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Do you have problems with any of your fingers clicking or locking when you straighten it out?

Are any of your fingers locked when

you wake up in the morning, requiring you to forcibly straighten it? Do you have pain in the palm of your hand over your knuckles? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have a trigger finger. A trigger finger is a fairly common condition, more common among women, and associated with diabetes, gout, renal disease, rheumatoid arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. Initial treatment for a trigger finger is a steroid injection performed in the office. Studies show the success rate of a steroid injection between 40% and 93% amongst all patients, with earlier treatment showing the best results. If steroid injections fail, surgical treatment is recommended with a success rate of 97%. This is a simple outpatient procedure that can be performed in the office. After the procedure, a soft bandage is applied, and immediate movement of the fingers and hand is encouraged. Recovery is approximately 2-4 weeks. So, if you think you have a trigger finger, see a qualified Hand Surgeon and get it treated early. Your hand will thank you!

Dean D. Worthingstun, D.O. Advanced Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery

How about some smoothie in your summer By CLAIRE GASKILL

Hello everyone. This week we wanted to introduce you to “Grapleberry”, and I am sharing my grapleberry smoothie recipe and video with you. Grapleberry is Plaque Buster’s sweetheart ! I can’t wait to introduce you to her when she comes back from her world travels. Mom ( always likes to teach her patients about the benefits of antioxidants. My grapleberrry smoothie is a great way to have a cool tasty treat and get some antioxidants to help fight inflammation that can lead to plaque in your arteries.

This has been a really hot summer, and everyone deserves a break. My smoothie is very easy to make, and you only need your Mom or Dad to pick up a few ingredients from your local grocery store. You will need: frozen blueberries, vanilla flavored yogurt, some grape juice concentrate, a banana, and crushed ice. I also have a slight variation on my video for those with very restricted sugar. Some grocery stores may have the coupons for your grapleberry smoothie ingredients, so don’t hesitate to ask the manager for them. If they don’t have them,

they can contact us at www.plaquebusters. net . Plaque and I take you step by step on my video how to make a grapleberry smoothie. Guess what? Plaque will be visiting several local grocery stores soon. To get your local grocery store on the list for his visit, contact us at www.


the date on Saturday September 15th, 2012. Our 1st Annual Plaque Busters Healthy 5K Run/Walk will be at Johns

Also, Plaque says to be sure to save

Creek Technology Park. Plaque will be there! This event will benefit any local participating school, the American Heart

Association, American Diabetes

Association, and Plaque Busters. Schools interested in benefits need to contact us at www.plaquebusters. net as soon as possible. Businesses interested in sponsoring with a booth at the race event festival please contact us. Registrants/ runners get a great T shirt/ and goody bag, and sponsoring businesses will have their name on the shirt as well. Registration is going on now at www. We cannot wait to see you. Rest up, chill out, and get some smoothie in your summer! Cheers.

Scan here to go to the Plaque Busters website!

William G. Littlefield, MD Board Certifi ed in Orthpaedic Surgery Fellowship Trained with Certifi cate of Added Qualifi cations in Hand Surgery

Dean D. Worthingstun, DO Board Eligible in General Surgery Fellowship Trained in Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery

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