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Intelligent robots for research and football

program the robot according to his own wishes, as the system is based on open source. The robot is approximately 45cm high, is equipped


with sophisticated sensors and is able to perform dynamic movements. It can walk very fast (24cm/s and more), it can speak and listen, run processes, can balance itself and works fully autonomously. One of its biggest hobbies is playing football. In June 2012, Team Darwin conquered 24 international teams and won the RoboCup in Mexico City. The special feature of the humanoid robot is its

open, modular structure that makes changes very easy. DARwIn-OP is a completely open platform; both the hardware and the software can be customised. Furthermore, all CAD data for the robot components and instructions for manufacturing and assembly are available online, free of charge. A computer has been built into the humanoid robot, equipped with Ethernet, USB and HDMI ports. Thanks to the USB camera integrated in its head, it can locate objects and thus also detect the ball during a game of football. DARwIn-OP was developed by the “Robotics and

Mechanisms Laboratory” of Virginia Tech (RoMeLa), with the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and in cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania,

he robot named DARwIn-OP (Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence- Open Platform) is used mainly for research and education purposes. The user can easily

Purdue University and the South Korean company ROBOTIS. The mini robot is based on the award-winning Darwin series which is being developed ever since 2004. Key to the robot’s fast and precise movements are

actuators equipped with DC motors from Maxon Motor. The motors achieve a high performance of 0.75W to 22W, thanks to their high power neodymium magnets. Three different versions of the RE-Max family are used in the small robot. The largest of these is the RE-max24, which has been specially modified for this application by fitting the drive pinion to allow easy assembly to the actuator. A total of 20 DC motors from Maxon can be found

in the DARwIn-OP robot – twelve for the arms, six for the legs and two for the movements of the neck. Manufacturer Robotis chose Maxon motors because the RE-Max products are small and light-weight as well as being powerful and robust with a long service life. Another important factor was the support Maxon Motor could give Robotis with customisation of the product as well as the engineering support to make sure the right product was used for the application.

Maximum precision from spindle drives F

aulhaber high precision ball screws can now be integrated directly with its range of DC-micro motors, brushless DC-motors or stepper motors.

The series BS22-1.5 enables precise linear movements with minimum travel variations of just 5µm over the total travel. In combination with their highly efficient ironless rotor motor technology, high- resolution encoders and integrated motion controllers, maximum precision is guaranteed. Mechanical interface to the motors is achieved with a backlash-free coupling integrated into the ball

screw. The all stainless steel construction of the series BS22-1.5 offers intermittent axial forces up to 500N and speeds up to 125mm/s with a maximum efficiency of 89%. Countless modifications including screw length, modified ball nuts or special lubricants are available.



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