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Research Notes

Pressure switches Breath of fresh air brings control

to hands-free fishing system Challenge

Puff (SNP) system to allow reliable control of its revolutionary fully automated fishing machine. The operator controls the rod casting and


retrieval of the fishing line through a wheelchair mounted motorised actuator, and can even ‘fight fish’ with a system of three pressure sensors that respond to his inhaling and exhaling commands.


With the pressure sensing elements clearly a key part of the fishing system, Ken Dvorchak, the designer and company founder contacted the DesignFlex division of

Company for a solution. Represented in the UK by Variohm EuroSensor,

this pressure switch

manufacturer has over 50 years experience in SNP technology and recommend its patented shock and vibration approved PSF100A pressure switch. This switch uses a design which eliminates false

actuation due to shock and vibration in the harshest environments and is ideal for mounting in portable control devices. This shock and vibration resistance comes by virtue of a patented dual diaphragm, dual contact design. It also ensures quick response time. Built to a rugged military standard, the PSF100A

offers a dependable rated lifespan in excess of 20 million cycles. With a pressure, vacuum and differential pressure range down to 0.5in H20, this lightweight miniature and low cost switch senses even the slightest of breaths and is the perfect solution for low pressure switching applications.


The result of the development work is the world’s first and only fully automated, fishing machine. The combination of push button and breath control is all that is needed to pull back the casting arm, cast it, and then retrieve line, work a lure, hook and land fish. A below-chin box is fitted with three modular

hoses. A light puff is all that is needed to pull back on the casting arm. A sip in the middle tube casts out the line. And the light sip into the third tube retrieves the line. Sipping and puffing across the three tubes


also enables reeling in of the fish: puffing pulls back the casting arm, while sipping drops the rod tip forward and winds the reel at the same time. On his first time out with the caster, while fishing

the North Fork Nahalum River near the Oregon coast, Kostya Reutov (pictured) was able to land both an 11lb and 8lb steelhead. He commented: “The Power Caster works really well for steelhead river fishing. I especially like the way the Sip-and-Puff controls work for playing out the fish. It took a while

to land them, but it was a whole lot of fun.” A further testimonial comes from Kort Koehler, who in March this year caught his first fish in 17 years since being paralysed in 1995. Fishing near Canyon in Texas, Kort landed a really large Texas-style perch, and described the Power Caster as awesome. With the success of this innovation, Adaptive

Creations is now working on several spin-off products for playing billiards and flying kites.

INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY • July 2012 the World Magnetics

SA based Adaptive Creations faced many challenges while designing its Power Caster Fishing System for severely disabled persons. One such challenge was designing a Sip-and-

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