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“What’s the Old Testament All About?” seminar starting October 12, 2012

Professor Rod Carruthers of Sun Lakes

United Methodist Church will once again offer one of his brilliant seminars on the Bible. Starting on Friday, October 12, and concluding on Friday, December 14, Rod will offer the below mentioned classes from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. in Room 1 of the Multi- Purpose Education Building located at 9248 E. Riggs Road in Sun Lakes. “Unlocking the Old Testament 101,” a

well-received Bible-study program, will be offered for a second time this fall, led by Professor Carruthers. The classes are open to all of the Sun Lakes and SunBird Community members. The entire timeline for the Old Testament will be discussed in ten two-hour sessions: Genesis through Nehemiah. This seminar begins with a discussion on the origins of the Bible itself. Next spring, January through March, the

concluding seminar for “Unlocking the Old Testament 102” will cover the Prophets and the books of Wisdom and Poetic Literature (including the Psalms and Job). Beginning in the fall of 2013, its companion program, “What’s the New Testament All About?” will be offered to complete the Bible-study cycle. Here’s what attendees have said about

this Bible-study program. “Even though I have read the Bible

from cover-to-cover several times, after attending a few sessions of Unlocking the Old Testament 101, I was thrilled to have gained an understanding of how the pieces of the Bible’s story really fi t together and in chronological order.” The fundamental purpose of this series

of seminars is to weave the individual stories in the Bible into a comprehensive “Bible Story” similar to threading individual pearls into a necklace. “The learning process: oral, PowerPoint visuals, videos, student participation,

meditation, humor, the fellowship and

refreshment break conversations is an excellent format.” Offering a variety of presentation

techniques and dynamics maintains interest throughout the lecture series. Participants especially enjoy periods of group discussion. “The course has an informal


which makes it very comfortable. I liked having the maps and seeing where these events took place in today’s geography. It also helped me with the chronology.” People who are not comfortable

answering questions or who would rather listen to class discussion, feel right at home in this class. We incorporate history, archeology and geography relating to the Bible and Scripture, adding another dimension to the course. In particular, we emphasize putting the Bible’s story in chronological order. “Do offer it again. This seminar was very

valuable for my spiritual growth.” Class surveys shows that the students

appreciate the spiritual side of these seminars: prayer, meditation, scripture- reading and discussions concerning spiritual meaning. “The handouts showed much thought

and appreciation of our needs. They were a good guideline for me.” Handouts have been prepared for every

class. They include: “Essences” of each book of the Bible (a digest of the story described in scripture); an outline of each book, making it easy to fi nd specifi c topics in your Bible; maps and illustrations; and a set of discussion questions. A comprehensive outline of the seminar, complete with lists of scripture readings for each lesson, is provided at the beginning of the course. All materials, including a seminar binder,

are provided for a fee of $8. You can register by calling the church offi ce at 895-8766.  — September 2012

Residents step up to help students through AARP Experience Corps

Become a tutor and help kids through the AARP Experience Corps.

Lily Pierce Sun Lakes’ residents are helping

improve early childhood literacy. Five Sun Lakes’ residents have stepped up and joined the ranks of the AARP Experience Corps, a national program which trains adult volunteers (50+) to tutor in America’s elementary schools. As Experience Corps tutors, this

dedicated group drives the 28 miles (roundtrip) to volunteer in a high need Tempe elementary school

twice a week,

tutoring struggling 1st graders. With the help of the Sun Lakes volunteers

and over 50 other volunteers from all over the valley, the Tempe Experience Corps has helped more than 1,250 students since 2006. According to 2012 data, volunteers

are clearly making a great difference in the lives of these children. Over 60% of these students’ reading levels have grown by leaps and bounds and their confi dence

Construction Specialists Heritage

levels have risen to new heights due, in part, to the Experience Corps volunteers’ determination and devotion. “I have a sense of giving back to the

community,” says Nat Tinkler of Sun Lakes, “I am going into my 4th year with Experience Corps and it has been very benefi cial for me in that it keeps me active and involved with youngsters.


I can see the youngsters grow and evolve skills they didn’t have before.” If you are interested in joining, the

Experience Corps is now recruiting volunteers from all over the Valley for the upcoming school year. Excellent training and ongoing support is provided; bring your experience to the Corps. Prospective volunteers must be able to commit


a school year and be able to tutor two mornings or afternoons for a total of fi ve hours each week. For more information contact Lily Pierce

at 480-858-2460. 

is also benefi cial because


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