. This subject will be brought up when the architect that was hired to review the golf courses gives his presentation to the community on May 30. COMMENT PERIOD Linda Shanahan said storage is a big

issue. The Association should get rid of items they no longer use. Mr. Ankeny said a good time to clean out will be when the HOA has its annual garage sale. Del Ziegler said the Association doesn’t

put enough money in the capital budget. That

is why the Board struggles with

expenses. The Board should direct the Finance Committee to put more in the capital budget for 2013. ADJOURNMENT: Mr. D’Amore made a

motion to adjourn. The meeting concluded at 11:30 AM. 


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