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EDUCATION Gwinnett Tech campus coming to North Fulton


ATLANTA, Ga. — Several North

Fulton locations are in the running for a Gwinnett Tech satellite campus funded in the FY 2013 budget. “This is an important economic development project for North Fulton,” said Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones, R-Milton. She said young people need training or retraining and cannot drive an hour or an hour-and-a-half to a technical college in another area after working all day. Having a

campus in North Fulton is important to

attracting jobs people for these jobs.

A conservative estimate of the cost is $25 million; an amount ultimately included in the state’s FY 2013 budget after the Senate initially only put forward $7.5 million to the House’s $12.5 million. Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Committee Chairwoman Nancy Davis said eight location proposals were received in 2011. All met the

necessary criteria and were

passed on to Gwinnett Tech and the Technical College System of Georgia. The former


High School (now called Milton Center) is one, while others are

in Sandy

Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta and Johns Creek. T C S G sp ok esman Mike Light said


Eaton Academy in Roswell knows that the “one size fits all” approach to education does not work for students today. That is why Eaton offers many different types

of supported by

academic programs a

staff trained professionals.

Option 1: Students may enroll in the full-day K-12 school.

individual learning The

5:1 student to teacher ratio allows instructors to address students’

styles. Through the use of technology, multisensory instruction, and a wide variety of curricular resources, students achieve significant academic and personal success. The curriculum is academically challenging and college preparatory.

Students receive

personalized and customized instruction. Eaton also offers an I-20 program for international students.

Option 2: Eaton can design an Independent Study Program (ISP) tailored to the individual student’s schedule and academic needs. Students work at their own pace in a one-to-one setting with an

instructor graduation to requirements.

complete ISP

is perfect for students who are athletes, actors, or musicians and need school to fit into their schedule. Students also enroll in ISP because they want to

40 ANSWER BOOK™ | 2012 Edition | Appen Newspapers, Inc. of highly

accelerate their scholastic work or because they need greater remediation

than classes can provide.

Option 3: Students may enroll in the Mentor Program to combine the personalized attention of the ISP with the benefits of a group approach.


students may create their own schedule and proceed through course work at their own pace. However, their classes take place within the high school so that

they have opportunity for socialization.

Option 4: Eaton also offers an online curriculum through the Virtual Academy.


may work from home, access courses while traveling, or sit with an on-site instructor as they work through their classes on their computers virtually anytime, anywhere.

Eaton Academy, a SACS/CASI accredited institution, is


on a quiet, wooded campus near numerous facilities that enable students curricular

to participate activities in and extra- sports.

Such offerings help Eaton care for the whole student. Whatever students may need, Eaton works to create the correct education solution for them. At Eaton Academy, the goal is to provide one place to which families may come for clear answers.

traditional and training

This is an important economic development project for North Fulton.

JAN JONES Speaker Pro Tem

Commissioner Ron Jackson and Gwinnett Tech President Sharon Bartels will discuss the proposed sites and make a recommendation to

the Technical College Board.

“Then it’ll be a matter of when the bonds will be sold,” he said. He could not give an exact timetable, but said all indications are that the project will move quickly.


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