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12 NAVY NEWS, AUGUST 2003 People in the Mews Singing sensation

Golden year for RFA men

award and presentations will be made over the next few months. This year has also seen Second Officer Peter Thornton, the first RFA Flag Lieutenant to the First Sea Lord, recognised with a MBE. The award citation states: "He has dis-

UP TO NOW, long service and good conduct have gone unrecognised officially in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, but following the approval of an RFA Service Medal, the first ones were recent- ly presented by Cdre Peter Lannin, Commodore of the RFA, to CPO(Ck) Martin Elwell, PO(E) George Bloomfield and First Officer Adrian Lambert. Some 400 RFA personnel are eligible for the

charged the many and varied duties of that role with distinction". Finally Capt Stuart Harvey RFA has racked

• WTR1 Miranda Davies competed for the title of Pop Idol

THE POP IDOL auditions this year had one unusual entry when WTR1 Miranda Davies of the UK Maritime Battle Staff popped up in her Number Ones uniform to perform. We're sworn to secrecy about how she did, but can reveal she

sang 'Can't fight the moonlight', originally by Leann Rimes. Miranda said of the day: "It was a great experience with a tense atmosphere - very tiring but I enjoyed every minute of it."

Andy breaks new ground • Andy Mitchell of the MWC amphibious warfare.

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Nick Faldo tees off with Alan

up his centenary. Capt Harvey had a long and varied career within the RFA, and his 100th birthday was a chance for both service and individual to celebrate. • Cdre Pefer Lannin presents Capt Stuart Harvey RFA with an RFA engraved bowl

A NEW award has been instituted at the Maritime Warfare Centre (MWC). Andy Mitchell of the MWC's Amphibious and Land Warfare Operational Analysis Team is the first recipient of the Director's Commendation for Valuable Service from Capt Dick Twitchcn. Andy's outstanding contribu-

tion to the team's technical and scientific development during the last four years won him this new accolade. The team undertakes capability development work for future operational requirements for

NAVY Chef Alan Milncr tccd off with golfing legend Nick Faldo after winning a competition in magazine

heard the news he was in a state of shock, and that envy was rife back at HMS Nelson wardroom where he works - particularly in his usual golf partner PO 'Joey' Murray who could not believe his friend's

'Today's Golfer'. Alan said that when he

good luck. Alan played a round with the

golfing hero in the Volvo PGA Championship Pro-Am at the famous Wentworth golf-course. He said: "I'll never forget it. It's

six years, but admits: "My son can play better _ihan I can — and fe's only twof" He described Nick and his cad-

not the sort of day you forget." Alan has been a keen golfer for

die Fanny Sunesson as friendly and welcoming. They both helped him to relax and enjoy the round of golf. As an appropriately Naval gift,

Alan presented the champion golfer with a set of HMS Nelson port glasses.

Paul tops NATO regional HQ

Picture: LAPhot Darren MacDonald

TOGETHER on HMS Albion, LSTD Andrew and MA Jacqui McGregor are believed to be the only brother and sister pair serving in the same ship in the Navy. Andrew is the elder sibling at 37 and is the Captain's

Leading Steward, while Jacqui is five years younger and working in the Sickbay. Both have something to celebrate as the recent promo-

tion signal has brought good news as they move up their respective career ladders. The two joined the ship on the same day and say they enjoy serving together as they get to see each other often.

Local heroes receive police commendation

• POPT Paul Willetts

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UNANIMOUSLY selected, POPT Paul Willctts has won the title of 2002 Military Member of the Year for

overall Military Member of the Year contest, but was pipped to the title by just one point and had to take the runner-up laurels.

tribution to the HO, particularly in terms of camaraderie within the command. Paul went on to the hard-fought

Headquarters Southern Atlantic (RIIQ Southlant) in Portugal. He has been recognised for con-

NATO's Regional

IN TWO separate incidents, Naval service personnel have won recog- nition from their local police forces. LCpl James Graham of 45 Commando

received the Royal Humane Society's Resuscitation Certificate and a Certificate of Appreciation from the Chief Constable of Cumbria for his actions in saving the life of a pedestrian hit by a car. Superintendent Steve Turnbull

Royal Marines

said: "L Cpl Graham was quick- thinking - and his decisive actions undoubtedly saved the young man's life." OM(C1) Pete Sapey of HMS Cattistock has received a Good

Citizen award from the Highdown Divisional Headquarters of the Sussex Police. Pete went to the assistance when

Worthing. Both Pete's father and girlfriend, police officers within the Sussex police force, were with him at the time but off duty. The three set off to help, and

he saw a man being chased by a uniformed

police officer in

Cattistock, said: "He potentially put himself in danger to help others - he is a credit to the


managed to trap the offender in the alleyway of a nearby building. Lt Cdr David Wilkinson, com- officer

of HMS • Graduate Cdr David Dacam

• LET AGE he no hindrance. Cdr David Dacam has graduated from Queen Mary's College, University of London, with an MSci in Mathematics at age 73. Having studied for his BSc in

joined an engineering institution as a chartered secretary before finally retiring in 1999. Most of his fellow students were

Physics at Manchester University, Cdr Dacam joined the Navy at age 21 as a Meteorological Officer on aircraft carriers. He left the service in 1982, and

in their twenties or early thirties, hut this did not deter the former Navy man. He said: "My fellow students

and professors at Queen Mary made me feel like any other post- graduate student. "I will miss them now that I

have finished my degree. 1 thor- oughly recommend it to anyone - I've never had so much fun in my life before!"

• HARROGATE'S own adopted warship returned with the HMS Cleopatra

bers, mainly connected with the Dido-class cruiser and supplemented by former mem- bers of the frigate's ship's company, gathered at the Cairn Hotel in Harrogate for the Fraternal Dinner. The Association has been

Association annual reunion. Seventy Association mem-

Old Shipmates in brief

www. navy news. co. uk

going strong for about 19 years, has some 240 members and enjoys an annual reunion in various parts of the country but visits Harrogate every three years. The Association is looking

for ex-Cleos from the cruiser or frigate who might like to join.

Telephone 01752 501787.

• DURING a recent visit to Rosyth Dockyard First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Alan West literally bumped into an old shipmate. While touring HMS Illustrious

the Admiral met with ex-Leading Chef Dave 'Dclboy' Trotter. The two men had served together in the Type 21 frigate HMS Ardent during the Falklands Conflict when Sir Alan was the command- ing officer. Dave is now working for

Support Services Ltd are protect- ed.

in refit with Babcock

Reliance Security and ensuring ships

• ON LEAVING the service after 33 years WOWTR Roger Collings received a gift from his colleagues at Drafty. Cdre Duncan Fergusson, Commodore Naval Drafting, presented him with a plaque of his career and drafting history, the past five years of which have been as WO (Promotions) at a time of considerable change in ratings career man- agement. For a man with Roger's experience the transition to second career did not take long, he can now be found as Flagship's Pay, Cash and Records manager at Excellent.

• PRINCE MICHAEL of Kent presented the Cossack trophy to the Defence Intelligence Staff (Reserve) (DIS(R)) branch. The award is presented each year to the Royal Naval Reserve branch that has contributed the most to the operational role of the Navy.

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