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Aero Club members pay tribtue to Elton Dyal

Gary Vacin Eighteen Sun Lakes Aero Club (SLAC)

members and their wives joined a number of friends and relatives of the late Elton Dyal at a memorial service at the Sun Lakes Country Club July 28. Following a number of eulogies, SLAC member and professional aerobatic pilot Jon Melby fl ew his Pitts bi-plane in a steep climb over the Country Club, trailing smoke as a fi tting tribute to Dyal, who passed away July 3. A native of Texas, Dyal’s fl ying career

dates back to the early 1950s, where he fl ew P-51 Mustangs and F-80 Shooting Star jets with the Texas Air National Guard (ANG). He later relocated to Southern California and transferred to the California ANG. Most of his Guard experience was in later models of the North American F-86 Saber Jet. Dyal

lived in Chicago from 1959

to 1990, starting his own business that eventually grew to 100 employees with sales in Canada and Europe. As his business grew, Dyal traveled by air in his company’s Bonanza and Cessna 340. While living in Chicago, he often

vacationed in Texas, where he joined the Confederate Air Force (CAF) in 1982. He participated in the Southern Great Lakes CAF Wing at O’Hare International Airport when he was home and the South Padre Island CAF Wing while vacationing in Texas. He moved to Sun Lakes in 1989

Sun Lakes Aero Club member Elton Dyal was honored at a memorial at the Sun Lakes Country Club July 28. A long-time Sun Lakes resident, Dyal passed away July 3.

and soon joined the Arizona CAF wing. There he met fellow Sun Lakes resident Sam Doria and the two, along with Sun Lakes residents Al Galvi and Vern Nelson, started the aero club 17 years ago. Dyal was an active member of


organization, fl ying his Beechcraft Bonanza to a number of SLAC fl y-ins. He also served the club as publicity director and program director. He will be missed by all members of the organization. Our sympathy goes out to his survivors. 


4475 East Knox Road, Phoenix, AZ 85044


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Golden Goalies: What happened to my posture?

Bea Loozer I’ve been noticing that when I put on weight my posture suffers.

I’m not sure

whether there’s any cause and effect, but if there is which causes which? Does my slouchy posture result in weight gain? Or does the extra weight cause me to feel weaker or to slouch because I’m less pleased with my body? I sure don’t know. But I do sometimes

Honor. Dignity. Respect. You served your country.

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feel myself slipping into the domain of poor posture. You know what I mean: rounded back and drooping chest and shoulders. I’m not talking about real physiological problems—just routine slouchiness. Here are some posture points


consider. Standing up straight helps us breathe better. Let’s not downplay that. Dr. Weil always stresses good breathing for good health. And doesn’t it make sense that

standing up straight strengthens muscles in the abdomen and back. Some say that building more muscle burns more calories.

I like that concept of building muscle and burning energy. I’m told that slouching lets our innards

hang so we look heavier. When we stand up straight, we pull everything up and in. I don’t know whether that makes me look thinner, but I feel more fi t. Attitude seems to have a lot to do with

my posture. That’s probably why there’s a correlation with weight. I’m defi nitely not happy with myself when I get out of shape, so when I lose weight I feel more confi dent, and my posture is better. You might want to take a class on how

to improve posture. Or just start the day by holding your head high, shoulders back, and the girls pointing forward—and follow those girls downtown. Let’s compare notes on Saturday

morning at Golden Goalies. Weigh-in is between 7:00-7:45 a.m. and the meeting begins at 8:00 the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club. Contact Rita at 895-2559 for more information. 

Pilates lessons available

Linda Elsea Ever notice you don’t just bounce back

like you used to? Maybe it doesn’t all have to be such a downhill slide. Maybe the changes we use to attribute to aging are really the result of inactivity. The goal of any exercise program is to cover all bases: aerobic,

I generally combine core strength with strength, fl exibility and core.

Motion is lotion as the saying goes, and if your rest, you rust. This does not mean there’s no rest for the weary during an exercise class. Taking time to add a few stretches to the

muscles you have just worked adds variety, interest and gives the body a chance to recuperate during your core classes. Long, slow, easy stretches incorporated into a few hard-core Pilates exercises enable the muscles to recover more easily and is more restorative to muscle cells than an hour of non-stop, heart pumping, panting, sweat-glistening intensity. I’m speaking “age appropriate” here.

602.530.6900 | Read us online at SUN LAKES SPLASH

stretches in a Pilates workout and add peripheral strength (legs and arms) through the use of spring-loaded equipment. Stretching legs and back over a high ladder barrel is nothing short of delicious when I want to spend only 15 or 20 minutes to limber up. Aerobic exercise is walking or biking and an occasional dance to music of the 50’s and 60’s. I don’t exercise every single day nor

bow my head to the target heart rate fi tness equation to stay in shape. I exercise deliberately and specifi cally when I feel like it, which is sometimes daily and sometimes two or three times a week. The greatest joy in exercise is more deeply felt through gratitude for movement, functional ability and being able to adapt an exercise program to one’s own unique aging process. Private lessons are available on the

Pilates reformer. Call Linda for any questions at 480-721-0493. 

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